7 Secrets About Number 9 in Numerology That Nobody Will Tell You

10 Unconventional Knowledge About Number 9 in Numerology That You Can’t Learn From Books.

Number 9 in Numerology assigned to planet Mars. This number is of leadership as people with Number 9 have lots of ambition and high enthusiasm, they are likely to take lots of responsibilities on their shoulders. But on the other hand, they have lots of anger and revenge for people who have hurt them in their life.


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Hence one should be careful while dealing with Mars People. They are prone towards reading books and gaining more of knowledge, it’s very Likely to see such people in Mass media or as writers or Analysts. Number 9 in Numerology  said to have good knowledge over subjects covering more than one field and that too in depth.

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They have lots of courage, high self-esteem and due to this positive skills they take high risks in their life and become successful in their concerned field.

Key Pointer to Number 9 in Numerology :

  • They are engaged in social work due to their pure intentions, and they go out of the way to help other people. But if someone insults them in person or in an open forum, they will keep quiet and nurse a silent grudge only to exact revenge at an opportune moment.
  • They many a time suffer from financial liquidity issue and due to this they have to struggle a lot, but the second half of their life has a good level of stability.

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  • Their married life is not fraught with difficulties, and many a time these people spend money on women but if their soul partner is also having number 9 then the compatibility is advisable.
  • Extremely good at communication and administration skills.
  • Short temper and restlessness nature.
  • Like to take a quick and hasty decision and tend to regret later.
  • See growth in their jobs, and because of their managerial skills they are likely to get promotion faster and manage people as per the firm’s requirement.

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Physical Structure :

Although they are not very fit and healthy in physical structure, Number 9 have high willpower. Generally seen having a slim body.

LUCKY NUMBER: 9, 18 and 27

LUCKY DAY: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday

LUCKY MONTH: July, August, December, and January

LUCKY GEM: Red Coral/Munga Ratna


Ailments: Nervous and muscular pain and related ailment

Note: Number 9 in Numerology is advised to worship Lord Mars by chanting it’s 1 or 5 mala daily to get blessing and to avoid unnecessary hassle and obstacles in life OR can keep Fasting on Tuesday

MANGAL MANTRA: “Om Aem Rim Hanumataye Ramdutaay Namah” OR “Om Magalaay Namah.”

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