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Will Stock Market Crash 2018 & Does Numerology work in Market Predictions ?

Will Stock Market Crash 2018 & Does Numerology work in Market Predictions ?

Will The Indian stock market crash in 2018?

Numerology has always been my favorite subject of occult science. Many a times client ask me for finding the suitable answer for those stocks of the companies those chances are high to get maximum profits. They do ask will Numerology helps in giving the accurate answer to those questions? In the USA and India, people are more worried about Finance? They do search and often comes to me with a different question such: Will the Indian stock market crash in 2018?, What is  Stock Market Prediction 2018, Will the USA stock market crash in 2018? what are views on BSE market watch? What will be Nifty today? What will result in NASDAQ Composite? What will be DAX stock? What will be Adlab share price?

Will Stock Market Crash 2018 & Does Numerology work in Market Predictions ?

Will Indian Stock Market Crash in 2018 ?

In 2018 will stock market crash or stock goes up or down today?

There are Numerology Calculator also which gives the answer but in my experience, the accuracy level is up to mark.

Today, I will provide you with an Excellent method in Numerology wherein you will able to predict which stock market share will be high or low . Will stock market crash 2018 ? Does numerology help in predicting which stock to buy? Technical Analysis does help in giving you the exact scenario of the share price but can’t tell you the complete outcome of Financial Market whether it is related to BSE stock market watch or NASDAQ Composite or NIFTY Today or BSE Sensex. Numerology is a wonderful science in sorting out queries in business transactions like stock trading information, which are good stocks to invest today?

“Numerology projections will fascinate you for your entire life.”― William Kennett

In this method, you have to convert every Indian alphabet into numbers and do the calculations. Many times people tell me the Numerology reading and stock market prediction were fake that because the procedure was simple but Numerologist makes mistake while doing the simple calculation.

IN this Indian Numerology Method, every Devanagari letters have assigned specific numbers, there are as follow :

अ-12 आ-21  इ-11 ई-18  उ-15  ऊ-22 ए-18 ऐ-32 ओ-25 औ-19 अं-25

क-13 ख-11 ग-21 घ-30 ङ-10 च-15 छ-21 ज-23 झ-26  ट-10 ठ-13

ड-22 ढ-35  त-14 थ-18 द-17 ध-13 न-35 प-27 फ-18 ब-26 भ-27 म-

26 य-16 र-13 ल-13 व-35 श-26 ष-35 स-35 ह-12 ञ-26 ण -45

Example: Now suppose a friend /client came to you and asked whether should I purchase Infosys Share or not? Will it give me Profit or Loss? Or let says: Will Stock market Crash 2018? Or Stock Market Will Suffer?

In this case, ask the client to choose any name of the flower. Say for example Chameli, now here you have to convert the Indian (Hindi letters ) name of Chameli into the number, the digits of every number given above.






Total = 60

Now always add 45 digits in the TOTAL  name of Flower and divide it by 3. If the remaining digit is ZERO then it is considered as LOSS and If the remaining digit ( after dividing from 3 comes as to ONE ) then it is considered as PROFIT.

Hence in the above case SUM of the total word count of CHAMELI is 60 + 45 = 135 /5 = 27 but the remaining digit in lower case is coming as ZERO hence it predicts that this time you should not invest in INFOSYS Share as it will not fruitful for you.

Let me know how you find this blog on Numerology?


Nirav Hiingu



  1. Suman

    Nirav ji, you have explained in such a simplified manner that everyone can calculate their moves themselves to avoid risks..😊😂
    Thank you so much to give such a transparent and self-explanatory article.
    Looking forward to many more..

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