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23 Factors that affects Wealth Longevity

23 Factors that affects Wealth Longevity

23 Factors that affects Wealth Longevity


23 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Wealth Longevity

Goddess Laxmi does not reside in all places nor gives wealth to everyone. To receive her blessings and wealth, people in this world do lots of rituals like Laxmi Pooja, Havan (fire veneration), Satya Narayan Pooja, show their birth charts to Astrologer(s), Numerologist(s) and Vaastu Experts. But by merely performing those ceremonies one does not attract wealth and blessings of Goddess Laxmi. Hindu Mythology says that to attract the wealth one needs to strike a balance between spiritualism and materialistic goals. This blog will give us a glimpse of those principles through which one can invoke the blessings of Goddess Laxmi and attract wealth and abundance in their life.

Does Goddess Laxmi bless her devotees?

This question keeps crossing  the minds of every individual who believes in Hindu Mythology and scripts, many a time we tend to believe there is no entity like Gods, Demigods or universal power all which exist is only a sheer LUCK and nothing else, because we all work hard and  throughout our lives just with one purpose in life; and that is to achieve Happiness and peace of mind, and that can be achieved only if one is Financially stable by gaining wealth. Hence people in this world always strive to gain more and more wealth. Hindu Mythology gives us few important tips through which one can get blessings of Laxmi and  the said pointers show that Goddess Laxmi resides only in those places where the below said parameters are fulfilled :

1)    One who has self-control, speaks sweet but diplomatic talk, controls his anger, has a big heart and always remembers the people who have helped him in his/her crucial times, Laxmi resides only in such people’s houses.

2)    One who is pious, lives a simple life, who respects his/her parents, who do charity, who forgives others, has a wisdom and who completes the order of this spiritual mentor ( sadguru), Laxmi resides in houses of such humans.

3)    Where the animal and birds reside without fear, who has a beautiful wife, and where there is lack of quarrel in the house, Laxmi definitely resides there.

4)    One who respects the food as almighty and who always welcomes guests in his house and treats guest(s) as his/her own family members, Laxmi resides in such houses and blesses them with wealth and fame.

5)    One who is humble and down to earth, always speaks the Truth, who helps others in their crucial times and resolves the issue with empathy, Laxmi resides in such houses.

6)    One who takes a daily bath, eat daily satvik aahaar ( vegetarian food), who offers flowers to demigods without smelling the flowers, those who do not look upon women with bad intention, Laxmi resides in such houses.

7)    One who help the poor and needy and live the life with simplicity ,Laxmi reside in those human house.

8)    In Amla ,Gobar ,Shankh ( Conch ) ,Kamal ( Lotus) and in white clothes ,Laxmi always resides.

9)    In those houses where  daily rituals are performed religiously namely Shiv Pooja, who performs daily sandhya-vandan ( a rite wherein daily one perform ritual of Maa Gayatri ), where all demigods are offered special prayers with cow’s ghee,

light and agarbatti and where the spiritual master ( who has attained enlightenment ) is treated as GOD ,Laxmi resides in such houses.

10)    One who respects her husband and his family with care and affection and she always cooks food with a pure heart ( without any thoughts of hatred and jealousy while cooking ) and eats after the family members complete their meal with satisfaction, Laxmi blesses such wife with long life and prosperity.

11)    A wife who is Pativrata, ( applicable to Male also ) live with simplicity, speak with good tone and respect the people and dress as per the custom and tradition, Laxmi resides in such houses.

12)    A wife who has a sweet tongue, who has eyes as beautiful as the Deer and who has long smooth hair and when she walks creates a joy and sense of calmness in her surroundings such Saubhagyashalini Stree is said to blessed with Goddess Laxmi.

13)    Guys whose  toes are in proper proportion, who have beautiful and simple spouses,who is Swalpahari ( one who eats less food ,eat only 2/3 times a day) ,one who does not indulge in Sex in days of festivals,Laxmi definitely resides in such houses.

14)    Men with a clean character, who take bath daily, who dress up properly and do not dress those clothes which are torn and who maintain hygiene, Laxmi blesses such humans.

15)    One who does not show disrespect to food and tambul, who apply fragrance to their body and clothes are blessed by Laxmi.

16)    One who wakes up early in the morning in Brahma-muhurut and takes bath ( 2 hours before sunrise is said to be Brahma-Muhurut ), who take bath just before the sunset and perform his daily responsibilities with joy and care are blessed with Wealth-Laxmi.

17)    One who consume food with complete self-control, who keep quiet while eating is said to bless with Laxmi.

18)    One who goes to Gayaji, Kashi-Vishwanatha ( Abode of Lord Shiva) and Kurukshetra and takes bath are blessed with Laxmi.(Note: here Shastra advocates one must perform Shradhaa Kriya of your ancestor in Gayaji ) .

19)    One who offers Amla to Lord Vishnu on  Ekadashi ( 11th day of the lunar month ), who takes bath with water containing amla are said to blessed with Laxmi.

20)    One who does not look upon other women with bad thoughts, who does not wish or possess the wealth of others, who does not perform acts in order to create discomfort in others is said to be blessed with Laxmi.

21)    One who performs daily Sandhya-Vandhan after taking bath in Brahma-Muhurut, one who defecate facing toward North during daytime and who defecate facing the Southern direction in the night time, is said to be blessed with Laxmi.

22)    One who has a sweet tongue ( Madhur Wani ) and who does not speak ill of others are said to blessed with Laxmi.

23)    One who always respects the Monks, Spiritual Masters and Brahmins are said to be blessed with Laxmi.

Let me know how do you find this blog?


Nirav Hingu


  1. Kala Malpani

    Nirav I always appreciate your knowledge in various fields. But this time I dont agree with you. I have seen people wealthy who does not have these qualities. And what about them who dont believe in these concepts coz of not from hindu background?

    • Nirav Hingu

      Hi Kala ,

      Yes , your point may feel very logical to you and other that few people are rich although they are non-hindu and does not perform any such rituals but that is your perceptions that they don’r perform any hindu rituals but they balanced their life according to their customs and ritual like in Islam it is said to perfom Namaz 4 times a day , do charity , fasting etc , many of my friends still do such things hence in every religion they is certain rituals has been made to balance your YIN and YANG Energy level.

      I hope i have given answer to your question.

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