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I am Nirav Hiingu from Mumbai, INDIA – Blogger, Professional Numerologist, Graphologist, Logo Analyst , Face Reader , Vastu Consultant in India & Occult Lover.

I started this Blog in July 2017 because I want to share my knowledge and personal experience of Occult Science with the world. My area of interest is only Occult Studies and I always try to give the best of knowledge which I have received from difference sources viz books, mentors, monks, etc.

Occult Speak Blog is devoted to the science of Occult Studies which is a vast ocean of knowledge and wisdom from the ancient times.

Occult Science comprises of many allied therapies such as Handwriting Analysis, better known to us as Graphology, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Pranic Healing (Philippines method of healing), Face Reading, Logo Analysis, Dream Analysis to name a few, which help in uplifting the human life.

Occult Science is also known as Gruha Vidya. Since ages, it was only in hand of a few scholars and practitioners. My goal is to spread out this auspicious and valuable knowledge of Occult Science in conjunction with modern life to give the best suitable solutions to human suffering.

A Blog by Nirav Hiingu

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