Dream Analysis – Swapna Vigyan

Today I will be talking you about dream and its interpretation, we all get dream on daily basis, there is not a single human on this planet earth who doesn’t have any dream while sleeping. Dream is an important part of every human being .Whoever sleep will definitely have dream ,it does not matter as whether he/she remember the dream or not because our sub conscious mind always active 24/7 and on daily basis we do dream while sleeping .We can say we do travel daily on sub-conscious level.

How Dream Comes to Human :

Whenever we sleep our sub-conscious mind get more active and our conscious mind get inactive for few hour hence in those period the human subconscious mind keep floating and roaming in whole universe hence after/during roaming in universe whatever the images it captured it get registered in human sub-conscious and get back to human brain which we known to us as DREAM.

Hypnotherapist termed this condition as TRANCE in their language. The Trance stage is of 3 level viz Small , Medium and Deep Level . Will explain this concept of Hypno therapy whenever I will write one blog on Hypno-Therapy.

When do the dream comes  :

It has been noted and experienced by leading Dream Analyst that whenever human being sleep , within an hour human start dreaming. Depending upon the past influence and high and low intensity of dream(s), human eye lashes start get stick up and eye ball keep floating inside the closed eyes. On average every human get dream at night approximately 5-6 times.

“According to Professor Edyer Endrayin ,before going in deep sleep, our sub conscious mind get more active as it is getting lesser pressure and influence by conscious and outer resources hence due to this the vibrations and its pressure which is developed inside the human body is getting converted at different frequency. The variation of this frequency also affects in human brain and during sleep it get connected to universe and with proper rhythm hence we human develop DREAM .”

Himalayan Monk Swami Veerupananda is an expert in dream analysis and he has spend many year of his life in research of dream interpretation hence he is known to be an Authority in DREAM ANALYSIS. He has developed very unique and simple procedure to get answer to your unsolved mystery of life.


Procedure :

  • Take a bath or at least wash your hand and feet with cold water.
  • Take a piece of paper and write down your question with pen.
  • Keep the question written chit under your pillow .
  • Do small meditation of Goddess Swapneshwari – Demigod of Dreams.
  • Concentrate on 3rd eye and visualize Goddess in front of mind eye.
  • Recite the Swapneshwari Dhyana Mantra.
  • Pray to mata to get solutions of your question by mean of dream.
  • Closed your eyes , recall your question in mind and goes to sleep.

Swapneshwari Dhyan Mantra :

“Swapneshwari Mahadevi Shree Shremantar Shadhane ,Mama Siddhim Asiddhim va, Swapne sarvya Pradarshana”

It is said by many occult experts and dream analysts that by above procedure the human definitely get the answer to his/her questions.

Why this Swapneshwari Mantra ?

It is obvious that such questions do come in our mind as why we should perform such ritual ? What is the benefits do we get from this ? Well , we as a human are always surrounded by different types of problem in our daily life , we don’t have any specific tool or therapy to solve our issues and specially we re always in Dilemma as what to do Or what not to do in certain situation.

Many times it is often happen that we get 2-3 option in life and we have to choose among them , here human mostly get confused whether choose which ONE option. Here this Sadhana will work for you.

Also many times job seeker gives job interview and he get selected in 2-3 companies and when offer letter comes he/she often get confused in selection of the company.

Again a businessmen apply a tender say for building contract in government or private firm and he get 3 different proposal in business ,again the confusion start as which is the best option to choose and start the work. Here this Sadhana will work.

According to Swami Veeropanandji , the above mentioned Dhyan Mantra is extremely useful in solving our day to day life issue but he further also empathized that before performing the above ritual it is far more better to perform the proper anusthan of Swapneshwari Devi Sadhana by reciting the same dhyan mantra ( mentioned ) 1,25,000 times in 21 days under the all rules and regulations of Sadhana.

After reciting the mantra in form of Anusthan one can get easily all the answer by just reciting 21 times and then pray it to Devi and get to sleep .

Different variation of Swapna Mantras :

In Hindu Mythology and Mantras Shastra there is not only one option to get our answer in dream , there are many other methodology wherein one can get the answer .Like scripts say there are other demigods like swapneshwari who help sadhak in interpret the dream and solve its mystery.

Other deity are Chamunda , Hanuman,Yakshini ,Yaksh and Ghantakarna ( in Jain Script ) mantras etc to name few , the methodology of each deity is quite different and also very lengthy. In Kaliyuga looking at the presence scenario human is extremely busy with his/her earning for bread & butter hence nobody get extra times to perform those lengthy sadhanas  thus it is advisable to perform above mentioned simple anusthan under strict guidance of Guru who himself has got siddhi to Swapneshwari.

Apart from above mentioned ritual there are other important methods like Tantrik Kriya wherein Sadhak get faster response once he/she mastered in dream analysis and mantra anusthan.

I will mention another Simple Vedic Mantras which is highly effective in dream analysis and which is given by many analysts in occult science. Specially such mantras are highly practice in Southern part of India.

Vedic Procedure :

  • Take a bath and sit in meditation /Pooja room
  • Sit on cotton asana facing East/North direction.
  • Light cow ghee ( clarified butter ) lamp and agarbatti
  • Pray to Lord Ganesha
  • Pray to Lord Shiva
  • Recite the mantra mentioned below 108 times daily for 11 days.
  • After reciting mantra , recite Shama Prathana to deity.

Mantra :

“Om Kleem Swapnamohini Hreem Malyaal Bhagwati Kasal Sambhut Sammohini Kleem Konduramu Buddhi Kadutu Prumaki Kodawa Malyaal Bhagwati Koduwa Ishwarane Umakh Umane Umachu Muyantu Makkakothi Deva KavaLane Koduwa Malyaal Bhagwati Kleem.”

Above mentioned mantra is said to be extremely powerful in awakening the inner power of human sub consciousness and get blessing of almighty.


Gayatri Mantra

ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्यः धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात II

Gayatri Mantra is a very well known and powerful mantra chanted by the Hindus to invoke divine blessings and guidance. The Gayatri Mantra is said to be Aatma Mantra as it is connected to the Soul and Surya ( Sun ) –” Aayaaatma Brahma”- This Soul is Almighty as rightly mentioned in the  Vedas. Maa Gayatri is also said to be Savita and Savita is known as  The SUN in the Hindu Shastra or scriptures. As human evolution and creation are done by  SUN and it has been the main center of point of survival of human beings.Hence the Sun itself is sometimes called as ‘SAVITA’.

Gayatri  Anusthan :

It is said in the Mantra Shastra that Gayatri Mantras can be only fruitful if one recites it for 24 Lacs times which is said to be The Maha-anusthan Or Punyacharan. One Punyacharan is said for 24 Lac times. As Gayatri Mantra is having 24 warnas ( alphabets ) it is to be a complete Punyacharan of 24 Lacs Japa, each of these 24 letters of the Gayatri Mantra is akin to a Nuclear Bomb which has a tremendous effect on planet earth and its living beings

In many European countries, a lot of research work is going on over the understanding of the potent powers of the Gayatri Mantra, even at Shantikunj, Haridwar which is the main Head Office of The Gayatri Pariwar has its own Research Lab.

Thus Scholars say that Dweej ( One who performs the karma of Brahmin ) has to complete 24 Punyacharan of Gayatri Mantra after that only the mantra is said to be Fruitful to the sadhak.

Understanding The Gayatri Mantra :

“Om Bhu Bhuvah swaha Tatsavi to Vareyam Bhargo Devashyay Dhimahi Dhiyo Yo Nahah Pracho-Dayant”

ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्यः धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात II

Om – Brahma ( Absolute Omnipotence )

Bhu –Pranswaroop ( Pranic Shakti – Superconsciousness )

Bhuvah – Vishwavyapini ( exist throughout universe )

Swaha – Atma Unnati (Helps in progression in Self realization )

Tat – Uss ( That consciousness )

Vareyam – Shreth ( Best )

Bhargo – Paapnashini ( who destroy the sin/bad karma )

Devashya – Divyata pradan karne wali ( gives divinity)

Dhimahi – Dharan kare ( to absorb that divine consciousness )

Dhiyo – Buddhi ( Intellect )

Yo – Jo ( That )

Na – Hamari ( ours )

Prajodayant- Sanmarg pe Prerith kare ( Guide us on spiritual path )

As already mentioned earlier, Gayatri Mantra is said to be the Savita & Surya Mantras as  The Sun is the only controlling power in The Universe. In Astrology also Surya – Sun is said to be Aatma and the Moon to be Human’s – mind.

In our Vedic scripts and inputs by scholars and occult experts, it is emphasized that The Gayatri Mantra should neither be publicized nor it should be given to average ignorant  humans as it is a sacred mantra among all mantras, also it is said to be The Mantra-raaj or Mukhutmani ( crown of mantras )

Famous saints and ardent devotees of Mother Gayatri – Swami Vishuwananda says that Gayatri is the root cause of all, it is basically atma mantras.

From the time this Gayatri Mantra and other imp mantras had been created, A sea of evolution and changes have taken place. The situation and circumstances in comparison are different. Presently the scenario is very different in comparison to that era. In ancient times a person was considered wealthy if he/she is doing more penance/tapasya, hence whenever there rose an a debate regarding who is the wealthiest person on the whole earth – it was considered as Shri Vashist Rishi rather than Shri Vishwamitra ji. Hence in those times, spiritual progress was the only benchmark for wealth and success, wherein today’s world this benchmark can’t be considered as such. Mankind nowadays is so caught up assembling material dreams hardly has any time to perform any rituals with purity.

The reason behind safeguarding this mantra was only with one intention that Gayatri Mantras is the one who seeks  self-realization, moksha, internal purification, and self –control whereas material gain, wealth, high position, respect, name, and fame was to be considered as acquisitions of a person with Lower standards  in  ancient times.

Swami Vishuwananda says: “Material and Spiritual both are different worlds and one can’t attain both in equal measures. One can’t live in extreme luxury and also attain salvation. In those Vedic ages, spiritualism was the benchmark whereas nowadays wealth is the only benchmark ”

In conclusion, I will note that The Gayatri Mantra is a Vedic Mantra and it has to be used only for spiritual progress. I have personally few met ardent devotees of Maa Gayatri who has devoted their whole life in mantra japa and anusthan of Maa Gayatri but such people barely manage to acquire wealth in their lives. Of course, these devotees are full of bliss and contentment, purity and many in possession of divine powers but when it comes to attaining/gaining material they are far less resourceful.

Hence we can see  Brahmins are suffering more from sorrow and pain.There are 2 major reasons for their pain

  1. Lack of Vedic knowledge & spiritual practice
  2. Performing pooja and yagya without any proper knowledge hence they re indulging in Paap Karma.This karma later gets converted into negative energies which get stuck to them throughout the present lifetime and the next birth also.

How to recite Gayatri Mantra :

It has been said by Scholars and Rishi Munis that Gayatri Mantra has to be recited only in Brahma Muhurut i.e 2 hours prior to Sunrise ( 4 am to 6 am ).This time zone is full of positive aura and the complete universe is in proper rhythm with the meditator/sadhak.

Sadhak or devotee should bathe early in the morning say 4 am and take asan facing the East direction and take a wooden plank and place it on yellow asana/cloth and on that asana place Lord Gayatri picture frame/Idol.

Offer her saffron/Kesar & rice, light ghee lamp, agarbatti, yellow fruit or sweet as Nevaidya and start chanting Ganesh Mantra 108 times – ONE Mala and then Gayatri Japa at least 5 Mala.

Note:  “To complete the Punyacharan one should adhere to certain principles like strict celibacy, satvik food, being truthful in thought, word and action, wear yellow colored clothing while in anusthan, maintain internal and well as external purity etc.”

3 ways of chanting :

It is said that there are 3 ways of chanting

  1. Mansik Japa ( reciting mantras in the mind )
  2. Upansu ( reciting mantra wherein the  lips and mouth chanting are used to pronounce )
  3. Vachak ( saying mantra in loud )

Gayatri Mantras and UnLocking :

It is said by many experienced devotees, scholars & Rishis that Maa Gayatri won’t gives you blessings unless and until you unlock the said 24 Warna mantras because this mantra has been cursed by 3 people in this universe.

Shri Brahma ji

Shri Vashistji

Shri Vishwamitra ji

It is believed that once Brahma, Vashisth, and Vishwamitraji were performing a hard penance in order to invoke blessings and darshan of Maa Gayatri, but she did not appear in front of them, hence in a fit of  anger the trio cursed Maa Gayatri and its Mantra which is to be said as a Bandhan on The Mantras, hence present Gayatri mantras are of no use if he/she does not unlock this curse on the mantras by Brahma, Vashisth & Vishwamitra.

It is also said that in Adi Yuga when Lord Shiva opened his instrument – DAMRU – Crores of Mantras had been created at that moment,  thus for the well being and security of those mantras, Lord Shiva has unlocked crores of mantra.

Why does the Gayatri Mantra not yield its effect in the current age?

As I had mentioned earlier that almost all mantras have been locked by Lord Shiva to maintain the equilibrium and harmony in the universe. Other than that these 24 warna Gayatri mantra has been publicized a lot after the promotion by Shri Pandit Shreeram Sharma Archaryaji who was The Founder of Gayatri Pariwar, Haridwar, INDIA.

Not only did he promoted Gayatri mantra but also addressed its importance of it in an open forum. He believes there has been a dilution in its prowess because of non-adherence to the strict guidelines and requirements.

Of course, many people are getting results out of this mantra which is due to their firm devotion and the strong belief in the mantra that works wonderfully.

Pronunciation of Gayatri Mantra :

It has been noticed that the Gayatri mantra should not be recited by singing like sloka or film songs, it is an unpardonable act performed by many people by keep singing mantras like songs, nowadays The Gayatri is installed  even on Doorbells ,audio cassettes, ring tones for mobiles, MP3 are available in market/internet.

But the main soul of The mantra is its “Pronunciation”, unless and until the sadhak does not know the exact way to pronounce the said mantra again the mantra effects will be ZERO.

Thus to invoke the blessings of Maa Gayatri and get success in Gayatri Mantra Sadhana, one needs a Spiritual Master ( Sadguru ) who himself has attained Siddhi in Gayatri Mantra and knows the exact Pronunciation of Veda Mantra – Gayatri.

Gayatri Mantras to recited by Women or not?

It was always a matter of discussion and False Myths – since ages that Ladies should not recite this pious mantra as it creates Sin in them as well in the surrounding. By the sincere efforts of Shri Madanmohan Malaviyaji and Shri Ram Sharma Archaryaji this myth has been broken in the Hindu cult and now both genders are allowed to recite mantra,actually few  evil-minded Brahmins and scholars just re-wrote & edited those scripts of  the Vedas and other manuscripts and said to the society that women can’t japa this mantra.

Since the Shakthi path followers and Vedic Scholars always considered women as the manifestation of Lord Durga/Parvati then how come such a question can arise from the scriptures.

Healing through breathing


The Science of Breathing which is known as ‘Swar Vigyan’ in occult science has been one of the oldest and accurate science in Indian civilization still date. Our ancestors who lived in the jungles, mountains and forests had always tried and tested this science and were amazed by the result of this science.

Today I will be talking of breathing techniques and health issues. Almighty has created this beautiful universe and especially this human body,which is so complex: that even after 50,000 years we as human beings are unable to decode most mysteries connected to the human body.

Even if we even understand even a little bit of the complexities of the human body, our life will get more simplified and free of self created obstacles. This science of breathing is a complete science by itself, which is based on “How much of breath has to be inhaled and the quantity of air to be exhaled.This technique is known as ‘Pranayam.

“A human body has lacs of nerves and billions of cells. There are numerous nerve cells that wind throughout the body which is known as “Nadi” .This Nadis are 72,000 in number.Out of the 72,000,there are 20 nadis , 10 above umbilicus cord and 10 below the umbilicus cord which are situated in the form of Kundalini chakra inside the umbilical cord.

Wherever there is a formation of these Nadis they are coiled in the form of a ball termed as Chakra. Nowadays there are many workshops and courses guiding or teaching about these Sat-Chakras, but it is to be noted that our body does not have only 7 chakras but as many as 108 in number, also these chakras are not only present in the human physical body but are present in the astral body too, which is known as ‘Sushma Shareer’. Sushma mean extremely minute form.

Also based on these Chakras and Kul-Kundalini, Western Scientists have discovered a new form of therapy known as ‘Access Bar’ in the year 1990 in which specific points are given in the scalp of humans. There are 32 such points on the head which dissipate the electromagnetic charge that get locked in our brain by the thought , feelings and emotions which we have stored in our lifetime.

There are said 10 importance Nadis in Human body :

1) Gandhari

2) Hasth-Jivha

3) Pusha

4) Yashshavi

5) Almbusha

6) Kuhu

7) Shakhini

8) Ida

9) Pingala

10) Sushumna

In above mentioned 10 Nadis , 3 most importance Nadi for Yogis and Sadhaks are Ida ,Pingla and Sushumna.

Ida : When the breathing is from the left nostril then it is said to be as Ida Swar .This nadi is situated on the left side , also known as Chandrama Nadi OR Waam Nadi as Left Side of Human is known as Waam Bhag in Vedic Shastra , Chinese philosophy term this Nadi as Yin Energy . Ida is soft and is considered as the Moon influence, hence it is believed that all the auspicious work has to be performed when the Chandra Nadi/Ida Nadi is working. In Graphology it is known as ZERO.

Pingla : When the breathing is from the right nostril then it is said to be as Pingla Swar. This nadi is situated on the right side of the human body, also known as Surya Nadi Or Dakshin Nadi as  Right Side of Human is known as Dakshin Baag in Vedic Shastra, Again Chinese philosophy terms this nadi as Yang Energy ,Pingla Nadi is considered as Surya ( SUN ) Nadi , it is very hot , aggressive and destructive in nature ,hence all the work which requires aggressive streak for completion or in another term we should do those work which need high energy and action. In Graphology it is known as ONE.

Sushumna : When the breathing is coming from both the nostrils then it is consider as Sushumna Nadi. Yogis of The Highest order always prefer meditation whenever the Sushumna is active.This Nadi is in between the Chandra and Surya Nadi which is said to be Kaal Swaroop Nadi hence one should not do worldly matter work when this Nadi is working.

I won’t go into great detail over Swar Vigyan else it will consume more than 100 pages of this blog , I will definitely mention certain techniques by which ailments which can be cured by practicing Swar Vigyan ( Breathing techniques ).

Fever : Whenever one has fever , do notice which Nadi is active at that time , then close the nostril of that side and let the breathing flow through the other nostril. EG : If person is having Fever , if at that time if the left nostril is working then close the left nostril with your thumb and let the breathing go through the right nostril , this will vanish the Fever.

Indigestion : Do take care that whenever there is Pingla nadi working then eat solid food , this will help you in healing the issue of indigestion. Also one should lie down on left side after having food .

Headache : Early in the morning if you take water in a vessel and pull the water through the nostrils then it is said that it cures Headaches.

NOTE : One should perform the above mentioned Kriya ( known as Jal Neti ) under strict supervision of a Yoga Teacher.

Stomach Ailments : It is said that one does Dhyana ( meditation ) at the Nabhi Mandal – Umbilicus area for a week , will get rids of Stomach Ailments .Also it is recommend to do daily Udayaan Band. In Udayaan Band , one should take a deep breath and then stomach should be kept pressed, slowly and steadily take it inside and it is to be pressed in such a way that it should touch the spinal cord. This Udayaan Band is said to cure all diseases of the stomach.

Spleen or Liver Diseases : One should do this exercise on a daily basis . On the bed either while getting up OR at night one should constrict and relax their hand and leg muscles then first turn towards the left, and then towards the right side hence one should keep on stretching their body in zig-zag manner. This exercise is said to cure the ailments of the liver and spleen.

Tooth : Whenever you visit for toilet for defecation one should grind the teeth ( both upper and lower ) while you complete urinating or defecating, the said kriya is found to be useful in keeping teeth healthy and prevent any form of decay or ailment of the tooth.

Muscular Pain : When there is muscular pain in the body , do notice which nostril ( nadi ) is working then close that nostril and inhale and exhale by the other nostril, do this several times .This will decrease the muscular pain within 5 minutes flat.

Asthma : Do the same procedure as mentioned for Muscular Pain. Whenever there is an asthma attack , do notice which nostril ( nadi ) is working then close that nostril and inhale and exhale by the other nostril , do this several times . It is advisable to do this techniques daily for 15 minutes. In few months Asthma will be cured completely.

Body Pain : According to Ayurveda , muscular and body pain is due to VAAT – Excess of Wind in the Body. Hence those who have regular body or Backache should perform this simple exercise .After daily meals one should sit down in Veerasan ( this Asana is performed by Islamic Followers while doing Namaaz ) wherein one sits down on his own feet folded behind with the knee on the frontal side. After completing Veerasan for at least 15 minutes one should start combing from left to right vice versa and from up to down , do take care that one should not use Rubber or Hard metal comb for this exercise.

Sri Yantra


Once upon a time Wealth demigod – Laxmi get anger on humans on planet earth and left the planet and went to Vaikunth Dham, due to this on entire planet goes into big depression and people went in heavy losses as wealth has been deprived by its demigod, Brahmin, Tradesmen etc felt stick and people went to Shri Vashisht Muni to find the solution to bring back Laxmi to earth.

On request of all humans, Shri Vaisthistji went to the home of Laxmi- Vaikunth Dham and request her to come back to Earth but Laxmi was very much firm on her decision and refused to come back, on this Vaishisth rishi start the devotion of her husband Vishnu Bhagwan.

When Lord Vishnu appeared and ask the reason for this devotion, Vaishisth request him to take Laxmi to planet earth, hence on request of Vaishisth, Vishnu went to Vaikuntha and request Laxmi to go to Prithivi Loka but again Laxmi refused.

This time Vaishisth went to his people and share all the incident, then all the people along with the Vaishist went to Guru of demigods – Devguru Brihaspati, Guru told Vaishith to create special metal made Sri Yantra and infuse the energy with Veda mantras, then only Laxmi will come back.

After performing the ritual on Sri Yantra, Laxmi appeared on earth and bless all the people and said: I don’t like to come back to earth but due to the smart move by Brihaspatiji – I have to come back due to Sri Yantra :

Shri Yantra is my base-foundation

It is my soul – hence I have to come wherever there is Sri Yantra.

The above story is very famous in many scripts of Hindus hence we can understand the importance of Sri Yantra, wherever there is Sri Yantra, Laxmi will come to that premises.

Wherever there is Sri Yantra, there is wealth,properity, name, and fame.It is also been used in getting rids if debt, bad fortune, etc., According to Bharadwaj Rishi: “Sri Yantra is complete yantra of abundances if it is made up of special metal.”

This yantra has immense power and it hides many secrets, the scared geometry of this beautiful yantra is still unknown to many of us. Not only in India but also in the whole world, people are still trying to research and find the history and secrets behind this yantra.

It is been said and heard that Lord Tirupati Balaji Temple at Andra Pradesh is the wealthiest temple in the whole world that is because, ( before building the temple), priest of those days has kept Energize Sri Yantra in the foundation of the temple, hence we can see the result till date. It is said that there are 64 types of Sri Yantra kept in foundation of temple.

Western Occult Expert Mr.Woodrouf once explained:” When the world will understand the hidden secrets of Sri Yantra that day the world will be full of abundances.”

To understand the coding of this yantra is extremely difficult just like of Sri Sukhtam which contain 16 slokas , Brahmin today used to recite this slokas at Deewali but hardly get any results because according to Tantra Scripture – Mantra Mahawarna : “Sri Suktam is method of conversion of any metal into pure gold, whenever there is complete coding of this language is understandable, I bet that person will be Wealthiest Man in the whole Universe”, the complete understanding to this yantra can be only done by understanding /decoding the 16 slokas of Sri Yantra.

Great Rishi Karnaad once said: If this Yantra is highly energized then there is no way that person bad fortune will come to an end and will convert man ill fortune into wealth.

Creation of Shri Yantra :

Sri Yantra creation is of utmost importance, the 7 triangles in yantra with Bindu – dot in the centre along that extra 10 angle with more 5 angles formation created Beautiful mysterious Yantra.

The 3 circle surrounding the triangles are 3 importance energy form says satvik, rajasic and tamasic, in another term : Sarawati,Laxmi ,Kali

The whole world is administered by this 3 energies

Below this 3 energy lies 16 triangle formation after that lies 8 triangles which depict Asthalaxmi – 8 different form of Mahalaxmi. Beneath the 8 triangles it has 14 small triangle depicts its 14 superficial energies centers, further, it has 10 more triangles under 14 energies center, this 10 minutes triangles are 10 best wealth of this universe which is termed as “Sampada” in Sanskrit.

After this 10 samapda – in triangles lies 8 small triangles which are again depicted 8 feminine energies/ Ashta Durga Swaroop.Next, to Astha Swaroop lies small single TRIANGLE which is depicted Goddess Mahalaxmi and last in inside the triangle is dot – Bindu which is said to be the manifestation of Adi Shakti Kali which is the main source of energy to this Universe.

In a way this yantra has 2816 energies centers /shakti of Parvati, hence by doing the ritual of three yantra one activates this 2816 energy centers of the universe.

There are many books written on Sri Yantra but none of them are able to codify the methods to activate this centers of energies. Not only in India but also in European counties Scientists are engrossed in finding the secrets of Sri Yantra.

More you try to understand this yantra more one get confused to the creation and functionality of this yantra. I would say Sri Yantra is one of the best creation of Indian Civilization.



How to perform Sri Yantra pooja :

Since the experienced scholar can give more insight to this wonderful Sri Yantra but I will give basic information to Poojan of this yantra.

Take a bath and sat down on the yoga mat or cotton asana facing East direction.

In front place wooden plank and place yellow asana for Laxmi and Sri Yantra, place Sri Yantra, Laxmi idol/pic, and Ganesha.

Wash the yantra with pancha-amrut ( cow ghee, cow milk, sugar, honey, and curd ), then with Gangajal – holy water and then with plain water.

Offer saffron/Kesar – Kumkum, rice, ghee lamp, yellow flowers,agarbatii & yellow fruit/sweet dishes or yellow colored food to Shree Yantra and another idol on the wooden plank.

Take kamalgatta rosary to chant the mantra.

1 round contains 108 times repetition of the mantra.

Chant 1 round of Ganesha Mantra

Chant 1 round of Shiva or Guru Mantra

Chant 1/5/11/21 round of Ashthalaxmi Or Mahalaxmi Mantra

Chant 1 complete stotram of Shri Suktam

Mahalaxmi Mantra to be recited at Dhan Teras Night :

|| ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं कमले कमलालये प्रसीद प्रसीद श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं ॐ महालक्ष्मयै नम:।।

Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalalaye Praseed Praseed

Shreem Hreem Shreem Om Mahalakshmaye Namah ||


                                Shri Suktam

हिरण्यवर्णां हरिणीं सुवर्णरजतस्रजाम् ।
चन्द्रां हिरण्मयीं लक्ष्मीं जातवेदो म आवह ॥१॥

Aum hiranya varanaam harinim su-varna rajat srajaam Chandraam hiranya mayim Lakshmi jaat vedo ma aavaha ll 1 ll

तां म आवह जातवेदो लक्ष्मीमनपगामिनीम् ।
यस्यां हिरण्यं विन्देयं गामश्वं पुरुषानहम् ॥२॥

Aum taam ma aavaha jaat vedo Lakshmi-man-pagaa-minim Yasyaam hiranyam vinde-yam gaam-asvam purushaan-ham ll 2 ll

अश्वपूर्वां रथमध्यां हस्तिनादप्रबोधिनीम् ।
श्रियं देवीमुपह्वये श्रीर्मा देवी जुषताम् ॥३॥

Asva purvaam rath madhyaam hasti naad pra-bodhinim Sriyam Devi mup-havye Srir-maa Devi-jush-taam ll 3 ll

कां सोस्मितां हिरण्यप्राकारामार्द्रां ज्वलन्तीं तृप्तां तर्पयन्तीम् ।
पद्मे स्थितां पद्मवर्णां तामिहोपह्वये श्रियम् ॥४॥

Kamso-smitaam hiranya-praakaaraam-aardhraam jvalantim truptaam tarpayantim Padma-sthitaam padma-varnaam taami-hop-havye Sriyam ll 4 ll

चन्द्रां प्रभासां यशसा ज्वलन्तीं श्रियं लोके देवजुष्टामुदाराम् ।
तां पद्मिनीमीं शरणमहं प्रपद्येऽलक्ष्मीर्मे नश्यतां त्वां वृणे ॥५॥

Chandraam prabhaa-saam yash-saa jvalantim Sriyam loke dev-jushtaamudaaraam Taam padmini-mim sharanam-aham pra-padhye a-Lakshmir-me nashyan-taam tvaam vrune ll 5 ll

आदित्यवर्णे तपसोऽधिजातो वनस्पतिस्तव वृक्षोऽथ बिल्वः ।
तस्य फलानि तपसानुदन्तु मायान्तरायाश्च बाह्या अलक्ष्मीः ॥६॥

Aaditya-varane tapaso-adhi-jato vanas-pati-stava-vruksho-atha bilvaha Tasya falaani tapasaa-nudantu maayaa-anta- raayaa-scha baahyaa a-Lakshmi-hi ll 6 ll

उपैतु मां देवसखः कीर्तिश्च मणिना सह ।
प्रादुर्भूतोऽस्मि राष्ट्रेऽस्मिन् कीर्तिमृद्धिं ददातु मे ॥७॥

Upeiy-tu maam Dev-sakha-ha kirti-scha maninaa saha Praadur-bhuto su-raashtre-asmin kirtim-vrudhim dadaatu me ll 7 ll

क्षुत्पिपासामलां ज्येष्ठामलक्ष्मीं नाशयाम्यहम् ।
अभूतिमसमृद्धिं च सर्वां निर्णुद मे गृहात् ॥८॥

Kshutpi-paasaa-malaam jyeshtaam -a-Lakshmim naash-yaamya-ham Abhutim-a-samrudhim cha sarvaa -nirnud me gruhaat ll 8 ll

गन्धद्वारां दुराधर्षां नित्यपुष्टां करीषिणीम् ।
ईश्वरींग् सर्वभूतानां तामिहोपह्वये श्रियम् ॥९॥

Gandha-dvaaraam duraa-dharshaam nitya-pushtaam karishi-nim Ishvariim sarva-bhutaanaam taami-hop-havye Sriyam ll 9 ll

मनसः काममाकूतिं वाचः सत्यमशीमहि ।
पशूनां रूपमन्नस्य मयि श्रीः श्रयतां यशः ॥१०॥

Manasaha kaam-maa-kutim vaacha-ha satya-mashi-mahi Pashu-naam rup-manya-sya mayi Srihi srayataam yasha-ha ll 10 ll

कर्दमेन प्रजाभूता मयि सम्भव कर्दम ।
श्रियं वासय मे कुले मातरं पद्ममालिनीम् ॥११॥

Kardamen prajaa bhutaa mayi sambhava kardam Sriyam vaasaya me kule Maataram padma-maali-nim ll 11 ll

आपः सृजन्तु स्निग्धानि चिक्लीत वस मे गृहे ।
नि च देवीं मातरं श्रियं वासय मे कुले ॥१२॥

Aapaha srajantu snig-dhaani chiklit vasa me gruhe Ni cha Devim Maataram Sriyam vaasaya me kule ll 12 ll

आर्द्रां पुष्करिणीं पुष्टिं पिङ्गलां पद्ममालिनीम् ।
चन्द्रां हिरण्मयीं लक्ष्मीं जातवेदो म आवह ॥१३॥

Aardhraam push-karinim pushtim pinglaam padma maali-nim Chandraam hiranya-mayim Lakshmim jaat-vedo ma aavaha ll 13 ll

आर्द्रां यः करिणीं यष्टिं सुवर्णां हेममालिनीम् ।
सूर्यां हिरण्मयीं लक्ष्मीं जातवेदो म आवह ॥१४॥

Aardhraam yah-kari-nim yashtim suvarna-aam hem-maali-nim Suryaam hiranya-mayim Lakshmim jaat-vedo ma aavaha ll 14 ll

तां म आवह जातवेदो लक्ष्मीमनपगामिनीम् ।
यस्यां हिरण्यं प्रभूतं गावो दास्योऽश्वान् विन्देयं पूरुषानहम् ॥१५॥

Taam ma aavaha jaat-vedo Lakshmi-man-pagaa-nim Yasyaam hiranyam pra-bhutam gaavo-daasyo-asvaan vindeyam purushaan-ham ll 15 ll

यः शुचिः प्रयतो भूत्वा जुहुयादाज्यमन्वहम् ।
सूक्तं पञ्चदशर्चं च श्रीकामः सततं जपेत् ॥१६॥

Yaha shuchi-hi preyato bhut-vaa juhu-daayaa-jya-manva-ham Suktam panch-dashar-cham cha Sri-kaam-ha satatam japet ll 16 ll

पद्मानने पद्म ऊरु पद्माक्षी पद्मासम्भवे ।
त्वं मां भजस्व पद्माक्षी येन सौख्यं लभाम्यहम् ॥१७॥

Padma-nane Padma Uuru Padma-Akssii Padmaa-Sambhave

Tvam Maam Bhajasva Padma-Akssii Yena Saukhyam Labhaamy-Aham || 17 ||

अश्वदायि गोदायि धनदायि महाधने ।
धनं मे जुषतां देवि सर्वकामांश्च देहि मे ॥१८॥


Dhanam Me Jussataam Devi Sarva-Kaamaamsh-Ca Dehi Me || 18 ||

पुत्रपौत्र धनं धान्यं हस्त्यश्वादिगवे रथम् ।
प्रजानां भवसि माता आयुष्मन्तं करोतु माम् ॥१९॥

Putra-Pautra Dhanam Dhaanyam Hasty-Ashva-aadi-Gave Ratham

Prajaanaam Bhavasi Maataa Aayussmantam Karotu Maam || 19 ||

धनमग्निर्धनं वायुर्धनं सूर्यो धनं वसुः ।
धनमिन्द्रो बृहस्पतिर्वरुणं धनमश्नुते ॥२०॥

Dhanam-Agnir-Dhanam Vaayur-Dhanam Suuryo Dhanam Vasuh

Dhanam-Indro Brhaspatir-Varunnam Dhanam-Ashnute || 20 ||

वैनतेय सोमं पिब सोमं पिबतु वृत्रहा ।
सोमं धनस्य सोमिनो मह्यं ददातु सोमिनः ॥२१॥

Vainateya Somam Piba Somam Pibatu Vrtrahaa

Somam Dhanasya Somino Mahyam Dadaatu Sominah || 21 ||

न क्रोधो न च मात्सर्य न लोभो नाशुभा मतिः ।
भवन्ति कृतपुण्यानां भक्तानां श्रीसूक्तं जपेत्सदा ॥२२॥

Na Krodho Na Cha Maatsarya Na Lobho Na-Ashubhaa Matih

Bhavanti Krtapunnyaanaam Bhaktaanaam Shriisuuktam Japet-Sadaa || 22 ||

वर्षन्तु ते विभावरि दिवो अभ्रस्य विद्युतः ।
रोहन्तु सर्वबीजान्यव ब्रह्म द्विषो जहि ॥२३॥

Varssantu Te Vibhaavari Divo Abhrasya Vidyutah

Rohantu Sarva-Biija-Anyava Brahma Dvisso Jahi || 23 ||

पद्मप्रिये पद्मिनि पद्महस्ते पद्मालये पद्मदलायताक्षि ।
विश्वप्रिये विष्णु मनोऽनुकूले त्वत्पादपद्मं मयि सन्निधत्स्व ॥२४॥

Padma-Priye Padmini Padma-Haste Padma-aalaye Padma-Dalaayata-Akssi |

Vishva-Priye Vissnnu Mano-anukuule Tvat-Paada-Padmam Mayi Sannidhatsva || 24 ||

या सा पद्मासनस्था विपुलकटितटी पद्मपत्रायताक्षी ।
गम्भीरा वर्तनाभिः स्तनभर नमिता शुभ्र वस्त्रोत्तरीया ॥२५॥

Yaa Saa Padma-Aasana-Sthaa Vipula-Kattitattii Padma-Patraayata-Akssii |

Gambhiiraa Varta-Naabhih Stanabhara Namitaa Shubhra Vastro-a-uttariiyaa || 25 ||

लक्ष्मीर्दिव्यैर्गजेन्द्रैर्मणिगणखचितैस्स्नापिता हेमकुम्भैः ।
नित्यं सा पद्महस्ता मम वसतु गृहे सर्वमाङ्गल्ययुक्ता ॥२६॥

Lakssmiir-Divyair-Gajendrair-Manni-Ganna-Khacitais-Snaapitaa-Hema-Kumbhaih Nityam Saa Padma-Hastaa Mama Vasatu Grhe Sarva-Maanggalya-Yuktaa || 26 ||

लक्ष्मीं क्षीरसमुद्र राजतनयां श्रीरङ्गधामेश्वरीम् ।
दासीभूतसमस्त देव वनितां लोकैक दीपांकुराम् ॥२७॥

Lakssmiim Kssiira-Samudra Raaja-Tanayaam Shriirangga-Dhaame-shvariim

Daasii-Bhuuta-Samasta Deva Vanitaam Loka-ieka Diipa-Amkuraam || 27 ||

श्रीमन्मन्दकटाक्षलब्ध विभव ब्रह्मेन्द्रगङ्गाधराम् ।
त्वां त्रैलोक्य कुटुम्बिनीं सरसिजां वन्दे मुकुन्दप्रियाम् ॥२८॥


Tvaam Trai-Lokya Kuttumbiniim Sarasijaam Vande Mukunda-Priyaam || 28 ||

सिद्धलक्ष्मीर्मोक्षलक्ष्मीर्जयलक्ष्मीस्सरस्वती ।
श्रीलक्ष्मीर्वरलक्ष्मीश्च प्रसन्ना मम सर्वदा ॥२९॥


Shrii-Lakssmiir-Vara-Lakssmiishca Prasannaa Mama Sarvadaa || 29 ||

वरांकुशौ पाशमभीतिमुद्रां करैर्वहन्तीं कमलासनस्थाम् ।
बालार्क कोटि प्रतिभां त्रिणेत्रां भजेहमाद्यां जगदीस्वरीं त्वाम् ॥३०॥

Vara-Angkushau Paasham-Abhiiti-Mudraam Karair-Vahantiim Kamala-Aasana-Sthaam

Baala-a-arka Kotti Pratibhaam Tri-Netraam Bhaje-a-ham-Aadyaam Jagad-Iisvariim Tvaam || 30 ||

सर्वमङ्गलमाङ्गल्ये शिवे सर्वार्थ साधिके ।
शरण्ये त्र्यम्बके देवि नारायणि नमोऽस्तु ते ॥
नारायणि नमोऽस्तु ते ॥ नारायणि नमोऽस्तु ते ॥३१॥

Sarva-Manggala-Maanggalye Shive Sarva-Artha Saadhike

Sharannye Try-Ambake Devi Naaraayanni Namostu Te ||

Naaraayanni Namostu Te || Naaraayanni Namostu Te || 31 ||

सरसिजनिलये सरोजहस्ते धवलतरांशुक गन्धमाल्यशोभे ।
भगवति हरिवल्लभे मनोज्ञे त्रिभुवनभूतिकरि प्रसीद मह्यम् ॥३२॥

Sarasija-Nilaye Saroja-Haste Dhavalatara-Amshuka Gandha-Maalya-Shobhe

Bhagavati Hari-Vallabhe Manojnye Tri-Bhuvana-Bhuuti-Kari Prasiida Mahyam || 32 ||

विष्णुपत्नीं क्षमां देवीं माधवीं माधवप्रियाम् ।
विष्णोः प्रियसखीं देवीं नमाम्यच्युतवल्लभाम् ॥३३॥

Vissnnu-Patniim Kssamaam Deviim Maadhaviim Maadhava-Priyaam |

Vissnnoh Priya-Sakhiim Deviim Namaamy-Acyuta-Vallabhaam || 33 ||

महालक्ष्मी च विद्महे विष्णुपत्नी च धीमहि । तन्नो लक्ष्मीः प्रचोदयात् ॥३४॥

Mahaalakssmii Ca Vidmahe Vissnnu-Patnii Cha Dhiimahi

Tan-No Lakssmiih Prachodayaat || 34 ||

श्रीवर्चस्यमायुष्यमारोग्यमाविधात् पवमानं महियते ।
धनं धान्यं पशुं बहुपुत्रलाभं शतसंवत्सरं दीर्घमायुः ॥३५॥

Shrii-Varcasyam-Aayussyam-Aarogyamaa-Vidhaat Pavamaanam Mahiyate |

Dhanam Dhaanyam Pashum Bahu-Putra-Laabham Shatasamvatsaram Diirgham-Aayuh || 35 ||

ऋणरोगादिदारिद्र्यपापक्षुदपमृत्यवः ।
भयशोकमनस्तापा नश्यन्तु मम सर्वदा ॥३६॥


Bhaya-Shoka-Manastaapaa Nashyantu Mama Sarvadaa || 36 ||

य एवं वेद ।ॐ महादेव्यै च विद्महे विष्णुपत्नी च धीमहि ।
तन्नो लक्ष्मीः प्रचोदयात् ।ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥३७॥

Ya-Evam-Veda-Om Mahaa-Devyai Ca Vidmahe Vissnnu-Patnii Ca Dhiimahi

Tanno-Lakssmiih-Pracodayaat -Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih || 37 ||

Mystery Behind Colors

Color is derived from the stimulation of Cone cell in human eye by electromagnetic radiation in a spectrum of light.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, this word comes to us from the Latin word color-em, which was inherited by old French.

Color or Colour – Which is Correct ?

  • When choosing between color and colour, keep in mind that both spellings are correct.
  • The shorter one, color, is the preferred spelling in the United States.
  • The rest of the English-speaking world uses the longer form, colour.

The science of color is called as Chromatics, Colorimetry or simple Color Science.The Primary Colors are Yellow, Red and Blue are at the top of any color structure. This primary color is the parent of all generation of colors.

There are also other important colors Violet, Indigo,Green, Orange & Red, together with this colors known as VIBGYOR which represent color as Violet- Indigo-Green-Yellow-Orange and Red Color.

In Astrology this 7 color are given utmost important as 9 planets. Every individual is attracted or having the liking towards certain color/color combination. Human attitude gets reflected or known by its choice of color it chooses in its daily lifestyle says Grooming, selecting pen ink, car color, mobile etc.

Also, we attract those universal vibration whenever we wear or utilize those color /color combination, for instance, we used a logo on our v-card, letterhead, pen, envelopes, embossing the design on bags, t-shirts, mug ( for promotion ) of our product/services.

Hence in the conscious/unconscious way we make those energies work for us in our life. I won’t go into detail regarding how color combination work Or History of Color or its therapy rather I will be focusing on Color and 9 planets and its effect on human behavior.

In astrology we have 9 planet says Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, actually in practical aspect there are only 7 planets in Universe. Rahu and Ketu are considered as Chaya Graha –Shadow planet in indian astrology.

Now, these 9 planets have the tremendous effect on planet earth and its living being.

Measuring Unit: Unlike another unit to measure say kilogram, meter, ML color and its Vibrations are measured with a specific unit which is termed as ARMSTRONG Unit – AMU. Each planet has its own vibration and throws its force on the universe and connecting planet, Earth as has a maximum existence of living species thus has more effect of this planetary system.

Eg . Sun has its Amu Unit of 7100 which is highest and can be felt at 12 noon on earth – normal human can’t bear this energy level of Sun, same sun AMU will be 4100 in the early morning which will feel very soothing and calmness to human. Color also carries with wavelength.






700-635 nm


635-590 nm


590 -560 nm




560 -520 nm
Cyan 520 -490 nm




490 -450 nm




450 -400 nm


Colour – Violet, Indigo, and Blue has AMU of 4100 – 6100 Armstrong Unit. Similarly Green has 6300 Amu which is equivalent to Human Body – which is tolerable to a human body. Red has maximum AMU of 7100 that is same of Sunrays of Sun of 12 noon – known as Infra Rays.

Now let go to individual color to analyze its effect, utility, and its Pro & Cons.

Indigo: It is a color of Intuition and psychic power. It is connected to Pituitary gland of our body hence its govern and associate with youth, charms, puberty in youngsters.

In 7 chakras it is connected with 3rd Eye –Lord Shiva eye./Ajna Chakra also, it has been connected with Pituitary gland it is also said to be giving good memory, sharpness to brain and decision making.

Chakras: Ajya/3rd Eye

Emotions: Stimulate right brain and activity. Fanaticism,addiction,religious.

Marketing: Used in spiritual and religious products, as often people who loves this color are spiritual and religious in mind.

Structure creates identity and meaning for indigo. In fact an indigo person cannot function without structure – it throws them right off balance.

Companies: Indigo Airlines.

Usage: Increase sentiment of love and emotions, Intuition and Sharp memory.

Violet: It is color said to be Spiritual Zone as it is associated with Crown Chakra in Satchakras, Here organs associated are Spleen and Lymphatic system.Thus it helps in soothing and calm down the mind and relax the muscles and nervous system.It is also said the color of emotions.

Chakra: Shahastra/Crown

Emotions: Modesty,deepness,fantasy.

Marketing: Corporate used Violet as color of modesty .

Companies: Viber,Taco Bell,Cadbury.

Usage: Meditation and for contacting extra-terrestrial beings, ghosts, and divine spirits.

Purple: It is a color which combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Purple is associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdom, royalty,dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.

Purple, unlike violet, is not one of the colors of the visible spectrum. It was not one of the colors of the rainbow identified by Isaac Newton, and it does not have its own wavelength of light. For this reason, it is called a non-spectral color. It exists in culture and art, but not, in the same way that violet does, in optics. It is simply a combination, in various proportions, of two primary colors, red and blue.

Emotions: Wisdom & Success/Happiness

Marketing: Often used by Marketer in beauty or anti-ageing products. It also represent creative and wise brand.

Companies: Yahoo ,Wonka,Welchs,Hallmark.

Red  : It is highly dominating, excitement and aggressive color, in astrology Mars, is connected to this color, people wearing more of Red Colour in grooming are likely to be more aggressive, energetic and highly motivated. The red color also gives boast confidence and leadership skills as Leadership is connected to Planet Mars- it is a team leader who led the team and gives energy and guidance to people. Hence people having a weakness, low energy fatigue should ideally use this color to energize themselves. Red also depict life, youth and anger and high energy level.

Even many companies used the red color combination that shows its high energy level, exponential growth, and stability, best examples are Vodafone, Airtel, Cola-cola, etc.

Chakras: Mooladhar/Root

Emotions: Strong emotions,passion,intensity,safety and physical self.

Marketing : Used by Hotelier/Restaurant to increase/stimulate appetite. Also marketer used in increasing Urgency in Clearances of Sales. Used for impulsive shopper.

Companies : Macdonald,Netflix,Virgin Mobile,Youtube ,Kelloggs,Adobe,Coke,Pintrest.

Usage: When one feels extremely low in energy level, off mood, fatigue.Even red with a combination of white color gives a good effect in the kitchen as white is considered for moon planet and mind and planet moon move faster hence women cooking in the kitchen will make food faster and tasty also.

But do take care not to used dark red in the kitchen as it will create extreme aggression in women as women are considered as Fire element in Hindu mythology and traditional Vaastu hence it is feasible to use a stint of red color with a combination of white.

One may use a shaded color of a red jar in the kitchen.

Green: This color represents intelligence, Intellectual, logical thinking, the calculation as it is connected to Planet Mercury which holds above inbuilt quality. Green color stand for Bio-energy also. Mercury is very close to Sun and because of this it creates its orbit from SUN and hence it has color and pattern of Green color in its orbit. People who prefer Green color are intelligent, analytical and always calculate the thing before giving their opinion/views. Even many Environmentalists-NGO used Green color as their logo or campaign.

Chakra: Anahat/Heart

Emotions: Constitute tranquility,stomachaches,symbolize money, unconditional love,healing & new growth.

Marketing: Used to relax in stores, associated with wealth,symbol of fertility, was once preferred color for wedding in 15th Century.

Usage: Prefer to use in children’s bedroom, as it is a need for children to utilize their skills and analytical abilities in studies. For those children who are hyperactive better used a blue color which will create patience in children.

Also useful for highly emotional people who are very often fearful of unknown origin.

Blue: It has its planetary effect of Saturn- which is said to be far away from Sun, but it is also the coolest planet in the whole universe, few people think that Moon is the coolest planet, it is scientifically proven that Saturn is the coolest planet. As Saturn qualities motion, patience and deeper insight but also reflect slow moving work thus people wearing this color show high level of patience level, flexibility, good knowledge and also work being done slowly as Saturn itself takes 7-1/2 year to complete its one cycle around the SUN.

Best example of Blue color can be seen in Team- INDIA in 1990’s World Cup- when Cricketer Azar, Siddhu, Prabhakar were playing in Dark Blue shade, we saw very slow growth and performance in our team India but when New color entrance of Sky Blue is seen on Indian Jersey in 2000’s we can be seen new energy and nice player – MS Dhoni, Kohli etc leading the team and won World Cup and still date we can see high level of performance and patience level in current team of INDIA.

Reliance Jio used this Blue Color as brand of trust and reliability in Data broadband and create sense of security in mind of indian in mobile data market.

Also, blue color denotes in mannerism, wellness, trust, responsibility,calmness,serenity and passion.

Chakras: Vissudhi/Throat

Emotions: Security,trust,curbs appetite also known as COLD WATER, preceived as Constant in human life due to Sky and Ocean been Blue, It is highly associated with Communication,truth & self-expression. Often used by Mens. Also used in offices.

Marketing: Often used in Corporate Business ,Logo because it is productive and non-invasive ,creates sense of security in mind of audience.Also used worldwide in Democratic in USA and also in Conservative parties.

Companies: Facebook,Skype,twitter,DELL,Walmart,Ford,vimeo,GE,LinkedIN,Reliance JIO

Usage: For increasing Patience level in children use blue color in children’s bedroom having hyper nature. Blue also reflect Sky Aakash Tatva – which show a deep knowledge and stable mind.

Even Sky blue /white color can be used for meditation/pooja room as it creates calmness and soothing effect on the mind.

Yellow: It is connected to Planet Jupiter ( Guru ) in astrology thus people who often used yellow color having an attitude of collecting many data and stored them.  The yellow color is associated with knowledge, wisdom , stability, friendliness, and calmness. We can see yellow color in many companies like Idea Cellular they used more of information- data before finalizing their strategy. Macdonald having the yellow color they too collect much information and work after analyzing on various parameters.

Chakras: Manipur/Solar Plexus

Emotions: Stimulation of mental and nervous system,cheerfulness,will power,self esteem,also its encourage communication.

Marketing: Used by marketer in youthfulness,optimism,to grab attention of window shoppers and show clarity in products.services.

Companies: Nikon,National Geographic,DHL,Yellow pages,Sprint,Sun Chips,Hertz.

Usage: To create more of energy, knowledge, wisdom. Yellow/Orange can be used in Hospital to energize the patient while giving the treatment.

Yellow is the ideal color for Pooja/Meditation room and also in Living room with combination of off white color.

Orange: It is color carrying aesthetic sense, a color of devotion and high energy and purity. We can see this color in our own National Flag as very first color which gives energy, high vibration, and patriotic feeling in every Indian. Orange color also depicts Pious and purity of heart hence in Hindus Monks we can see wearing saffron orange combination which gives them purity and a good level of energy while practicing meditation and other spiritual lessons.Orange is also connected with SUN – combination of Red and Orange.

Chakras: Swadhisthan/Sacral

Emotions: Excitement,enthusiasm,show warmth and warns of caution. Also associated with sexuality,creativity and pleasure.

Marketing: Sometime orange also signifies aggression,it create call to action : Buy,Sell & Subscribe. Also found in impulsive shoppers & represent cheerful and friendly brand.

Companies: Gulf,Blog,Crush,Fanta,Mozilla,Harley-Davison,Hooters,

Usage: In Hospital to increase the energy level in the patient of low immune, weakness. Orange can be used in person to have warmth, health, happiness and confidence level.

White:  It is connected to Planet Moon which also a cooler and calm planet closer to Earth.Few Scholar connects white color associated with Venus as it is binding color in a relationship hence we can see Diamond having white shiny color.This color has also a tremendous effect on the mind as Moon is connected to Mind and Mother ( in astrology ) we can see people who often wear white color has a stable mind and take the decision after thinking a lot. Moon is also associated with Imagination, dream, poems, writing skills, mother, mother-in-law.

Emotions: Motherhood,imagination,day dreaming

Marketing: Corporate used white color for calmness and warmth feeling for human and animals -Eg WWF in Pandas. Often used in youthful and economical and it is consider as neutral color.

Companies: Swarovski,WWF,Puma,Disney,Forbes

Usage: Use white color in-house in the ceiling all over the house with a little bit of sky blue and violet combination that gives the soothing effect to people residing in the house. Can be used on the wall of study table of children’s room and also a combination of green and white especially when the child is fearful, unable to takes its own decision and has a weaker mindset.

Pink: Pink is combination color of white and red hence red gives vibes of high energy and whites gives soothing and cool mindset. In philosophy and in Graphology and Drawing analysis pink color is considered as Color of Love, hence advisable to keep light pink color or Peech ( orange + white ) color in the bedroom, also for those children having timid nature and has a weak relationship with parents advisable to use light pink color in their bedroom.

Emotions: Love and togetherness,Intuitive.

Marketing:  Used in childcare and feminine products.

Companies: Barbie,Cosmopolitan,Victoria’s Secret,

Brown:  Color is associate with Planet Rahu also known as Dragon Head hence we should avoid this color in our lifestyle, Rahu is said to be an Evil planet on Universe hence it quality seen are greediness, money, power, bribery, earn money through unethical mean etc.

Emotions: Rugged,Masculine and serious ,Greediness.

Marketing: Often it is used by marketer to stand out of the competition.Brown is very under utilized color.

Companies: Often many companies who keep brown color in logo show faster growth at initial stage but later show drip in growth of organization- Example UPS,Hershey, m&m,Royal Enfield,Mr.Brown.

Smoky: Color having a combination of smoke is said to be of Ketu planet – also known as Dragon Tail which is again said to be an Evil planet, hence avoid such color/color combination in your life. This hazy smoky color gives illness, a dispute in a relationship and create a difference of thoughts.

Black: It is a color which is said to absorbing color and astrologists also believe that black color associated with Saturn as many Hindu Mythology says to offer black color things says black shoe, clothes, umbrella , etc to Lord Shanidev who has been said ( Demigod ) Judge of the universe.

Black is a color of giving and throwing of thing/knowledge hence we can connect it with our school board where our teacher give knowledge to students. Also, our Galaxy is having Black Color. The black color is used to break the Negativity.It is to be noted that black color is used by Hindu color of breaking negative thought by putting black color kajal on child forehead/ear to prevent him/her from evil thought and sight of jealous.

It is also said a color of sophistication, sharpness, power, authority, and elegance by Image Consultant.

It is been said in Astrology that those having black hair naturally these people has a higher influence of Saturn planet thus such people are of strong will and remind under strict rules and regulations only.

Emotions: Slick,luxury,logic,judgmental mind and luxury.

Marketing:  Often used as mark of luxury and elegance. Corporate who are into marketing of Premium products used Black color.

Companies: Apple, AT&T,J P Morgon,Oneplus,BMW,Fossil,Nike

Grey: This color is a combination of Black and white hence gives above-mentioned traits and effects, this color is advisable only in Guest Room and that also guest room are advised to keep in North West direction of the home/plot.

Emotion: Maturity,serious and classic color.

Marketing: Used in Lifestyle products to increase brand proposition and mark of uniqueness.

Companies: Adidas,Ibony& Ivory,Samsung,Philips.


Image Source : Prachi’s Expert Corner