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Numerology Planets: Number Astrology also known as numerology is a newly developed science in itself, whose entire basis is mathematics and its results.

Its basic foundation is the date of birth of any person. Before this, two special methods were prevalent in Indian astrology, one of which is the birth chart, through which we predict the future and the other is that future is also predicted from the lines of the hand, but in addition to this, another method became popular in the western countries, the main basis of which was the date of birth.


Numerology Planets

A to Z of Numerology Planets


Ashtak Varga , Future Prediction and Numerology Planets

They ( Scholars ) found a simple way to explain the entire future through the date of birth, but if seen correctly, then this is not western astrology, but its origin, has been Indian astrology only because in Indian astrology.

Ashtak Varga has been an authentic explanation and it has been said in the astrological principles that the one who explains the future prediction without studying Ashtak Ashtak Varga, is an incomplete astrologer and his future cannot be completely authentic.

The basic reason for this is that in Indian astrology, the Ashtak Varga has been given the most recognition and in this Ashtak Varga of Jyotish. The strength of the planets has been taken out and its clear explanation has been done.

In fact, the Ashtak Varga of astrology is an authentic science in itself. From this, we can know how strong the planets are situated in the birth chart. What is the mutual relationship (Yuti of 2 or more than 2 planets ) between two planets and how they are benefitted to humans.

By studying Ashtak Varga, we can make it clear that out of two planets sitting together in the same house, which one is the most powerful and influential?

Not only this, now we can also make it clear that how much is the strength of both the planets in terms of percentage and how much contribution does each planet have in building the future of man?

But what we call numerology in the modern form is always different from this and they connect this science based on date of birth , name and numerology planets.


Numerology Planets

Numerology Planets

Origin of Numbers and Numerology Planets

Numerology has originally originated on Indian soil, but it flourished on foreign soil. It was researched there and many experiments were conducted in this regard and thus a new astrology was born, which we nowadays call Ank Jyotish in simple language or Numerology in modern English language. Its basic base is the number and special importance has been given to NUMBER one to nine.

ZERO Concept , Magnetic Waves and Numerology Planets

According to scientists, the buzz of numbers first arose in India and we all know the discovery of zero.

India made a surprising change in the field of mathematics because it was through this zero that we got rid of big numbers and through zero we could also write big numbers.

According to the great sages of India, there is a special electromagnetic current in the numbers from one to nine and when we use it, a special type of magnetic power is generated, which makes the environment around us magnetic.

The numerologists of the western nations have said that each number has a ruling planet and according to that planet, the power of that number, its progress and its special effects are there.

According to them, the numbers and their related planets are like this, like number one represents the Sun, Number two is the Moon, Number three is the Moon. Guru is the Fourth number. It is also called Negative Surya or Hershal.

Some people call Hershal as Rahu or some people call it Negative Surya. Fifth comes Mercury, sixth comes Venus, seventh comes Varuna or Neptune.

Some people call it Ketu or Negative Moon and some people call it Positive Moon. Eighth comes Saturn and Nineth is Mars. Thus every number has a ruling planet and the number progresses according to that planet.

Therefore, before understanding the numbers, it will be very appropriate to understand its nature. Now I am explaining every planet and its related factor element.  Now, let delve into explanation of NINE Numerology planets.


Numerology Planets

Numerology Planets and Aryabhatt


Surya : It is the ruler of all the planets, the king of planets and all the other planets revolve around it. But its nature is very bright and fierce or in gender form it can be said that it is masculine i.e. male nature and Rajasik element is its special quality.

Especially it shows self-realization. It is the factor of father, forest, foreign trips, travelling, head or headache or mental worries and its effect is especially on the eyes and on the desert and on the effect of blood. Now I will talk about the second number which represents the moon.

Moon : Moon is feminine in nature. Studying the human nature of man is done through this planet. Its quality or Guna is Rajasik tatva.

Rajasik and its position is considered to be of special importance after the Sun. It is a fast moving plant i.e. it moves at a very fast speed while revolving earth. Hence, it has the ability to cause immediate benefit or loss to the natives.

It is considered to be the factor of mind and its related work, aromatic substances, water, mother, giving respect, honor, prosperity, solitude, cold, cough, skin disease and heart disease.

Guru : The third planet is Guru at number three. It is called Guru, Devguru, or Jupiter. Its nature is simple and helpful. If we talk about it in terms of gender, then it is masculine in nature and the element or guna/ quality which comes in it is a Rajasic tatva and it is the factor of children, happiness of children, education, sense control, state honor, profit, fame, pure behavior etc. are two divine qualities or we can know from this.


Numerology Planets

Parashar Rishi on Numerology Planets

Hershal : Harshal comes at number four, which some people also call Rahu. Some people also call it Negative Sun. This planet is endowed with special powers in itself, as if it is about progress, faster money creation, foreign travel, etc.

Mercury : This planet has special authority over shoulders, garden and emotions. Its gender is said to be neuter gender and its quality is Satvik.

This planet is related to those who study Vedas, Puranas and astrology, have sometime immature attitude, and it is connected to business, medicine and surgeon, leprosy its causative element and such a person is skilled in business or money transactions and through business he add luxury to his life.

Venus : Number Six is ​​Venus.

This is a particularly talented planet because it has a special influence on skill and development and personality.

When we talk about personality, then the entire personality of Venus is very radiant and has an attractive face.

Because it is considered to be completely in female form, hence its gender is considered to be feminine.

The quality which comes in penance is considered to be a royal quality and in a way this person is a factor of death and hobby and it is also a special factor of love.

What can we know about it?  We can also see marriage, engagement, relationship or separation,, divorce, scholarship, pleasure, luxury, love or happiness of the beloved, expertise in music, painting and other arts, as well as deceit, treasury, finance.

Getting a special position of respect is also done by Venus. Foreign travels, affection and love, Diabetes and Sexual Ailment disease are connected to Venus and the person of Venus planet is actually capable of enjoying life to the fullest and believes in getting all the material happiness and wealth in his life.


Numerology Planets

Bhrigu Rishi on Numerology

Varuna : The Seventh planet is Varuna. This planet is related to water. The fortune of such persons rises far from the current place or birth place, near a river, on the seashore or in cities where water is present, they especially live or their fortune rises especially in that direction.

Such persons should take special interest in business and in a way, their direct relation with business should be with water because water, which is moon, is also a factor of business and wealth.

Saturn : Number Eight comes Saturn or planet, due to its slow movement, it is also called Mandachar planet and along with this it is very important because it is a factor of karma and seva. If we talk about gender, then it is considered to be an impotent planet ( Napunshak ) .

Its nature is Tamasi or tamas element and from this we can find out that Saturn is the factor of age, death, theft, loss of money, loss, bankruptcy, bondage, jail or imprisonment,court case, death sentence, suicide, enmity, royal age, resignation, arthritis and air related diseases i.e Vayu Vikaar.

If Number Eight comes more often in his life or date of birth, then such a person is especially influenced by Saturn and such a person is capable of becoming a good lawyer, good engineer. They are also experts of good machinery and the last in the ninth is Mars.

Mars : Mars which is the Ninth Number, especially or is a planet of fierce nature and is pooling in the form of the linga.

Tamas element comes in the element and due to this, a special Tamas element is also manifested in their behavior. Its causative elements or representation are honesty, land ownership, disease, mental freedom, happiness of elder brother, accident, poverty, beauty, bravery, cleverness or special are its qualities.

In a way, its reading has been seen especially on the number nine in the business transactions, farming or property or I should say real estate or animal farming, deceit and behavior or business etc.

So in today’s article I told you how we can know the character of a person especially from his number. I hope you must have gained some knowledge in this small article and along with this, in the next article I will write a special article on Numerology and Name Correction.

Love and Light,

Nirav Hiingu
Digital Numerologist