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Name Numerology : A Myth or Reality, very often people ask me, does Name have any importance in Numerology or is there any Science behind the name of any individual or company name numerology.

Name Numerology and Ramayan

Few people argue with me saying, if a name has such tremendous power then why didn’t the name ‘Ram’ word  float in the water.

Let me explain that in Ramayana which happened around 5,000-7000 years B.C, in Ramayana Kaal, in Ram’s Sena, there were 2 Wanars named as Nal and Neel who had a boon/ vardaan from Lord Brahma ji that whenever they will take a stone and throw in water, it will keep floating on the water waves meaning it won’t sink deep into the water stream.

It so happened that during the construction of the ‘Ram Setu’ (Bridge creation initiated by Lord Rama hence the name given as Ram Setu) Nal and Neel picked stones and wrote the name of shri Rama with faith. 

Thus due to the vardan from Brahma ji – those stones started floating in water.

History, World War II and Name Numerology

It is a matter of great interest that during World War II, the great dictator Adolf Hitler used to consult his Astrologer on minute matters, but later on, it is documented that after huge success in Hilter’s life, he started ignoring the advice of his astrologer which later became the reason of the downfall to his empire and hence Hitler Era came to an end.

The same event happened in Napoleon Bonaparte life, where he used to take advice of his Astrologer and Numerologist on every big decision, but after few successes, he ignored the advices and changed his Name from Original Name as Napoleon Buonaparte to Napoleon Bonaparte which gave negative impact on his life and this resulted in his downfall and destruction.

How Does NUMEROLOGY impact on your LIFE?

If by study of the numbers and letters, (proper ancient studies in numerology) we find that laws of nature affect our lives knowingly or unknowingly.

For instance, if we can increase the power of our number by constantly repeating it and making the use of that number in each and every action, we can absorb the cosmic energy and benefit from that energy , thereby adding that energy to our personality.

Numerology can improve our lives and profession by increasing the vibration force of our personality and reducing the intensity of our difficulties and obstructions.

Case Studies in Name Numerology

Let me take you to the Indian Subcontinent to narrate one story from Great numerologist Shri.K Katakkar ji ‘s own words – “A few year ago a businessman into manufacturing electronic goods approached me and told me that he was trying to collaborate with another big industry but somehow the actual documentation was getting postponed and the contract was not getting finalized.

After working on his birth date and name, I suggested him to make a small change in his name by adding one more “a” in his name in order to get quick desired results.

I suggested to him he should go on writing his name with the new addition at least 20-30 thousand times. He could do so by writing on a piece of paper for 30 minutes every single day.

Surprisingly enough, his long awaited contract was finalized within three weeks.

On another occasion, a relative of mine had complained about her 2 year old daughter, who was extremely short tempered and would cry for hours together.

The daughter’s behavior posed a problem for the parents and they focused all their attention on the child.

I studied the birth name and name of her daughter and found out that there was a disparity in the name vibrations created by her date of birth and the name.

I suggested her to change her name and repeated it at least 30-40 thousand times. After 5 weeks, there was a remarkable change in the child’s temper, and she showed considerable improvement in her behavior. 

The Name Numerology is the study of psycho-analysis and by in-depth study, we are able to understand ourselves as well as others in a better way.

People do come to me to change their name or alter their name to get better fortune and when I asked them to write only 15,000 times in whole year, (whereas traditional numerology demands to write minimum 30-40,000 times) to get the desired results, the client said we are living in tech era and we don’t have the time to write for 15 minutes also.

This lethargic attitude of people does not give results because numerology science also works on action (karmas) and if you don’t act upon energies, you won’t get the desired results.

Merely changing names on whatsapp, social media accounts does not yield the outcomes, hence my experience in name numerology shows that sometimes a radical change in life can take place, then an ordinary life can have a turning point and an ordinary person can reach great heights in his/her life.

Let me know if this article on name numerology gives you deeper insight.

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Nirav Hiingu