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What is Chaldean Numerology

The Chaldean Numerology is the oldest system in Science of Numbers discovered by Hebrews who were said to reside in ancient Babylon. 

This community was people with the highest knowledge of occult science who firmly believed in the system of cosmos and mystical energy.

Chaldean was the first who started researching Names and Numbers and found some surprising results in Letters and Numbers. 

They assigned a few numbers to each letter (except No.9 as it is considered the soul and infinite) as every letter and digit emits sound energy as this science is based on sound energy.

Chaldean Chart V/s Pythagoras Chart

There is a vast difference of opinion between these two schools of thoughts. The First School of thoughts says that all the numbers emit positive and negative vibes. Each vibration connects with Numbers. 

Hence they specify the Numbers in a certain group of Numbers like Number 1 – A, I, J, Q and Y in Pythagoras, the Chart is quite different as they start assigning the number in the ascending format such as Number 1 assign letter A, J and S.

One can check out the Chart of both Pythagorean and Chaldean Chart for your reference.

First Name in Chaldean Numerology 

Your First Name is also known as an Initial name known for your social persona. Your First Name is always a reflection of how other people around you or your surroundings look at you and how you present yourself in the public domain. 

It is the energy you always carry and how you project yourself and how people respond to your social life and how it affects your thought process at the subconscious level.

The First Name in Chaldean Numerology always covers the work zone, friends, neighbors, casual dates, social life and social gatherings. 

It is the area where we step out from our house for social work, shopping, going to the theatre, shooting, picnic, or moving in the public domain for travelling like in train, bus or flight or even chatting with the bartender or waiter in a restaurant or hotels. 

In this area wherein sometimes we are not able to be ourselves. It is simply we can see that we all feel somewhat vulnerable and we will always prefer not to display the sensitive part of our individual life toward society and to reveal our real personality. 

The Main Name or Initial Name as per the Chaldean Numerology is always a very protective shield which we read very lightly and we can discard very easily while the other people can wear it rigidly and then loudly remove it. 

On a final note, we can say our First Name is an introduction of energy to society with which we interact with other people with ease.

Two initial names in Chaldean Numerology

There is a question: Should one keep a complete name as First Name and Surname ( Last Name ) or Should one always keep the First Name with Middle Name and Surname. It is always preferred to keep the name initial which is getting resonate with your personality.

Now, a new question arises: should we keep 2 Initial Names?

When as a person keep 2 Initial Name in his complete then that person has a two name will have a choice usually on the subconscious level of two different name energies representing himself or herself and he or she will be able to adjust his behaviour easily for separate purposes.

On the other hand, the 2 initial names can be an unfortunate indicator also added to represent the dual character or two distinct personalities that can come out in a different situation or emotions.

For example, a person having 2 names, in the beginning, can be the best person in the world, but while the human enjoys a lovely meal at a restaurant, suddenly s/he will behave in a weird manner and all of a sudden your meeting or casual gathering may go into vain. 

This two name person may suddenly display his different energy and embarrass you under the table or s/he may abuse you in front of other people in the public domain or even in the home. 

Such an unexpected behaviour out of their character can be easily recognised and hence it is not a preferred choice to keep two names in initial. 

However, most of the individuals have only the first initial name and even if you have the two initial names this will give you a more complex and weird personality. 

So if you are uncomfortable with one of your names, trust your gut feeling and drop the use of the second initially when you feel it’s negative energy for you. 

In a nutshell, I will say the double initial name is just a reflection of your social and personal energy, as if what you mean to people and how you like to appear in front of the public domain.

PS: Mostly, these 2 Name Initials are seen in European Countries but in Asian Countries, only One name initial is kept. Of Course, the pet name in Indian states always prevail but we have to see which name s/he is often to be called? By Pet Name or by Main Initial Name.

Middle Name in Chaldean Numerology

It is also known as an inner soul or inner energy. As I have mentioned, Your middle name is one of the most important energies for analyzing in the name Numerology or for the entire analysis, because it reveals the truth about your inner soul. 

It also depicts your hidden talent, your skill, a real motivation, desire, and the level your soul wants to reach. 

Very often it will also say the deep message from the divine energy, it will explain certain feelings or you can simply tell the problem of the person which he or she was not aware of.

Sometimes the ‘Middle Name’ can provide invaluable validation by confirming the directions needed for the individual.

There is always a struggle between human emotion and logic and it is always believed that the name analysis in Chaldean numerology can assure that indeed, we are pure souls hence we want to get attuned to the human experience but we are not a perfect human being so we need to escape a negative element and the weakness which is lying inside is an important part of the lesson of our lives. 

There is a large part of Chaldean Numerology to accept the lesson provided to us as Name Numerology that is connected with our past life and its Karma.

One can View the complete Tutorial On Name Numerology and Past life Karma

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Two Middle Names in Chaldean Numerology

Like the First Name, the middle Name can also sometimes consist of two names or two energies that indicate the presence of two or more separate energies and think about this energy presence as to how it will react as the middle Name, represents your inner soul 

Therefore this indicates the presence of two different entities or energies or direction in a deep psyche. 

But when we look at the individual level, we can see that the more the middle Name, the person confessed the more the person becomes confused and, because of this confusing state, he is unable to grow in his life and sometimes, on the contrary, the energy getting conflicted within.

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Therefore it is not advisable to keep the two middle names as per the Chaldean Numerology in the complete name, on the other hand, the two inner energies can contact. In which either case, dropping one or the other Name can be helpful for the smooth functioning of our lives.

Absence of Middle Name in Complete Name

The absence of a middle name can sometimes prove to be beneficial according to the Western Chaldean Numerology because it means you are very upfront as to who you are and what you see in society and your inside and outside of the world.

A very clear and straightforward person probably doesn’t like to put the middle name in their complete name. This will also reveal your true nature shining. 

But Indian scholars and also according to Indian Numerology and Graphological Perspective, Middle Name represents Father Figure and its Energies hence the western concept of absence of middle name gives benefits to individuals does seem to be logical and beneficial to any individual.

Hence, the absence of a middle name may bring a few setbacks in life. Such a person may seem to be slow at execution.

The people who write only the first and the last name tend to say I want my own identity and do not want to take help from the individual.

Last Name in Chaldean Numerology

Your last name in chaldean numerology gives domestic influence, your last name is related to the domestic history of the family or the male energy.

The Chaldean Numerology says that the last name is the foundation building rock for you. It will influence professional life and it would also create a strong belief system. 

These are the energies already built in your life when you were born on this planet earth. 

If your last name is your married surname and this is applicable for the girls or the woman who changes her name after marriage especially in Asian countries like India where after marriage the girl has to change surname and in a few cases we can see the lady also has to change her initial name immediately after her marriage.

I have seen there are lot of changes happen in girls after marriage ( both in the change of name and surname) therefore it is advisable to change the name with proper advice taken by practising numerologist.

Two Surname Names in Chaldean Numerology

There is a trend going on in the Asian Countries wherein after following few celebrities keep their two surnames in their names as Aishwarya Rai Bachan or Kajal Vaidya Oza. 

But in my clinical practice in Chaldean Numerology and Graphology, I have seen lots of fallout of the 2 Surnames in women. It seems there are always dilemmas (on a subconscious level) and are in a big conflict as to whom to follow, the customs and rituals of the mother family or husband family. 

This inner conflict affects her family life and further, few cases may lead to separation (either mutual or legal ).

Hence, it is not advisable to keep 2 Surname in your complete name. You may disagree with me but the fact remains the same that 2 Names at the ending of a Name always leads to Confusion and disputes in the Relationship. Therefore it is not advisable to keep 2 Surnames.

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