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Is Your Name Favourable to Your City ?

Name Numerology and City : There are times when you keep hustling and struggling to achieve the success you desire in your mind, but at the end movement the success does not meet you after the extreme hard work. We keep on thinking as where are we heading? Does my skills and experiences match to my current job and business? 

Does my Expertise get that value and accreditation to my Job . There are end numbers of questions that arise when we do not get the desired result in our industry/niche we are working for a long period of time.

Numerology says that your name always carries sound vibrations which can be either positive or negative or neutral in energy science.Kindly , look at the Name Numerology Chart of Chaldean System.

Find Lucky City by Name Numerology

For instance- Mr. Raj Shah whose Date of Birth is 19 th Feb 1990 = 19+2+19 ( year) = comes to 40 which is here known as 4 as Destiny Number.

Name numerology comes to Raj ( 4 ) and Shah ( 14 ) adding to this number 4+14 comes to 18 which is said to be the number of conflict between spiritualism and materialism. It is the symbol of war, strife and bad judgement in numerology.

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Hence,this is not a good number according to Chaldean System.

Now, take Mumbai City Name Numerology Calculations which says- Mumbai those Name Vibration comes to 18 – which is also having the same vibration although the reading of the 18 is quite Negative number hence MUMBAI has seen lots of Ups and Down since its inception from BOMBAY to MUMBAI.

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In the above case the Name Vowel of the City- MUMBAI does not get matched to those of Mr.Raj Shah hence, the opportunities of the growth and development for Raj is quite less.

Opportunity for Growth and Development for the City you decide if the following calculations are get fitted according to the Chaldean Numerology System.

  1.  If the name numerology of your city has the same Vibrations as your Date of Birth.
  2.  Sum total of the vowels in your name of the city is matching with the vowels in your name.
  1. You can have a good chance for growth for a business or  for a job prospect if the person has the same expression number which is matching to the name numerology of your city.
  1. If the city name vibration is matching to your destiny number.

Numerology not only helps to sort out the best name of the city for the growth and opportunity but it also helps to know which area and to which reason one can start the business to grasp the opportunity.

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It is said in numerology that we want to live in the town,then your name total have the same vibration which is matching to your date of month or destiny number which is according to the principles of Kabbalah system.

Why should we match the Name of the city with the Vowels of our Name?

Vowels of the name of the city, of the name of the community or the reason are said to be the Representation of the collective Mind of the society Or the Community Or Area/Region residing in that space.

The Consonants in the city name represent the people ‘s mindset ( city/state people’s thought pattern) or the impact it makes on the people residing in those spaces.

What If my Name Vowel Does not Match to the City Vowels?

If your Name Vowel Do not match with the Vowel of the City then it will create disturbances and struggle for people living in those spaces, hence it is always advisable to be in those cities or states which match your persona.

But in the case, it is not matching either giving you any chance or opportunities for growth, then one can create a Signature which is matching with the Name Vibrations Or Vowel of the City to get harmony with the People of the City /Space.

However, it takes time to adopt the new signature which matches not only with the Space of the City’s Vowel but also it should match and sync with your own personality.

One should always consult the Clinical Graphologist who is also known as a “Handwriting Expert or Signature Analyst” who has worked on this Science of Letters and Numbers and knows how to match the Name Vibrations of Your Name to the Vowel of the City/Space you want to reside in.

Here, make a note, it is not easy to change the Signature very often, As many people come to me to check and copy the Signature of the People they get influence, because every individual has its own uniqueness therefore it is advisable , not to try to copy or get influence signature , as Signature Science says that “One can’t copy or match another person – Signature” nor Its Name Numerology.

Change in Signature and Legal Cause

Also, one should change the Name of Vowel and Signature Only after Consultation of the Signature Expert and Lawyers , because if you want to reside forever in that City, because this method also take a long time in business to reflect your personality and sound vibration and also there are many legal affairs and hazzles specially in changing Signature in KYC Document like Passport, Aadhar Card ( in INDIA ) , Election Voter ID, Bank Statement , Bank Passbook, Cheque Book, Driving License etc.

Again, for the Government Servant and Sales Marketing Professional those job profile compile them to change the work place as per the instructions and requirement of the job and company’s policy, hence for those people, it is quite tough to change the signature or even to consider the city vibration as they have no control in such situations.

In such circumstances, it is better to consult a Practicing Numerologist who has a good knowledge of Graphology and Signature Science and who can help you in giving the remedies which get match with the name numerology principles and create a positive sound energy in your personality.

Let me know, how do you find this blog on Name Numerology and Favorable City?


Nirav Hiingu