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Rashi Falnama: Best Future telling tool

Indian astrology is based on 12 zodiac signs and nine planetary systems which are rare to be one of the oldest systems of the future-telling tools in the Eastern countries. Astrology consists of multiple modalities, such as numerology, astrology, face reading, Hanuman Jyotish, etc.

The above-mentioned modalities are very deep subjects to study and it takes around 3 to 5 years to study each modality in detail. The Indian Rishis & Astrologers were smart enough to know about the human capacity to learn the above subject, therefore, they also invented Falnama’ in Indian Astrology which helps the human to get the instant answer to their queries.

In the previous blog, I have already mentioned Ruhi falnama and American falnama, which help the human to get the instant answer regarding the top questions or taking the decision such as marriage travel studies partnership ailments, etc.

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Today, I will be explaining to you about the Rashi Falnama which was invented by Indian astrologers, three to four thousand years ago. as the word itself explains that this Falnama is based on the 12 zodiac signs which is known as 12 Rashi based on the moon sign.

How to Use Rashi Falnama: राशि फलनामा  

The procedure to get an instant answer through this Rashi Falnama is:

  1. Take a bath and wear clean and fresh clothes.
  2. Close your eyes and pray to your Deity.
  3. While chanting /praying, put your middle finger on the given chart (any part of the chart).
  4. Now, look at the Rashi (zodiac sign), your middle finger has touched.
  5. Note the reading given in the prediction chart.

Say, for example, Mr Raj Shah asks me, Nirav, what will be my future month’s readings?

I will lay down the chart and after praying the Almighty, I will put down my middle finger with a closed eye on Rashi Falnama, my middle finger touches Dhanu Rashi धनु राशि on the chart.

Let’s read the prediction of Dhanu Rashi धनु राशि on the chart. It shows that “Sooner you will get rid of your long-standing chronic ailment. You will get connected and associated with higher authority in the Government and will meet CEO level people in your social connection. All your wishes will get fulfilled.

Below are the readings for the 12 Zodiac Signs in Rashi Falnama:

Mesh Rashi मेष राशि : 

You are feeling restlessness, the mind is not stable. Your body temperature is also high. All your work is not getting done as per your will, hence you feel low and think that your luck/fortune is not in your favour. Do not worry, this tough time will pass on. You need to show bravery and lots of patience and keep faith in the almighty. Soon, you will get rewarded for your good deeds.

Vrushabh Rashi वृषभ राशि 

You will come out of depression and negative thoughts. Whatever the losses you have incurred till date will get the compensation by the mother nature. If any of your near and dear ones, relative or employee has left you,s/he will come back in sometime. You will get benefited with Agricultural work.

Mithun Rashi मिथुन राशि 

Pending work will get cleared in a short time as per your requirement and will. You are dreaming of something BIG. The dream you are visualizing will get manifested in the near future. Your fortune will glitter like a bright star in cosmos. You will feel joy and abundance.

Kark Rashi कर्क राशि 

You will shine like a star in your industry and there will be an increase in your name and fame. You will get money all of sudden, in an unexpected manner or from an unknown source. You will get blessed with a baby. If you haven’t married till date then there is a high probability of your marriage this year.

Singha Rashi सिंह राशि 

You have to give up hope and become a pessimist. Do not dwell in negative thoughts, since the environment is not familiar to you, that does not mean you will keep facing failures. Keep hustling, sooner you will get a reward for the same.

Kanya Rashi कन्या राशि 

You are definitely suffering from some ailments. Do not worry as to how I will cope up with this situation. Soon you will get faster recovery from the ailment you are suffering with. In the next few days/ months, you will meet some monks/saints who will bless you with lots of positive vibes and wishes which will fulfill your inner desire.

Tula Rashi तुला राशि 

You will get a rise in your post and salary if you are in the job sector. You will get enough business opportunities and generate revenue in your project. You will win over your rivals. Sooner, you will have to go for a business trip and will get benefited from this trip. You will also get blessed with Baby Boy. All wishes will get fulfilled.

Vrischika Rashi वृश्चिक राशि 

Right now, the time is not good for undertaking new projects. Your stars are not in a good position in the Astro chart hence you may feel extreme stress and severe mental pressure. The mind is not in a stable state to take any decision. You need to relax and wait for the right time to take appropriate actions. Pray to Almighty to give you the strength to overcome this situation and also look for help who are in connection with you and are in higher authority. The unexpected help will come to rescue you.

Dhanu Rashi धनु राशि

Sooner you will get rids of your long-standing chronic ailment. You will get connected and associated with higher authority in the government and will meet CEO level people in your social connection. You all require wishes to get fulfilled.

Makar Rashi मकर राशि 

You are having a lot of overconfidence in self and trust with your well-wisher. There are high chances that those well-wishers and friends on whom you trust may deceive you in a short course of time. Be careful and do not sign on any legal document with blind faith. Have faith in the Almighty. Things will be under your control soon.

Kumbh Rashi कुम्भ राशि 

You urgently need money for your survival such as food and house. You are in a big mental stress as to how I will survive in the coming months? One man whose structure is bulky and with wheatish complexion, may seem to you as a friend and well-wisher, he may deceive you in a short course of time. Be careful while doing any financial transaction with such people.

Meen Rashi मीन राशि 

There are lots of hunches and signs are prevailing in the cosmos that you will get lots of name and fame. Your fame will rise so high that rivals and friends may feel jealous of your growth. Your enemies who are jealous of your work will appreciate you and will compromise on your terms and conditions. These further increase your name and fame in society. Keep helping the poor and needy farmers by donating food and requiring material to them. Also, serve to the monks and saints to get their blessing.

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Nirav Hiingu