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Ruhi Falnama for Receiving the Divine Message

In my previous blog on ‘American Falnama’, I had described, What is Falnama? How does it work? Today, I will be writing on ‘Ruhu Falnama’ which was again invented by one of the most eminent astrologers in India named Hakim ji.

He had invented this amazing tool by which one can get accurate prediction in any type of question of this universe.

Ruhi Falnama: The Divine Blessings

The procedure to get an instant answer through this Falnama is:

  1. Close your eyes and pray to your Deity.
  2. While chanting /praying, put your index finger on the given chart (any part of the chart).
  3. Now, look at the number your index finger has touched.
  4. Note the reading given in the prediction chart.

Say, for example, Ms.Hina Mistry asks me, Nirav, will I get my own apartment this year?

I will lay down the chart and after praying the Almighty, I will put down my index finger with a closed eye on Ruhi Falnama, my index finger touches number “87 -Suwadh” on the chart.

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Let’s read, the prediction of Number 87, it shows that “Start working on Dream Project, you are near to your goal, you will definitely get the desired result.”

According to this prediction/reading, Ms.Hina Mistry should give whole efforts toward building her house then only she will get her to wish fulfilled and not merely relying on faith or luck.

Ruhi Falnama: Tapping Into Divine Guidance

Below are the readings for the above-mentioned queries in Ruhi Falnama:

ये ६ – Your efforts are moving toward the goal, definitely you will complete the work in the stipulated period of time.

काफ ५६ – Your Enemies will defeated. You will win this project, but brave to put your point without any fear. Take a calculated risk.

ऐन ६८ –  Better take a step back , the time will not favor you. There is a big chance of getting backbite or deceit by relatives/friends.

सुवाद ८७ – Start working on Dream Project ,you are near to your goal, you will definitely get the desired result.

काफ १९ – There seem lots of hurdles on your upcoming project/work. Be patience, you need to take a rest and planning for long term goals.

ज्वाद ५१ – It is an auspicious time to implement those pending work, the star and time are in your favor, better start executing the work, you shall achieve the desired goal. Do not doubt, the person you feel is not suspicious, it is your own friend.

मीम २४ – The present time is very very crucial, it is better to postpone the work. Restart the work after some time, it will get completed on time, you will get benefitted.

छोटा है ३ – The success rate is very low but you will get benefited from the work you have acquired.

बड़ा है २ – You are suffering from severe ailments. A better look at your health and diet. If you take care during this time, the karma will get gives you fruitful results.

Hope you use this ‘Falnama’ wisely, be proactive and get benefitted in decision-making.

Let me know how you find this blog on ‘Ruhi Falnama’?


Nirav Hiingu