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What is the Baby Gender Prediction Method?

Predict Baby Gender Calculator : Of course, a parent’s desire to know the gender of future children is universal. Perhaps you’re wondering about the gender of your baby and the best month to conceive.

Although we know a few methods for predicting the gender of an impending baby, there are many more like graphology, Swar Vigyan (the science of breathing), intuition, Astrology, Nimit gyan, the science of symbolism and events known as Shakun-Apshakun etc. to name a few.

This blog is for someone who does not know occult science or does s/he have an Astrologer/Numerologist or Guide to assist in finding how to predict a baby’s gender through different modalities.

For Baby gender prediction, there are other simplest methods like the weight of pregnant women, how they feel heavy while walking on the ground, and whether they feel heaviness on the left or right side of their body also predict baby gender.

Again, a Disclaimer that one should not utilize this method or other baby gender prediction methods with any malicious intention as in Asiatic Nations, especially in India, both in urban and rural areas where family members still always prefer baby boys over baby girls.

Although the Ultrasound method is the most accurate method of knowing a baby’s gender, it is a heinous crime to kill any baby in the womb. Such couples who perform such a crime/karma, remain childless in their next birth throughout the life due to previous life actions.

Woman’s Conceiving Age Method or Baby Gender Prediction

To Predict a Baby’s Gender in 2 minutes only by Numerology, the most simple and sober method, one can understand whether it is a girl or boy in the womb. I will be using the ‘Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart’ that is known to be perfect in baby gender prediction. Refer to the Chart.

Let’s dive into the backstory of predicting baby gender by Chinese chart.

Approximately 700 years ago, a Chinese scientist unearthed this map from the Royal Tombs near Beijing, China. Using this chart as a guide, you may decide when you want a boy or a girl.

The woman’s age ranges from 18 to 45 in the horizontal columns. In contrast, the vertical columns show the months of conception or the beginning of the pregnancy.

X indicates a male and 0 indicates a female. For example, a woman will conceive a female baby if she is 27 years old, as the depicted age is 27 in January, as per the chart. 

The Beijing Institute of Science houses the original version of this graphic. Thousands of people have verified the chart’s accuracy, which is thought to be 90% accurate.

You may easily confirm this by adding up the months of your children’s conception and the mother’s age throughout that period.

Let me know how you find this Method to Predict a Baby’s Gender from Numerology.

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