Master Secrets of Psychic Number-2

Psychic Number Number-2: It is considered as The MIND in Indian Astrology, hence people born on Date of 2, 11,20 and 29   come under the influence of The Planet Moon hence said to have Soul Urge Number-2.

The main characteristics of this Psychic Number-2 are softness, humbleness, calm and vivid imagination, moreover, people who are more into daydreaming, then they are having more of moon characteristics, these people are extremely sensitive in nature. they are unable to take firm decisions because the Moon has air element are mobile in nature. such people always have fluctuating moods and indecisive most of the times.

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These people have a good command over languages and written communication and so they are very creative as far as mental imagery and linguistic skills go, because of the moon influence. These people hence are good writers, novelists or Poets.

These people have lots of attachment toward their family and children and will do anything for them under the attachment of love and affection. The NUMBER assigned to this planet is TWO.

Key Pointers to Planet Psychic Number-2 :

Get emotional faster hence they are used by people and situation in life.
Being more emotional and sensitive, they also have fear of the unknown origin; hence less of stability in their personal and professional lives.

Special features of these Numerology Number 2 are that they are more attached either to their Biological Mothers or Mother figure.

They like nature and its related elements like art, handicrafts, cinema, poetry, painting etc hence they are good even in fields where there is a need for creativity and imagination as mentioned above.

They do like to travel a lot and like to explore different places, people, and culture, hence many wildlife photographers, marketing personnel, travel bloggers who are frequently having the need to travel are likely to be influenced by this planet.

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Moreover in Palmistry, one can see the Mount of Moon having nicely developed with certain good signs in a figure.
They also have the lesser interest in studies hence many moon planet people are seen less educated, but they build their career based on their own skills and expertise, also they like to earn money from an early age.
Their interest also lies in the share market, Racehorses, gambling etc.

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  • Many times these people have extramarital affairs, and they do spend lots of money over such relationships. Hence such people’s marital life is totally destroyed by their own volition owing to their decadent behavior.
  • They like to acquire unique and antique pieces and seen having more interest in Agro-based products.
  • They do get support from their family, but still, they always feel they are not supported by their family.
  • Being very calm but suspicious in nature, such people also have an inclination towards Mantra, Tantra, and related occult science studies.
  • Also, it has been noticed; that these people do a lot of hard work to achieve their desired goal and especially when it is for name and fame they will go to any height to get their desired result.

LUCKY NUMBER : 2,11,20 and 29

LUCKY DAY: Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday

LUCKY MONTH: October, March, April

LUCKY GEM: Pearl/Moti


Physical Structure: They are fair and have oval or round shaped face.

Ailment: People with Psychic Number 2 are generally seen suffering from an ailment of Sinusitis, Cough, Cold and such Respiratory ailments.

Note: These people should worship Lord MOON by chanting it’s 1 or 5 mala daily to get a blessing and to avoid unnecessary hassle and obstacles in life OR can keep Fasting on Monday.

CHANDRA MANTRA:  “Om Shreem Kreem Cham Chandray Namah”.

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