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5 Reasons Why some people fail and others succeed

5 Reasons Why some people fail and others succeed
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5 Reasons why its so hard to succeed in life ?

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough

Og Mandino

We often get lethargic and tired when we work a lot, that is very obvious but there are a few people who work very little and get tired faster.

Why is it so? There are people who are extremely knowledgeable but are unable to utilize their own skills and waste their talent by working under lazy 9 to 5 jobs and blame their parents and circumstances hence they are unable to succeed in every sphere of life.

We all come across many people who say: Why do some people have to work so hard in life while others effortlessly succeed?

Why Is It So Hard To Succeed?

Success is not defined only by money and wealth we acquire. For many people, success means healthy lifestyle, for few people, success means satisfaction at a job and for few people, success means luxurious lifestyle.

With so many people vying for success and struggling hard to achieve their goal but still feel dissatisfied with their current circumstances all the time.

Is success an Iceberg?

But have you ever checked with yourself as to why you are not able to utilize your skills? Most of the times people believe they are not that worthy as it should be and just live their life claiming everything is pre-destined. In India, it is called as Bhagyavadi –a Pessimist who believes we have to live the life according to the GOD or Destiny.

And this belief system is created by none other than you, your parents and surroundings that makes you believe that you are born in such situation and you should live a life as it is. Hence such people are unable to succeed in their life.

What is a Belief System?

When certain cultural or personal habits influence the person in one or two ways, it further modifies the human nature and creates a strong perception known as Belief.

The belief system ( a Negative belief ) does not create opportunities and even if it does, the person is unable to grasp that opportunities hence get failures in life. Here the Handwriting Science works wonderfully and gives you deeper insight into the root cause of this disease known as Pessimism.

I have met many people in my Handwriting Consultation stating that “I am unable to utilize my skills and feel lazy and bored with the job. By analyzing their handwriting samples I got to know that one letter is making a major impact in every such person ( mentioned above ). It is seen clearly in Letter a.

What does Letter A stand for?

In Graphology: Letter A stand for self, Family, Ego, Success and Self Esteem. The people who write properly letter A  throughout their handwriting ( unconsciously) excel better in their career, relationship and succeed in the life.

Letter a is the person himself who wants to live with self. Hence we can find an oval-shaped letter formation with space inside as a hollow. This emptiness can be defined as a person himself which depict person’s lifestyle, habits, and growth of the human.

Why does a person being skillful is unable to succeed in life?

This question often comes to me as to why such a situation happens. When I look upon handwriting samples of such people, many unseen answers pop up and reveal the internal mindset of these individuals.

I have seen a letter “a” with stretch a formation with a person highly skillful but unable to complete the task which makes him/her demotivated hence unable to achieve the goal of life. There are other letters as well with this letter which create lethargy feeling in a person at the time of work.

Why Are People with Stretch A unable to complete work?

People with such formation have a habit to procrastinate lots hence they keep avoiding the reality of life and situations. As a Graphologist, we have seen they lack the actions and goals in their life. Their early childhood the father figure ( whether biological father/Foster Father ) always scold them and fill negative thoughts that they are not capable of doing things.

Example: We often see many parents say to their child: “You’re an idiot”, You are dumb, You can’t handle this situation, your Job, etc..Such negative affirmations get stuck up in the subconscious mind of the child which reflects later when they grow up, they are unable to execute the ideas and lack self-confidence. This also gives birth to fears of: am I gonna fail in life?

This also gives an outcome in form of an ailment known as Obesity which is a big topic hence I won’t talk much on obesity. If time persists I would like to write the blog on Obesity and Graphology in future.

“A man can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work. This too, I see, is from the hand of GOD.”

Solomon in ecclesiastes 2:24

Apart from the Letter a, combination and fermentation of letters which gives a proper reading – the other letter to be considered while analyzing is Capital letter –I: which we Graphologists call PPI.  “I ” gets deformed hence person starts avoiding people and circumstances, slowly and steadily he or she is unable to complete the works on time making their Job or Business suffer.

Does change the letter A gives me faster growth?

This question is also asked many times in my consultation. I will say: Yes, you can and will make large changes in your life but along with the changes in the letter ( which is known as Grapho-Therapy), the person needs to have the positive mindset and take appropriate action and therapy given by Experienced Handwriting Analyst.

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Nirav Hiingu


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