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What is Color And How Is It Affecting our business growth ?

What is Color And How Is It Affecting our business growth ?

9 Biggest Facts About Color Psychology

Color is derived from the stimulation of Cone cell in human eye by electromagnetic radiation in a spectrum of light.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, this word comes to us from the Latin word color-em, which was inherited by old French.

Color or Colour – Which is Correct ?

  • When choosing between color and colour, keep in mind that both spellings are correct.
  • The shorter one, color, is the preferred spelling in the United States.
  • The rest of the English-speaking world uses the longer form, colour.

The science of color is called as Chromatics, Colorimetry or simple Color Science.The Primary Colors are Yellow, Red and Blue are at the top of any color structure. This primary color is the parent of all generation of colors.

There are also other important colors Violet, Indigo,Green, Orange & Red, together with this colors known as VIBGYOR which represent color as Violet- Indigo-Green-Yellow-Orange and Red Color.

In Astrology this 7 color are given utmost important as 9 planets. Every individual is attracted or having the liking towards certain color/color combination. Human attitude gets reflected or known by its choice of color it chooses in its daily lifestyle says Grooming, selecting pen ink, car color, mobile etc.

Also, we attract those universal vibration whenever we wear or utilize those color /color combination, for instance, we used a logo on our v-card, letterhead, pen, envelopes, embossing the design on bags, t-shirts, mug ( for promotion ) of our product/services.

Hence in the conscious/unconscious way we make those energies work for us in our life. I won’t go into detail regarding how color combination work Or History of Color or its therapy rather I will be focusing on Color and 9 planets and its effect on human behavior.

In astrology we have 9 planet says Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, actually in practical aspect there are only 7 planets in Universe. Rahu and Ketu are considered as Chaya Graha –Shadow planet in indian astrology.

Now, these 9 planets have the tremendous effect on planet earth and its living being.

Measuring Unit: Unlike another unit to measure say kilogram, meter, ML color and its Vibrations are measured with a specific unit which is termed as ARMSTRONG Unit – AMU. Each planet has its own vibration and throws its force on the universe and connecting planet, Earth as has a maximum existence of living species thus has more effect of this planetary system.

Eg . Sun has its Amu Unit of 7100 which is highest and can be felt at 12 noon on earth – normal human can’t bear this energy level of Sun, same sun AMU will be 4100 in the early morning which will feel very soothing and calmness to human. Color also carries with wavelength.






700-635 nm


635-590 nm


590 -560 nm




560 -520 nm
Cyan 520 -490 nm




490 -450 nm




450 -400 nm


Colour – Violet, Indigo, and Blue has AMU of 4100 – 6100 Armstrong Unit. Similarly Green has 6300 Amu which is equivalent to Human Body – which is tolerable to a human body. Red has maximum AMU of 7100 that is same of Sunrays of Sun of 12 noon – known as Infra Rays.

Now let go to individual color to analyze its effect, utility, and its Pro & Cons.

Indigo: It is a color of Intuition and psychic power. It is connected to Pituitary gland of our body hence its govern and associate with youth, charms, puberty in youngsters.

In 7 chakras it is connected with 3rd Eye –Lord Shiva eye./Ajna Chakra also, it has been connected with Pituitary gland it is also said to be giving good memory, sharpness to brain and decision making.

Chakras: Ajya/3rd Eye

Emotions: Stimulate right brain and activity. Fanaticism,addiction,religious.

Marketing: Used in spiritual and religious products, as often people who loves this color are spiritual and religious in mind.

Structure creates identity and meaning for indigo. In fact an indigo person cannot function without structure – it throws them right off balance.

Companies: Indigo Airlines.

Usage: Increase sentiment of love and emotions, Intuition and Sharp memory.

Violet: It is color said to be Spiritual Zone as it is associated with Crown Chakra in Satchakras, Here organs associated are Spleen and Lymphatic system.Thus it helps in soothing and calm down the mind and relax the muscles and nervous system.It is also said the color of emotions.

Chakra: Shahastra/Crown

Emotions: Modesty,deepness,fantasy.

Marketing: Corporate used Violet as color of modesty .

Companies: Viber,Taco Bell,Cadbury.

Usage: Meditation and for contacting extra-terrestrial beings, ghosts, and divine spirits.

Purple: It is a color which combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Purple is associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdom, royalty,dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.

Purple, unlike violet, is not one of the colors of the visible spectrum. It was not one of the colors of the rainbow identified by Isaac Newton, and it does not have its own wavelength of light. For this reason, it is called a non-spectral color. It exists in culture and art, but not, in the same way that violet does, in optics. It is simply a combination, in various proportions, of two primary colors, red and blue.

Emotions: Wisdom & Success/Happiness

Marketing: Often used by Marketer in beauty or anti-ageing products. It also represent creative and wise brand.

Companies: Yahoo ,Wonka,Welchs,Hallmark.

Red  : It is highly dominating, excitement and aggressive color, in astrology Mars, is connected to this color, people wearing more of Red Colour in grooming are likely to be more aggressive, energetic and highly motivated. The red color also gives boast confidence and leadership skills as Leadership is connected to Planet Mars- it is a team leader who led the team and gives energy and guidance to people. Hence people having a weakness, low energy fatigue should ideally use this color to energize themselves. Red also depict life, youth and anger and high energy level.

Even many companies used the red color combination that shows its high energy level, exponential growth, and stability, best examples are Vodafone, Airtel, Cola-cola, etc.

Chakras: Mooladhar/Root

Emotions: Strong emotions,passion,intensity,safety and physical self.

Marketing : Used by Hotelier/Restaurant to increase/stimulate appetite. Also marketer used in increasing Urgency in Clearances of Sales. Used for impulsive shopper.

Companies : Macdonald,Netflix,Virgin Mobile,Youtube ,Kelloggs,Adobe,Coke,Pintrest.

Usage: When one feels extremely low in energy level, off mood, fatigue.Even red with a combination of white color gives a good effect in the kitchen as white is considered for moon planet and mind and planet moon move faster hence women cooking in the kitchen will make food faster and tasty also.

But do take care not to used dark red in the kitchen as it will create extreme aggression in women as women are considered as Fire element in Hindu mythology and traditional Vaastu hence it is feasible to use a stint of red color with a combination of white.

One may use a shaded color of a red jar in the kitchen.

Green: This color represents intelligence, Intellectual, logical thinking, the calculation as it is connected to Planet Mercury which holds above inbuilt quality. Green color stand for Bio-energy also. Mercury is very close to Sun and because of this it creates its orbit from SUN and hence it has color and pattern of Green color in its orbit. People who prefer Green color are intelligent, analytical and always calculate the thing before giving their opinion/views. Even many Environmentalists-NGO used Green color as their logo or campaign.

Chakra: Anahat/Heart

Emotions: Constitute tranquility,stomachaches,symbolize money, unconditional love,healing & new growth.

Marketing: Used to relax in stores, associated with wealth,symbol of fertility, was once preferred color for wedding in 15th Century.

Usage: Prefer to use in children’s bedroom, as it is a need for children to utilize their skills and analytical abilities in studies. For those children who are hyperactive better used a blue color which will create patience in children.

Also useful for highly emotional people who are very often fearful of unknown origin.

Blue: It has its planetary effect of Saturn- which is said to be far away from Sun, but it is also the coolest planet in the whole universe, few people think that Moon is the coolest planet, it is scientifically proven that Saturn is the coolest planet.

As Saturn qualities motion, patience and deeper insight but also reflect slow-moving work thus people wearing this colour show the high level of patience level, flexibility, good knowledge and also work being done slowly as Saturn itself takes 7-1/2 year to complete its one cycle around the SUN.

Best example of Blue colour can be seen in Team- INDIA in 1990’s World Cup- when Cricketer Azar, Siddhu, Prabhakar were playing in Dark Blue shade, we saw very slow growth and performance in our team India but when New colour entrance of Sky Blue is seen on Indian Jersey in 2000’s we can be seen new energy and nice player – MS Dhoni, Kohli etc leading the team and won World Cup and still date we can see high level of performance and patience level in current team of INDIA.

Reliance Jio used this Blue Color as a brand of trust and reliability in Data broadband and create a sense of security in mind of indian in mobile data market.

Also, blue color denotes in mannerism, wellness, trust, responsibility, calmness, serenity and passion.

Chakras: Vissudhi/Throat

Emotions: Security, trust, curbs appetite also known as COLD WATER, preceived as Constant in human life due to Sky and Ocean been Blue, It is highly associated with Communication, truth & self-expression. Often used by Mens. Also used in offices.

Marketing: Often used in Corporate Business ,Logo because it is productive and non-invasive ,creates sense of security in mind of audience.Also used worldwide in Democratic in USA and also in Conservative parties.

Companies: Facebook,Skype,twitter,DELL,Walmart,Ford,vimeo,GE,LinkedIN,Reliance JIO

Usage: For increasing Patience level in children use blue color in children’s bedroom having hyper nature. Blue also reflect Sky Aakash Tatva – which show a deep knowledge and stable mind.

Even Sky blue /white color can be used for meditation/pooja room as it creates calmness and soothing effect on the mind.

Yellow: It is connected to Planet Jupiter ( Guru ) in astrology thus people who often used yellow color having an attitude of collecting many data and stored them.  The yellow color is associated with knowledge, wisdom , stability, friendliness, and calmness. We can see yellow color in many companies like Idea Cellular they used more of information- data before finalizing their strategy. Macdonald having the yellow color they too collect much information and work after analyzing on various parameters.

Chakras: Manipur/Solar Plexus

Emotions: Stimulation of mental and nervous system,cheerfulness,will power,self esteem,also its encourage communication.

Marketing: Used by the marketer in youthfulness,optimism,to grab attention of window shoppers and show clarity in products.services.

Companies: Nikon,National Geographic,DHL,Yellow pages,Sprint,Sun Chips,Hertz.

Usage: To create more of energy, knowledge, wisdom. Yellow/Orange can be used in Hospital to energize the patient while giving the treatment.

Yellow is the ideal color for Pooja/Meditation room and also in Living room with combination of off white color.

Orange: It is colour carrying aesthetic sense, a color of devotion and high energy and purity. We can see this color in our own National Flag as very first color which gives energy, high vibration, and patriotic feeling in every Indian. Orange color also depicts Pious and purity of heart hence in Hindus Monks we can see wearing saffron orange combination which gives them purity and a good level of energy while practicing meditation and other spiritual lessons.Orange is also connected with SUN – combination of Red and Orange.

Chakras: Swadhisthan/Sacral

Emotions: Excitement,enthusiasm,show warmth and warns of caution. Also associated with sexuality,creativity and pleasure.

Marketing: Sometime orange also signifies aggression,it create call to action : Buy,Sell & Subscribe. Also found in impulsive shoppers & represent cheerful and friendly brand.

Companies: Gulf,Blog,Crush,Fanta,Mozilla,Harley-Davison,Hooters,

Usage: In Hospital to increase the energy level in the patient of low immune, weakness. Orange can be used in person to have warmth, health, happiness and confidence level.

White:  It is connected to Planet Moon which also a cooler and calm planet closer to Earth.Few Scholar connects white color associated with Venus as it is binding color in a relationship hence we can see Diamond having white shiny color.This color has also a tremendous effect on the mind as Moon is connected to Mind and Mother ( in astrology ) we can see people who often wear white color has a stable mind and take the decision after thinking a lot. Moon is also associated with Imagination, dream, poems, writing skills, mother, mother-in-law.

Emotions: Motherhood,imagination,day dreaming

Marketing: Corporate used white color for calmness and warmth feeling for human and animals -Eg WWF in Pandas. Often used in youthful and economical and it is consider as neutral color.

Companies: Swarovski,WWF,Puma,Disney,Forbes

Usage: Use white color in-house in the ceiling all over the house with a little bit of sky blue and violet combination that gives the soothing effect to people residing in the house. Can be used on the wall of study table of children’s room and also a combination of green and white especially when the child is fearful, unable to takes its own decision and has a weaker mindset.

Pink: Pink is a combination colour of white and red hence red gives vibes of high energy and whites gives a soothing and cool mindset. In philosophy and in Graphology and Drawing analysis pink colour is considered as Color of Love, hence advisable to keep light pink color or Peech ( orange + white ) color in the bedroom, also for those children having timid nature and has a weak relationship with parents advisable to use light pink color in their bedroom.

Emotions: Love and togetherness, Intuitive.

Marketing:  Used in childcare and feminine products.

Companies: Barbie,Cosmopolitan,Victoria’s Secret,

Brown:  Color is associate with Planet Rahu also known as Dragon Head hence we should avoid this color in our lifestyle, Rahu is said to be an Evil planet on Universe hence it quality seen are greediness, money, power, bribery, earn money through unethical mean etc.

Emotions: Rugged,Masculine and serious ,Greediness.

Marketing: Often it is used by marketer to stand out of the competition.Brown is very under utilized color.

Companies: Often many companies who keep brown color in logo show faster growth at initial stage but later show drip in growth of organization- Example UPS,Hershey, m&m,Royal Enfield,Mr.Brown.

Smoky: Color having a combination of smoke is said to be of Ketu planet – also known as Dragon Tail which is again said to be an Evil planet, hence avoid such color/color combination in your life. This hazy smoky color gives illness, a dispute in a relationship and create a difference of thoughts.

Black: It is a color which is said to absorbing color and astrologists also believe that black color associated with Saturn as many Hindu Mythology says to offer black color things says black shoe, clothes, umbrella , etc to Lord Shanidev who has been said ( Demigod ) Judge of the universe.

Black is a color of giving and throwing of thing/knowledge hence we can connect it with our school board where our teacher give knowledge to students. Also, our Galaxy is having Black Color. The black color is used to break the Negativity.It is to be noted that black color is used by Hindu color of breaking negative thought by putting black color kajal on child forehead/ear to prevent him/her from evil thought and sight of jealous.

It is also said a color of sophistication, sharpness, power, authority, and elegance by Image Consultant.

It is been said in Astrology that those having black hair naturally these people has a higher influence of Saturn planet thus such people are of strong will and remind under strict rules and regulations only.

Emotions: Slick,luxury,logic,judgmental mind and luxury.

Marketing:  Often used as mark of luxury and elegance. Corporate who are into marketing of Premium products used Black color.

Companies: Apple, AT&T,J P Morgon,Oneplus,BMW,Fossil,Nike

Grey: This color is a combination of Black and white hence gives above-mentioned traits and effects, this color is advisable only in Guest Room and that also guest room are advised to keep in North West direction of the home/plot.

Emotion: Maturity,serious and classic color.

Marketing: Used in Lifestyle products to increase brand proposition and mark of uniqueness.

Companies: Adidas,Ibony& Ivory,Samsung,Philips.

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Image Source : Prachi’s Expert Corner


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    Yellow signifies joy, smileys started yellow. Jupiter is karak for children money, husband, mo ey, dharma. Infact it is karak for nearly half the houses in a kundli.
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