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What is Graphology and How does it work?

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Graphology term is coined from greek word – Graph means writing and logy mean studies/theory, hence known as Scientific studies for Handwriting.

Is Graphology An Art or Science?

Graphology is actually a blend of Art and Science. It is Science because it measures the structure and movement of the written form namely letters, commas, strokes, slants, angles etc .accurately calculated and it is observed in magnification by Handwriting Analyst.

Graphology is also an Art because Graphologist has to keep in mind the whole context while analyzing the sample, hence analyst goes through the different technical method viz, Gestalt and Traits to achieve the higher degree of accuracy.

Nirav Hiingu

Hence we can say Handwriting is a form of 3 parts – movement, spacing, and form. Graphologist study three 3 important aspects in detail to come to the accurate reading of individual.

Root of Graphology

Handwriting Science has its root and origin in Eastern part i.e INDIA. It was first founded in Indian soil by Indian Rishi – Parashar was a researcher on Indian Language – Sanskrit which is the oldest and finest language of this Universe.

According to me, Parashar Rishi is Father of Ancient Graphology as he was the first human on earth to start studying the alphabet – DEVNAGARI Language.

He later also wrote a book on Handwriting which is known to be the 1st Book on Handwriting Science on this planet named as “GREEPHA”, which contain the details of Sanskrit alphabets – meaning of strokes, lines, pattern,  full stop, slant etc.

According to Parashar the letter written by a human is a reflection of its inner self /consciousness. In other term, words are said to be the soul of human ( Sapda is Brahma ). Hence Akshar (word ) is Brahma ( soul )

Further this research on alphabet was taken by different Indian rishi and their disciples.

This flow of knowledge was very good till Era of Mahakavi Kalidas as we can see the script of Kalidas mentioned the importance of handwriting in his script when he wrote – –“Vagartha-Viva-Sampraptho” -वागर्थ विवा सम्प्राप्तहो -mean there is the utmost importance of speech and letter and both has lots of connectivity.

But slowly this science vanished from Eastern soil especially after the era of Makakavi –Poet Kalidas. But even in those Vedic Era the science of handwriting was considered as sacred scripture– unlike Vedas and Puranas hence the scientific validation was hardly given to this amazing science.

This ideology saw a ray of hope after few centuries when in modern ages back to 3000 BC, Sumerian merchants were first to touch and codify the languages – English and they were first to understand the human emotions and characteristics from their handwriting.

When we look upon 500 BC Scholar Confucius says: “Beware of a Man those writing sways like a reed in the wind”.

Father Miko: Although many Historians and Handwriting Expert believe Michon and Dr.Klages to be the father of handwriting but if we peep into past –

According to me, French Historian/Priest, Father Miko is Father of handwriting in Western Soil. He was the 1st human who gave scientific validation to this science. He studied each and every English alphabet minutely and stated that “Handwriting is a Complete Science .”

It was the sincere efforts of this person that handwriting science was alive on this planet. Father Miko devoted his whole life to studying human behavior through handwriting.

He collected more than Lacs of Signature specimens and bifurcated it into different categories of Signature based on human behavior.

During his studies on handwriting and the human brain, he stated that in the whole of the human body only Brain is highly active, the human’s palm is just a medium to reflect human thoughts through a written script.

Miko further stated that when an individual writes a specific word in certain situation – handwriting pattern is printed on medium- Paper.

Hence whatever the situation/emotions of human namely Anger, Sorrow, Jealousy, the specific letter formation is only due to that emotion flow in the human brain at that specific time, hence he recognized Handwriting as Brain writing.

Hence he says handwriting/letter can’t  be same of any human being in this whole universe neither we cannot copy each others handwriting/letter because emotion varies from person to person.

After the death of Father Miko, the knowledge was moving on but with only limited people, later on, Dr. Prior gave handwriting analysis a status of a complete Science.

After the death of Miko, the handwriting was to combine with Human Physiology and considered as a branch of medical science,  but of minor importance.

Upliftment of Graphology

After Miko, Dr.Prior and other western scientists – Wilhelm Preyer, Dr. Ludwig Klages, Richard Harden, Edin, Telsar, Areef and many scholars started research in handwriting and because of Dr.Prior and his fellow colleagues, handwriting science started to flourish in other parts of the world like Germany, Italy, France, and Switzerland.

Later in the 17th Century – Dr.Camillo Baldi the Italian Medical Doctor and Professor at University of Bologna ( 1622 ) said to be the father of graphology in 17th Century and reintroduce the science to the world with his sincere efforts.

He wrote a book in 1622 – How to judge the Nature and the Character of a Person from his Letter “.It is from Italy that graphology has become a recognized subject in the study of human nature and identity all over the world.

The word “Graphology” was coined by  Jean Michon, a Frenchman, in the 1870s. His many years of research on handwriting analysis were first published in 1872.

In 1800 , Germany established “The German Graphology Society “. In 1920 Abby Michon established “The Graphology Society”.

Wilhelm Preyer( 1895 ), child psychologist, says writing originates in the brain, not in the fingers and that handwriting is actually brainwriting.

Dr. Ludwig Klages ( 1895 ), widely regarded as the father of modern graphology, publishes the influential ‘Handwriting and Character’.

Second World War and Germany :

In World War II – handwriting science was given less importance post the war, Germany realized the importance of handwriting hence post-war – German Govt started recruiting the staff based on the Signature which was taken on application letter written by candidates.

Hence based on Signature analysis the Recruitment of Staff was found to be 96 % correct thus the productivity at work was showing good results and slowly and steadily Germany’s economy grew faster.

Recruitment and Graphology

Initially, INDIA didn’t give any importance to Graphology but the time has changed now, Along with western countries slowly and steadily this wonderful science is getting recognition on Indian soil also. Nowadays many private firms in India select the candidates based  on their Signature and handwriting sample taken at time of 1st round of interview. This shows the importance being given to this amazing science.

Training in Handwriting

Many Trained Graphologists have started teaching handwriting analysis in India across different states. It is been taught in two parts –viz Basic and Advance level with Signature analysis as a different course. Few expert created their curriculum in 3 parts. Many experts created an another course on Drawing analysis & doodles with handwriting as it is also an important aspect of Analysis.

In Drawing analysis person is asked to draw any random image that comes to his/her mind, for instance, human, mountain, sky, cloud, birds, house etc and through this various drawing patterns the human behavior is as accurately analyzed as is with the handwriting analysis.

Further this science also now includes Colour and Logo analysis in teaching with Graphology, as Logo is the combination of Handwriting pattern and color. Hence this gives deeper studies of an individual through the blend of this 4 modalities – Drawing, Doodles, Colour, and Logo.

Let me know, how did you find the blog on Handwriting Science?


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  1. Siddharth Bhatt

    Wonderful article, provides the awareness of many hidden heroes, who safeguarded and nurtured this Eye opening and wonderful Science or Art “Graphology”

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    Very nicely written article on the history of Graphology, especially it’s original in India is not known to many of us.

    • Nirav Hingu

      Yes Vidula , origin of handwriting is rooted in India , i am glad you like the blog . I will publish more such blog on graphology.

  3. Hema Chitlangia

    Excellent Nirav!!! Quite informative and interesting to know that the origin of this science is India

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