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Be Honest, Do you have Grudges or inferiority complex?

It is in our early years, the inferiority complexes begin to develop due to the failure of meeting the expectations of parents. It is often expected too much from a child, maybe scolded and punished when s/he faces failure. Every child is expected to become a genius and perfect like XYZ which results in unhappiness, low self-esteem and inferiority complexes in her/his subconscious mind.

We should learn from our past mistakes and then take measures to avoid disappointments instead of scolding or punishing for a failure which creates a blockage in the child’s subconscious mind.  

As an adult maximum people hold the negative emotions in their life and do not release them with a thinking pattern of shame as to what people will think of them.

This behaviour pattern later turns down into various psycho-somatic and physical diseases like heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, etc in individuals due to a lack of timely intervention.

“Buddha  once said: “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

These negative emotions, the grudges are built up due to guilt and resentment which are rooted back to our childhood and develop into inferior complexes later..

What is Resentment? 

It is the discontent and anger we feel towards other people and situations as we hold on to our memories of past hurts and disappointments.

Instead of forgiving, releasing and moving on, we carry grudges and replay our perceptions of unfair events over and again in our minds. As we do this, we create barriers between us, God and others. We internalize our anger and frustration until it erupts into a boiling rage.

What is Guilt?

It is a deep-rooted or long seated negative feeling against other people, who have had bitter experiences in past relationships.

Can Guilt, Grudges, and Anger be given Up or Diverted?

There are a few major steps to avoid or break this pattern of grudges, resentment and anger.

  1. Reduce the expectation and live in real life:  We generally tend to have lots of expectations from the people who have/had helped in our bad times and later we expect faster action from these people in return. When leading or having a conversation, we tend to have an upfront expectation instead of thinking, other people will understand me and will respond as per our wish. For example, tell your Bosses/Colleague/Team, what you expect from them and give them space. Instead of guessing and waiting for a reaction, analyze their situation, listen and be more empathic in their situations. This will create a good space and a positive atmosphere.
  2. Become a good listener: We tend to speak more and listen less. Instead, in a conversation, listen more and speak less and try to understand what the people want to say from their perspective. Do not interrupt and give your opinion or judge others. 
  3. Become Optimist Person: It is seen, we give up hope when the circumstances do not favour us, later we blame the Luck or Fortune. It is not mere luck and fortune but a tendency to be positive and have an optimistic mindset. Great Leaders and Management Gurus are always high on the thought process. They not only fill their words with positive affirmation but also take necessary action without even thinking about the outcome of the action.

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How can one detect these grudges, resentment and guilt feeling?

There are various ways to know about these negative traits such as Counselling, Drawing Analysis, Face Reading, Palm Reading better known as Palmistry to name a few but there is an amazing science of handwriting which is known as graphology which helps one to know about the people’s mindset without even taking one consent for analysis of his personality.

These groups of people who are experts in reading the human mind are known as Graphologists or Handwriting Analyst. An Expert in this science will tell you the exact behavior pattern. I am listing a few traits of Handwriting in  Grudges, Guilt, resentment, and anger.

Extreme Angularity In Handwriting: This depicts Aggression. When found with heavy pressure, pastocity and other signs of temper and violence show its inner frustration to vent outside and may cover the form of hatred, Sarcasm, Grudges, and violence.

4 Easy Way to Identify Grudges, Guilt ,Resentment looking at someone's Handwriting

Clubbed D: Stand for on its stem with right tilt (with Loop) – This shows a little bit of Shrewdness and obstinacy and desire to control other people – ideally his/her own daughter/son or spouse. This combination leads to a calculated mind and cruel nature.

Heavy pressure:  It is generally seen in the writers who are in extreme stress and anxiety and having the feeling of guilt and resentment. It also indicates that a writer has a height of force and inclination to express his anger which resides inside his heart and may demonstrate it in the public domain.

4 Easy Way to Identify Grudges, Guilt ,Resentment looking at someone's Handwriting

D Claw

The claw-writer is very hard with physical self because the parent especially his father has physically abused and beaten him in his/her childhood and the feeling of being abused and insulted sink in subconscious level because he/she was beaten up by his father in front of those relatives which make the writer feel very ashamed and create a sense of guilt and resentment.

Also, the grandfather has restricted the writer to express him/herself in front of the guests and relatives. Therefore, in the long run, the writer has health issues.

The writer, therefore, punishes her/himself by working late at night on a laptop in the office or at home, may go to the Gym or for long walks or Marathon.

What are the health issues due to this Guilt and Resentment?

It is seen in my clinical practice in Handwriting Science that people having the above-mentioned traits suffer from “Dental issues such as Decaying of teeth, Root Canal and severe pain in jaws”. There are other health issues pop up due to guilt and resentment such as Heart DiseasesKnee Pain, Arthritis, Shoulder and Neck Pain which are extremely serious if one does not release those negative thoughts and holding of traits.

Why Tooth Problems Pop Up in People holding Grudges against Opposite Gender?

According to Modern Graphology, these issues come up due to disturbance in family and a person does not get food on time with proper serving. I mean to say, even a person who is serving the food holds negative thoughts then that thoughts carry forward to the next person eating that food.

Thoughts have amazing energy and they travel faster than light and other energy. Hence these writers do not get attention and good food at the time especially from female energy. This tends to create anger which bursts out in the form of disagreement and violence to the opposite gender.

It is generally seen that if the Male Energy is affected with D Claw, with heavy negative thoughts then he will definitely irritate his wife and further this may also lead to separation/divorce. Sometimes it is observed that he does not give divorce but harasses the person to fulfill his desire of venting his inner fire element (anger) on his spouse.

I have seen if the Male has the anger issue, the right side of the tooth will be affected and if the Female has such an issue then the left side of the tooth will be affected.

Let me know, how did you find this article on Guilt, Grudges, Resentment, and Anger?