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Why do people cheat & 12 Graphological traits to understand the deceit in relationship

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12 Graphological traits to understand the deceit in relationship

“If you tell the Truth, you don’t have to remember anything “ – Mark Twain.

The above quote is a real-life statement wherein we are firm about the Truth, we don’t have to manipulate the things neither we have to lie or cheat to cover up our mistakes.We all lie in our lives and many times a condition arises wherein we have no other option left except lying. But does this behavior gives any output? Do this lie or cheat help in relationship? Of course not. This always ruins the relationship and leads to loss of TRUST.

But why Do people lie or cheat or behave in such a way wherein they have to cover the Truth. Psychology says that humans lie because of several reasons, I will list those facts and the handwriting traits which depict such behavioral pattern. But I advise my reader not to take only 1 or few traits as a complete picture of deceitful behavior as we humans often make a faster judgement when it comes to Judging other people. Hence an experienced Handwriting Analyst and Psychologist knows the core reason behind such a deceitful pattern.

Why do people cheat & 12 Graphological traits to understand the deceit in relationship

Uncovered Right Margin , Illegible Signature with Wide word Spacing

Fear of Penalty : 

It is a fact that People are often scared of getting penalized in relationships or jobs. Hence if the childhood of the person had been full of extreme harshness with strict rules and regulations, then definitely such a child after few years develops either a habit of lying to cover his mistakes and avoid punishment hence it develop trait to cheat people. Such traits in Handwriting Science are seen in the right margin, which is many a time uncovered.

Why do people cheat & 12 Graphological traits to understand the deceit in relationship

Letter F

To Fulfill the Wish :

Children narrate a story probably an imaginary one to cover up their mistakes and have an in-depth desire to live that life, hence even after growing up they create vivid stories and hide their mistakes.The reason behind this complexity is that they are not happy with their current situation. Such traits are seen in lower zone letter and space which depicts the actions of an individual. You may understand this line by looking at the letter F.

Why do people cheat & 12 Graphological traits to understand the deceit in relationship

Deformity in Letter S causes High Insecurity in Subconscious Mind

Extreme Manipulation and Calculations :

People do internal calculations and manipulate the facts through figures and numbers which show their inner fear to face the situation of life. Hence, many a time while any interview they manipulate the situation to avoid the reality of life which can be caught by either Graphology or Body Language. In Handwriting Science this Manipulation and cheat traits is seen in Letter S and more of angularity in other letters.

Low Self Esteem :

Another major reason for lies is low self-esteem. People who have low self-esteem generally lie a lot as they are not confident enough about themselves. In a way, there is low self-image which can be seen in their toning of voice and also in handwriting science in a letter “t”. Detail description is given in previous blog on Suicide.

Why do people cheat & 12 Graphological traits to understand the deceit in relationship

Jealousy stroke in Letter J

Jealousy :

One of the major reasons for being deceitful in the relationship and at job/business is jealousy. This tendency develops in the human mind as he/she feels that they don’t have that efficiency and competency in their life. Hence, whenever their near and dear ones are it colleagues, friends or relatives achieve their goals, this person feel low on self-image and energy which creates a sense of incompleteness and later this create attitude to cheat with people. This is clearly visible in letter J in graphology.

Fear of Failure :

Failure is the major setback for many Indian students which prone students to take a drastic step towards ending their own life which I have explained in my previous blog on Suicide and Graphology.

Whenever a human fears failure he/she starts behaving in a way to hide their own weakness and incompetency hence this thought is seen in letter right margin in Handwriting Science.

Loss of Relationship :

Since a decade there have been lots of Separation cases between couples in Asian countries. The reality lies in losing someone which allows the brain to manipulate the situations, creating stories and following a deceiving behaviour pattern. This psychology of human mind is seen in Signature.

Why do people cheat & 12 Graphological traits to understand the deceit in relationship

Arcade seen in Handwriting Sample shown Over Protection Traits

Protect the Relationship :

Another thought few people have is that they want to protect their relationship hence they lie to their family members, friends and spouse in order to protect the person they like and create a positive perception in front of their family but they will not even think twice that the repercussion of these lies and cheating will be much higher when the truth comes out. This overprotection is seen in Graphology in Arcade formation.

To Avoid Embarrassment :

Again these people are so much insecure thoughts at the subconscious level that they feel that being truthful to others will make them hear sarcastic comments and perception from the people in open forum. Hence the complex as to what other people would think of them creates a chaos in their subconscious mind. In India, there is a famous saying for this: “Duniya Ka Sabse Bada Rog, Kya Kahenge Log”.

This fear pattern is also seen in Handwriting Science in letter c and a.

To Avoid hurting others’ sentiments :

Those who have such mindset are prone to getting other people hurt hence, they start avoiding the circumstances by being untruthful to them. Hence these people start lying and cheat to the people in a way to avoid hurting the feelings. This degree of extreme caring nature is seen in people who are pampered by their parents hence the degree of affection and attachment is very high and sometimes lead to creating extreme social anxiety. Graphologist says such people become indecisive which leads to high anxiety level which is seen in the letter i dotting.

Why do people cheat & 12 Graphological traits to understand the deceit in relationship

Back Slant : F – A Slant Writer show extreme hesitation

Fear of Fighting :

These set of people are those who hold their feelings as mentioned in the above paragraph. People are so frightful with their current circumstances that to avoid the disputes either in a relationship or at job/business they are more comfortable in lying. But this fear of fight becomes the barrier to them which gives the result in form of saying a Yes to everyone.

Therefore I as a Graphologist advise my clients to straightaway say a BIG – NO to people if they feel they do not want to perform the task. This is the major setback and big barrier in a life of people which keeps them behind and stops them from achieving success.

The traits of such personality are seen in the slant of the Handwriting. The general slant is seen as F-A slant people often feel lots of hesitation in a relationship and are unable to express their feeling hence to avoid the conflict they lie.

Why do people cheat & 12 Graphological traits to understand the deceit in relationship

Multi Slant Handwriting and Variation in i dots show high anxiety

Fear of Rejection in Relationship :

This rejection is the main reason that  people start behaving weird in their personal lives hence whenever these people feel they may lose the friends or relatives they go out for party, dates and socialize more but on the other side they lose the confidence in self and start holding their expressions and feelings which is seen in the writer who has Multiple Slant in Handwriting sample. 

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