5 Signatures Mistakes You’re Making Without Even Realizing It.

5 Useful Tips From Experienced Signature Practitioners


Signature is the manifestation of one’s own self in the form of graphical letters. It is an informal way to express your inbuilt skills to the public. A signature is a form of external energy which is unique to every individual. Since there are different types of Signature and if I write on Different Types of Signature alone it will take 25-30 blogs alone on Signatures.

Signature Analysis in itself is a Science and Art to find the hidden skills of a human being. Handwriting Science which is better known as GRAPHOLOGY consists majorly parts viz Handwriting Analysis and Signature Analysis.

I will introduce you to how and why a Signature is a form. Generally, we all start making or copying signature either on our own or looking upon the Stylish Signatures of Parents, Teachers or Celebrities. But does the copying of Signature really makes us great as we predict or wish to?

Why do we copy Signature?

I have analyzed thousands and different types of Signatures in past 5 years and got to know that Signature has its own significance. Whenever we try to copy the Signature it means we want to have certain skills and qualities of that human, hence I often see many high school students of India copy their parents or teachers signature because of 2 reasons – One : It impresses with their inner qualities at subconscious level Two : A Desire towards a person with specific traits.

How Is Signature Formed?

Like the Human baby is formed out of Sperm and Ova similarly, the Signature and Handwriting is formed and incubated in every human being through Specific energy level of Father and Mother which we as Graphologists called as ZERO and ONE wherein ZERO is called or considered as Female Energy and ONE is considered as MALE Energy.

ZERO Energy consists of Love, affections, caring, planning, strategy making, the creation of new ideas, developing the niche ideas. Basically, Female Energy is a Creation whereas ONE Energy consists of Action, Execution, Giving shape to the ideas and development of the structure, hence ZERO Energy is an Outer structure which is incomplete without the ZERO Energy. Thus, in Hindu Shastra-Mythology the balance of ZERO and ONE Energy is depicted by means of Lord Ardha-Nareshwar (Shiva and Shakti), a combination of half female and male body which depicts the energy balance.

So when the Father-Mother thoughts get incubated in the child ( here it does not matter whether it is Biological Parent or Foster Parents ) the thoughts start forming the shape due to the energy combination of Zero and One ( it may vary with the ratio of 1:1 or 2:1 or 1: 2 ) depending on the circumstances and development of the child.

This formation of the thought from the parents affect the neurons in the brain hence the collision take place and the through the Neural Pathway those thought form shaped and get imprinted in form of graphs known as the letter to us.

These letters when formed in Signature it is automatically created or categories in 3 parts – Self, Father, Mother. Hence I will say Signature consist of above-mentioned structure.

What is Ideal Signature(s) :

As mentioned there are more than 50 types of Signatures pattern, every individual has its own style/type of Signature. But when it comes to ideal signature there are is such pattern or style of Ideal Signature as I firmly believe there is no best signature as each and every individual is different and has its own skills hence the Signature.

Since the types of Signature has long listed thus if I mention here  types of Signature, it will create a blog of 5000 words. Hence I will mention 5 types of mistake one should avoid in Signature.

5 Mistake to avoid in Signature :

5 Signatures Mistakes You're Making Without Even Realizing It -Types of Signature
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Cutting of the Signature: One should avoid the cutting of any letter in the Signature as breaking or cutting the letter whether the initial letter of ending part of Signature create lots of stress on the individual. IN a way you are creating a barrier by cutting the Signature.

5 Signatures Mistakes You're Making Without Even Realizing It -Types of Signature
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Underscore: Underscore in Signatures mean making an underline below the Signature. This underscore depicts the level of Confidence and abilities to handle the critical situation of life whether personal or professional. Hence when a person draws the line twice below the Signature this show he is not enough confidence to handle the situation and there seem lots of trust issues in his/her life.

5 Signatures Mistakes You're Making Without Even Realizing It -Types of Signature
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Baselines in Signatures: Baseline is those lines on which a person starting as foundation .viz whether it is ruled paper on unruled paper the baselines depict the goal of the individual. Hence one should write in a straight line while writing or make Signature. This makes clarity of thought and goal oriented.

5 Signatures Mistakes You're Making Without Even Realizing It -Types of Signature
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Cutting of the letter in Lower Zone: It means those letter this cover Lower zone of the Signature has to uncut. The example of letter f is given in my previous blog on Suicide. Since the lower zone which contains letter y and g when get cut either by a combination of other letter OR through the underline ( underscore ) your own material desire remains unfulfilled.In another way round your action remains on slow motions hence the work is keeping pending and success rate is very less.

5 Signatures Mistakes You're Making Without Even Realizing It -Types of Signature
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Pen Flick in Signatures : In Graphology we called Pen Flick as Club Stroke as the ending stroke of letter which usually goes on right side create a diminish stoke ( Diminish stroke mean the letter ending with narrowing of the letter with lesser and imbalance ink flow ) hence the energy level of the individual I keep on decreasing and efficiency of the work is disturbing.

Let me know how you find this blog ?

Nirav Hiingu


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