5 Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Vastu

Vastu Shastra is always a topic of discussion when people look upon for buying and selling of the properties. Nowadays even Builders and Developers consult with Vastu Shastri ( Consultant ) before starting any project, no matter it is Residential or Commercial.

Common Man also look for best consultant to Vastu tips for their  house. Even Real Estate Consultant always search for Best Vastu Tips for their house and for their client(s).

Indian Civilization and its Vedas has always worked towards the development and prosperity of human beings. Hence invented much Secretive Science in form of therapy. Vastu is among those scared Science.

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It is written in Vishwakarma Prakash as “Vastu Shastra Pravaskyami Lokanaam Heet Kaamyayaa”. It means Vastu Shastra is Meant only for the welfare of the human race.

Even it is written in Hindu Script that if one is following the guidelines of the Shastra ( Shastra Maryaada ) – his/her Anntakaran ( Inner consciousness ) get purify and through this higher consciousness, the person wishes for the betterment for the society.

What is Vastu?

Vastu means to Reside ( Vas + Tu ) – the platform on which human reside is known as VASTU. IN ancient times, This science was taught only to a student who resides in Gurukool ( Ancient School ) where the student resides with his master and learn the sacred science ( Gruha Vidya).


Vastu is an Ancient Science of Architecture which helps in congenial settings or place to work /live in a scientific way which is bestowed by the combination of 5 elements and 9 planets as a natural element.


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It was believed that Human reside in Stone age and by the time evolution, human develop itself and progress to science age, but it is a false myth. The Paashan Yuga ( Stone Age ) will always come with every Cycle of Satyuga, Treta, Dwapar Yuga and KaliYuga. Even in ancient times, This Science has been found truthful and it will be the Foundation of every Human Civilization.


What If I make changes my Vastu, Will I always Succeed and all the obstacles will vanish forever?

It is one of the Biggest Myth of every people who believe in Vastu OR Occult Science because by changing the Vastu or even if you make Vastu as per the Principle of Vastu Shastra, you won’t get the faster result ( KarmaFal ) but it will work according to your own Action ( KARMA).


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It is said in Scriptures of Hindu Mythology that


Vaida Veedanti Kafa Petha Maru Dvee Kara Jyoteer Veerdo  Graha Gati Part-Variant I

Bhuta Bhisangaa Ithee Bhuta Veedo Vadantee Prarampda Karma Balav Munayo Vandantee II


It means: The Ailment in body is diagnosed by different modalities by its expert(s) like Vaidya ( Doctors ) diagnosed by Vaat Peetha and Kafa, Astrologer ( Jyotish ) by Planetary System, Psychic Healer and Paranormal Analyst ( Ghost Mediator ) believe in imbalance in body by evil spirit(s) but the Yogi and Rishi Muni firmly believe all the activities and its consequences are outcomes of the KARMA only.


But that does not mean that one should sit down merely on the Karma and keep believing in Superstition and say all my faith and karma are wrong hence it is not in my hands.


Swami Vivekananda said : Human is the Architect of its own Fortune.

Hence through your Purushsaarth ( With Proper Planning and Action ) One should keep doing his/her Karma which will ultimately lead to SUCCESS only.


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Shri Krishna also Stated in his Shrimad Bhagavat Geeta: In 2nd Chapter, Sloka 47

Karmayeva Dhee Kaarshate, Maa Faletu Kadachan I

Maa Karma Fal Hetu Bhuma Te Sango Satva Karmanee II


You re Free to perform your action ( Karma – Akarma ) but not in your results ( Outcome), Don’t be blind to the desire ( karma fall ) neither expect the desired result.

Hence by making the Vastu compliance house, you will be able to destroy the negative vibes of those Vastu but you won’t able to destroy the past karma and its result.


7 Myths You Most Likely Didn't Know About Vastu tips

Vastu Purusha


Origin Of Vastu


The Origin of Vastu Shastra goes to the Ancient Hindu Mythology where it is narrated in story form :

Once Lord Shiva killed the Demon Andhakasur, in that movement – He ( Lord Shiva ) started Sweating and few drops of his sweat fall down on planet Earth. Through this drops of sweat, it create Black Complexion Human which was ugly and has horrible look.

This HUMAN Started destroying everything on earth, which creates fear and agony in mind of the people. Later He ( Black Human ) started Penance in name of Lord Shiva, on this dedication towards him Lord Shiva bless him and gave boon.


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Further Black Human ask for a favour : I want to encapsulate the whole Universe ( Teen Loka). After the blessing of Lord Shiva, he started expanding his Body across which spread across the Galaxy & later fall down on Earth with Grovel facing to the ground.


Looking at such an unexpected incident, Many demigods freeze him with their divine powers. Those Demigods who have to freeze them on specific spot started residing in that organ of that HUMAN. Due to the residence ( VAS ) of those Demigods, that HUMAN gets named as VASTU OR Vaastu Purusha.


Rishi Bhrugu, Atri, Vaashisth, Vishwakarma, May, Narada, Nagnajeetha, Lord Shiva, Indra, Brahma, Kumar, Nandishwar, Shaunak Muni, Garga, Vasudev, Anirudhaa, Shukra and Brahaspati – This 18 people are said to be the Master of this Sacred Science.


Is Vastu A Veda or Science?


Vastu is considered as Upa – Veda in Indian Scriptures – “Upaniyate Aanena Isti Upa-Veda”. Many Astrologers considered Vastu as an internal part of Astrology which I denied and say: Vastu is a Complete Science and it is very simple to understand and assist to Astro Science but is not below the Astrology.


It is a complete science as it is based on 5 elements and 9 planets, directions and sub-directions. Hence we can’t term it only a Pseudoscience.


Does keeping Vastu Yantra at Home will make my home vastu compliance?


You can consult to a Good Consultant, S/he will guide you as to how your Personality can add and suit to you with sync of that plot energy and how you can manage those energies for your growth.


Again, I will point out that merely keeping the Kuber  Yantra, Shree Yantra or any other Yantras/Pyramid(s) at home does not make any changes in your life. It has to do with an infusion of positive energy known as Pran-Prathistha Kriya but as mentioned above you have to keep doing your work ( Purushsharth)  to achieve your goal.


Sooner i will publish few blog on Vaastu Tips for house.


Let me know how you find this blog?


Nirav Hiingu