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What is Best Vastu tips for servant stability : Are you tired of the constant change of maids and domestic help in your household? Look no further than the ancient wisdom of Vastu Shastra to help you retain your valued employees!

By aligning the energies of your house, following Vastu Principles, you can create an environment that not only attracts the right domestic help but also encourages them to stay.

Vedic Vastu Shastra offers a holistic approach to harmonizing the positive energy flow, ensuring your servants/maids feel comfortable, respected, and appreciated in their workplace.


Vastu tips for servant stability

Vastu tips for servant stability

Discover the secrets of Vastu and watch as your maid retention rates soar!

From the strategic furniture placement to the optimal orientation of your home, Vedic Vastu can work wonders in creating a nurturing and supportive atmosphere for your domestic staff.

Bid farewell to the frustration of high turnover and embrace the stability and continuity that Vastu Shastra can bring to your household.

Get ready to revolutionize the way you manage your domestic help. Unlock the full potential of 

Vastu Shastra and enjoy the countless benefits of a harmonious, loyal, and productive team of domestic workers. 

The future of your household is in your hands – let Vastu be your guide to maid retention success!


Vastu tips for servant stability

Vastu tips for servant stability and servant quater


Reason for Instability and Vastu Tips for Servant Stability

After working for 10+ years in Vastu Field, I have compiled a few parameters responsible for employee retention and even for domestic help like maids, servants, and drivers at home.


  1. West Zone of House: The First Vastu tip for servant stability is to check with your west zone which is a zone of Shani Devta (The Saturn Planet) that is said to be a representation of employees/maids/domestic help if there is any cut or extension in west zone or any types of distortion then this led stability issues.
  2. South East: The second Vastu tip for servant stability is to check with the South East Zone of your Flat or Office. Seek for any cut extension and even anti element like South East is Fire Element and Maid are said to be Fire Element.

    Hence even anti elements and their connected colors like Blue, White color or such color objects are placed then this lead to retention issues of employee or domestic helps.
  3. South and South South East: Third Vastu Tips for Servant Stability to look at South and South of South East zone to again check anti-element and anti-colour objects.
    Vastu tips for servant stability

    Vastu tips for servant stability



  4. Indoor Plants: Sometimes, the placement of the wrong plants also leads to conflict with employees and instability with workers.

    So avoid indoor plants like bamboo, plants containing milk in leaves and stems and even thorny plants like Pear Cactus, Alex Opaca and lemon plants in houses and offices.

    The thorny plants also lead to disputes not only with the maid but also with other family members, thus avoiding such plants at home or office or in your factory.
  5. Astro Birth Chart and Debilitated Saturn: If you have low degree Saturn i.e. debilitated Saturn in your astro – birth chart then also there is a high chance that your employee won’t get stable in your organization or even maid won’t be retained as domestic help.
  6. Avoid Colour in Servant Quarters: Few people keep separate rooms or servant quarters, make sure to place them in the South, South East and South of South East – ideal location for servants.

    Also Avoid colors such as White, Grey, Black and Blue in the servant quarters.
  7. South East Cut: Servant Quarter should not have a cut or extension in the South East.
  8. Yelling at servants or holding their salary: Do not speak harsh language or shout at your maid/servants or employees. Do not hold any salary, abuse or molest them (at the mental, emotional or physical level).

    Any such behavior will automatically make your shani weak (even if Shani is strong in your Astro chart ).
  9. Molestation/Abusing or Holding Salary of Employee or Servant : It is noticed by those companies or big families who scold, molest or even speak harsh words or hold salary, their businesses go down and in most cases, the Company shuts down sooner (ideally in 5-10 years).
    Vastu tips for servant stability

    Vastu tips for servant stability


Remedies and Vastu Tips for Servant Stability and Employee Retention

  1. Swastika on South East Wall: On South East Wall, draw a Triangle with tips moving downward ( few scholars believe keeping triangle tips upwards as a triangle represents a fire element ). Inside the triangle draw the swastika in a clockwise direction with kesar ( saffron ).
  2. Akhand Diya and South East Wall: If the South East wall has mounted facilities then after drawing the swastika, on the swastik place Cow ghee Diya. This diya should be lit when your Chandra Swara ( left nostril ) is activated and make sure you can either daily light ghee ka diya or Akhand Diya.
  3. Astro Chart Remedies: If Shani Dev (Saturn) becomes debilitated in your astro-birth chart, do not sit or make any cabin or home office in the west direction. Never place fire in the West Direction.Employee retention will increase if the fire is placed in the west, machinery will demand more maintenance and there would be a huge conflict between management and workers or you ( at home ) with your maid or domestic help.
  4. Donation: Work on Saturn by donating black shoes, black clothes, and black sesame ( urad dane ) to poor and needy people.One can also donate Neelam ( Blue Sapphire ) but never wear blue sapphire in case Shani is neech ( debilitated Saturn ), donate iron or iron objects, Sesame Oil or Black Bull. 
  5. If one is unable to donate any object to poor people then s/he should chant Shani Mantra: chant “Om Pram Prim Proum Sah Shanaischaraya Namah” 108 times daily after bathing and wear fresh, neat tidy clothes facing the West Direction and light sarso tel ka diya.
    Vastu tips for servant stability

    Akhand Diya as a Vastu tips for servant stability



  6. Avoid Main Door in West Direction: If unable to avoid door placement in the west direction then draw a swastika on the main door with kesar ink with the ring finger or the best remedy would be drawing with Shwetank Jad – root of shwet akada.
  7. Shwetank Jad in Servant Quarter: It seems to bring stability if Shwetank Jad is kept in the Servant Quarter and also they become loyal to you at the workspace.
  8. West Direction Swastika: One can also draw a swastika with Kesar on the West Direction Wall ( if it is available for you ).
  9. Mayur Pankh Swastika: Just like we drew the Kesar swastika, one can keep the Mayur Pankh swastika either created with glue or cello tape or by placing it in a photo frame and placing it in the west direction ( check out the photo of Mayur Pankh swastik created with peacock feather ).

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Vedic Vastu Consultant

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