Is Vaastu Shastra still a Key to Success ?

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Why Vaastu Shastra is So Famous ? But Why ?

We human always struggle day and night to live a peaceful life wherein we can enjoy with our family members, friends and relatives. But it is often seen that even after working for hard whatever we acquire is only a few penny because of the time goes in earning. Even after the earning what and where do human goes ?  House – exactly we always felt peaceful in our home no matter whether it is the small room or a big bungalow.

Lack of Peace :

It is often seen that people who have earned a big bungalow or purchase a new flat for residing do not get that fulfilment and satisfaction.There are always some differences of opinion among family members, anger, grief and regret for some decision in a family.

In our life, we all have met many people but maximum people who are well settled in term of wealth and fame they also look for peace of mind.But there is also the sense of dissatisfaction in a family. Why is it developing an internal dispute? Why are children not listening to their parents and always argue? why there a big amount of salary is spent in 2 weeks?

There are many such questions which keep arising among us and there is no permanent solution to all our problems.

Effects of Atmosphere :

It is often noticed that negative vibrations are very high in few places such as Funeral, Mortuary, few temples, haunted places and few residential and commercial galas. Sometimes a person felt good even at a mortuary and few even can’t wait for 5 min in those places.

What would be the reason for particular spaces which are either filled with positives or negatives spaces? It is due to Planetary System ? Or due to Luck ? According to Vaastu Shastra, every space is filled up with either positive or negatives vibes or combination of both, that depends on the structure of the vaastu prepared by the Builder and Developers. Based on the structure and shaped the Vaastu is the building /space get positive and negatives vibrations.

What is Vaastu?

Vaastu means to reside which is derived from the word: Vaas mean to occupy it.  Hence Vaastu is a complete traditional science of Hindu which consists of specific measurement, layout and design assigned to the humans.

How Old is Vaastu Shastra?

Vaastu Shastra is as old as human civilizations. Since centuries human resides on this earth, Vaastu was utilizing to create a structure for residing with principles laid down by Indian scientists such Vishwakarma, Atri, Gautam etc.

Vaastu Devta Sthapan

Vaastu Shastra always advised performing Vaastu Dev Sthapan before residing in Home or starting any new business in a commercial place. There is one incident narrate in Puranas: Once upon a time from the sweat of Lord Shiva, extremely big and horrifying shape Man comes out and start destroying resources on earth. Thus Lord Shiva through his divine power calm down and bless him saying: You are equivalent to me and you will be always get worshipped by people on earth, as I am infusing many divine power and demigods in your body hence you will be worshipped by name as VAASTU PURUSHA.

This was just a story but nowadays not only negatives vibration enter through defects in Vaastu but also through various means like Black Magic, Jealousy, etc.People in the fit of anger perform many such kriyas which may harm the humans in term of financial loss, suicide, quarrels at home, struggle for the daily living etc. Hence it is utmost important to perform Vaastu Poojan to remove those negative vibes.

In Vaastu Poojan, the priest creates Vaastu Mandala which consists of 45 Mandala/ pada.This 45 pada are 45 demigods in Vaastu Shastra, Although few Vaastu Shastri considers 81 pada in Vaastu Purusha Mandala.

There are 45 demigods in Vaastu Mandal :

1-    Shikhi

2-    Parjanya

3-    Jayanta

4-    Mahendra

5-    Surya

6-    Satya

7-    Bhrusha

8-    Aakash-Nabha

9-    Vayu

10-    Pusha

11-    Vitatha

12-    Brhatksata

13-    Yama

14-    Gandharva

15-    Bhringraja

16-    Mrugh/Mriga

17-    Pitru

18-    Dwarika

19-    Sugriwa

20-    Puphadanta

21-    Varuna

22-    Ashura

23-    Sheha/Sosha

24-    Papahar

25-    Rogahar

26-    Ahee

27-    Mukhaya

28-    Bhallat

29-    Soma

30-    Sarpa

31-    Aditi

32-    Diti

33-    Apaa

34-    Aap Vatysa

35-    Aryama

36-    Savitra

37-    Savita

38-    Vivaswan

39-    Vipudhavip

40-    Jayant

41-    Mitra

42-    Rajayakshma

43-    Rudra

44-    Prithvidhar

45-    Brahma

Vaastu Poojan Muhurta

It is advisable to performed Vaastu Poojan inauspicious time, if one does not know such time zone then one may ask priest or Vaastu –Astro Consultant. In case you do not know any Consultant, you may perform this pooja in Ravi Pushya Nakshatra Yoga which comes every month. Nowadays many Panchang App is available in Google Play Store wherein you can download and see the time zone as mentioned above.

Before starting any ritual it is absolutely necessary to clean the house.Below is the procedure to perform the Vaastu Poojan. One can perform this pooja without any priest also. If you are unable to do so then you may consult Vaastu Consultant or Priest who is expert in performing those rituals.

Vaastu Poojan

1)    Take a Bath and wear either White or Yellow Dhouti

2)    For Ladies, it is always advisable to wear Saree in Poojan. ( Note : Do not perform ritual if you re in menstrual period )

3)    Take a Bajot – Wooden Plank, put a White or Yellow Cloth Asana

4)    Create a big Vaastu Mandal Chakra which consists of 64 brackets (square)

5)    In each bracket – square placed a Vaastu Chakra.

6)    In the middle of the Vaastu Mandal, keep Vaastu Yantra and Vastu Dev Murti

7)    Sadhak – Devotee who performs the ritual should keep his/her face toward East.

8)    Now place a Kalash filled with water, mango leaves and also placed Coconut on Kalasha and keep it in North East direction of Vastu Chakra.

9)    Outside chakra create the line – Rekha with kumkum – 9 lines on East and West Direction

10)    Again outside chakra create a line – Rekha with kumkum – 9 lines on North and South Direction.

These 9 lines are demigods: in east and west the name of those demigods are

Laxmi, Yashovati, Kanta, Supriya, Vimala, Shri, Subhanga, Sumati, Shree and Ida

9 Devis –demigods in north and south directions are : 

Dhanya, Prana, Vishala, Sthira, Bhadra, Swaha,  Naya, Nisha and Virjaa

11)    Now meditate on Vaastu Purusha Dev and chant this Dhyana Mantra :

Vaastho pasthaye Prati Jani Hasmaan, Trasvesho DhanMevoo  Bhawaan l

Yatha Vimahe Prati Tanoo Jushathava Sha no Bhava Dhvee Padham Sham Chastus-pade l l

वास्थो पास्थये प्रती जानी हस्मान, त्रिस्वेहो धन मेवोवो भवान , याथा विधाहे प्रती तानो जुशाथव शा नो भाव धवी पदम शाम चतुष पद : ll

12)    Now apply Sindoor, Rice and little water to Vaastu Yantra and Idol with a prays that he should reside in your house with happiness and bless you and your family with wealth health and prosperity.

13)    Now on every 9 lines that is on Rekha devis, apply kumkum and rice with following mantras

On East and Western Direction , offer kumkum and rice with said mantras :

  • Om Laxmi Namah
  • Om Yashovati Namah
  • Om Kanta Namah
  • Om Supriya Namah
  • Om Vimalay Namah
  • Om Shri Subhanga Namah
  • Om Sumati Namah
  • Om shree namah
  • Om Ida Namah

Now perform same offering for 9 devis in north and south directions

  • Om Dhanya Namah
  • Om Prana Namah
  • Om Vishala Namah
  • Om Thishra Namah
  • Om Bhadra Namah
  • Om Swaha Namah
  • Om Naya Namah
  • Om Nisha Namah
  • Om Virjaa Namah

14)    Now take the peeple-banyan leaf and from Kalash which you have kept in northeast direction of vaastu chakra, take water and sprinkle on those 9 devis on east, west, north and south.

15)    Offer Jaggery and sweet and fruits to Vaastu Purusha Dev.

16)    Now take a sindoor and apply it on those 64 vaastu chakras – this is 64 demigods

17)    After applying sindoor, take rice coloured with sindoor and throw in 4 directions (East, West,  North and South ) and on Sky- Aakash with meditating on Vaastu Purusha Dev.

18)    Now take any Mala – ideally Rudraksha Mala and start chanting 11 Mala of below said Vaastu Devta.


Vaastu Purusha Mantra

“Om Namo Narayana Vaastu Roopay Bhu Bhuvah Swaha Pataye Bhupati thva Me Devi Da Daapay Swaha”

ओम नमो नारायणय वास्तु रूपे भु भुवा स्वाहा पटय भूपति थवा मी देवी दा दापेय स्वाहा

After performing this ritual offer food – Brahma Bhojan to Priest or Brahmin and you as a Yajaman – Host has to eat food in Evening only. The procedure mentioned above maybe seem very simple to you but its effect is marvellous, myself has performed vaastu poojan for my relatives and family and found amazing results, especially very effective in removing Black Magic, financial losses, relationship issue.


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