16 Best Remedies for Shani Sade Sati

Saturn as a planet is considered as Toughest planet in Indian astrology, known to Astrologers as Kroor Graha.Hence many people get scared by Saturn planet & Shani Sade Sati but it is not that this planet always curses the humans, in fact Saturn is considered as Judge in Indian Astrology and honour this planet as Nyaypriya Graha –Shani is the Planet of Law hence one can understand how important is this planet.

In Eastern and Western Numerology – No. 8 assigned to Saturn (Shani) .This planet is said to be planet of karmas – even number is 8 which keeps circulate in life.

Hence such people have to struggle lots and No.8 is said to be Number of Extreme.

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Shani is the main planet for giving negativity in life, Laxmi, poverty, accident, etc.  Shani slows down the flow of positive prospects coming in the everyday life. Why?  Because Shani is slow-moving planet.

Shani becomes more powerful when it is in his Zodiac signs, Makar (Capricorn), Kumbh (Aquarius) and Tula (Libra).  But it becomes dangerous when it retrogrades (meaning when it appears to move backwards in sky).  Hence it has become more disturbing for the affected persons or even nations.

Eastern Astrology says – Saturn has said as Mandachar graha – mean planet which is extremely slow in movement.This planet takes 2-1/2 year in one zodiac sign and complete 30 years to complete its cycle of 12 zodiac signs.

Astrologers say Saturn sight ( dristhi ) is so harmful that at any house in the birth chart it creates its ill effect hence whenever the Saturn enter into any zodiac sign it creates lots of obstacles and mental stress.

Saturn planet has two important roles in a human birth chart: When it comes to 4th or 8th house it is considered as 2-1/2 year Panauti.But when it comes in 12th House and when it completes its cycle to travel to another zodiac sign it takes 7-1/2 year which is known to Astrologers as Shani ki Sadesati, which is always extremely gives hard time in every human life.

What happens in Shani Sade Sati?

During Sade Sati, human suffer extremely mental stain and all his/her work is always pending and even after lots of hard work he/she is unable to attain success hence people in Sade Sati becomes extreme pessimist. One may get severe losses also at job/ business.Sade sati also sometimes leads to small accidents, chronic ailments like Stomach, Intestinal etc, Short temper, all work and relationship goes for a Toss.

While in sade sati – s/he is unable to take any decision and his all decisions went wrong .His/her mental state of mind is disturb and person feels alone in the critical situation.

What to do in Shani Sade Sati?

  1. Visit Shani devta temple and offer him black shoes, black umbrella, clothes, black til etc.
  2. Lord Shani get happy with an offering of black things hence Black Til Ladoo, Jaggery and offering of Til oil are also advisable.
  3. One may read Shani Chalisa and Hanuman Chalisa on every Saturday.
  4. One may donate to bigger on Saturday which should include above mentioned black colour things/offering.
  5. Shani Sade Sati is also got diminish by Lord Shiva Pooja and ritual hence person suffering from Shani Sade Sati should visit Shiv Mandir on every Saturday.
  6. Offer Milk, water and til Abhishek to Lord Shiva, chant Shiva Panchashar Mantra and pray to Lord Shiva that s/he gets relief in Sade Sati.
  7. It is also advisable to chant the mahamrityunjay mantra in sade sati, below is Mantra for reference.”Om Trabakam Yaja Mahe Sugadhim Pusthi Vardhanam Urva Rukaviva Bandhaanan Mrityo Mushiya Ya Mamriyu thaht”.
  8. One may also chant Amogh Shiv Kawach during Shani Sade Sati on every Saturday and Monday.
  9. One may wear Iron Ring in the middle finger.
  10. Many Gemologist and Astrologist advise to wear Blue Sapphire in Shani Sade sati but since I am not a Professional Astrologer I won’t suggest the same better to consult the Professional Astrologer before wearing sapphire else one may suffer from hard consequences.
  11. You may chant – Shani Mantra daily at least 108 times -‘ऊं शं शनैश्चराय नम: Om Sham Shani-Charayar Namah.
  12.  One may wear Shani Yantra in talisman (tabeej) and wear in an armpit of in neck while neutralizing the bad effect of Sade Sati.
  13. Shani Bharya Stotra chanting is also found useful in Sade Sati
What is Shani Sade Sati and How it is affecting our Life ?

Lord Shanidev – temple at Cantt Road , Dharamshala – Himachal Pradesh which a extremely powerful temple in Dharamshala and many miracles has been happen in last 17 years.


भार्या स्तोत्र: ध्वजिनी धामिनी चैव कंकाली कलह प्रिया!

कलही कंटकी चापि अजा महिषी तुरंगमा! नामानि शनि

भार्याया: नित्यं जपति य: पुमान तस्य दुखानि नश्यंति सुखं

सौभाग्यमेधते:!  शनि स्तोत्र: नम: कृष्णाय नीलाय शितिकंठनिभाय च।

प्रसाद कुरु मे सौरे! वारदो भव भास्करे। एवं स्तुतस्तदा सौरिर्ग्रहराजो    महाबल:।।


14. One may also perform Shani Mantra Anusthan with advise of experience priest/consultant.

15.People having Born on Date: 08th, 17 or 26th of any month or those destiny number is also 8 should chant Shani Mantra and Chalise every day Or at least on Saturday. Note – Destiny number can be calculated by adding all your number of Date of Birth – Example: if one has Dob as 07-06-1975 then adding all this number will give us Destiny Number – 07+6+1+9+7+5 = 35 =3+5 = 08

16. One may also create Shani Yantra and perform a ritual on this Yantra. Below is Shani Yantra which one may create with Pomegranate pen with ink made from Saffron and Gorochan on Bhojpatra ( Bhojpatra are the special tree that outer layer is utilized in the creation of Yantras.

If saffron and gorochan are not available then make it either with Saffron or Kumkum. After the creation of Shani Yantra, you have to energize this yantra with Pran – Prathistha Mantra which is scholar or priest can perform.One may chant Shani Mantra after offering light and agarbatti to this Shani Yantra.

Note: Gorochan is the Bile juice of Cow which is usually taken after the death of the cow.

Shani Mantra – “Om Ayeing Reem Shreem Shanis-Charayar Namah”.

Shani Yantra

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