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Facts You Never knew about Kul Kundalini Shakti

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Kundalini-Shakti: The Pathway to Higher Consciousness

Purvi Shataam ve Pari poorna Sindhum Gyane wa Roopam Mataram matevam, Digho vatam porva madee va roopam Kundalini ve sahitam shararaylam: II

Lord Kul- Kundalini, my life is almost like a dead body, it does not have any goal nor it has any enthusiasm , it is a living dead body filled up with material desires , it does not have essence of love and purity , it ( my life ) is like a dried burial ground , I wish you enter into my dead human body and make it a Life of Completeness, life with essence of divinity and I wish Oh Maa Kul Kundalini you enter into my blood stream, in my veins and atoms and become a part of my life through which I can attain completeness.

There are many scripture and book written on Goddess Kul – Kundalini but I think the scholars and Yogis have hardly understood the essence of Maa Kundalini because this power – is experienced by fewer people hence unless and unstill Yogi who haven’t activate this serpent power – can’t attain Moksha.


Kul Kundalini is the guiding power to the journey of human life. But whatever yogis and scholars have written and explained about Kundalini is not more than 2-5 % because they themselves have never experienced the blasting and tremendous energy of this serpent power. This kundalini shakti when activated, it converts the normal human into Sadashiva, this power creates a real human and Yogi. But maximum yogis and scholars have never ever attained the kundalini shakti, they have just written a basic explanation of other written scripts and speeches heard by their teachers’ Gurus.In this blog, I will try to explain about Maa Kundalini shakti based on my small experience and knowledge.

Can a Normal Human activate Maa Kundalini Shakti :

I think a normal human being is unable to activate this great serpent power that is because of shakti, his normal fresh-made body won’t be able to bear those high energies which later make create difficulty in Sadhak, hence it is always advisable to start awakening of this shakti under the guidance of Spiritual Mentor.

One can attain to reach this shakti by mean of deep Meditation because the shakti can be experienced only through Sushma Shahir and that can be experienced by an inner journey of meditation. As this shakti is present in Astral Body one can’t get experience in the physical body, I generally laugh when people – especially many Occult Experts, Astrologers and so-called Great Gurus claimed to have activated their Sat Chakras and gives the explanation in the physical body which are all wrong and fake theories.

What is Kundalini Shakti?

Kundalini Shakti is minute ( Sushma shakti ) energy which few scholars say – is the combination of 7 chakras – once the activation of this chakras is done,  kundalini shakti bless sadhak with divine power  but in real world Kul Kundalini Shakti is form of serpent which resides in 1st chakra – Mooladhara Chakra ( base chakra) in form of Snake –Sarpa swaroopa.

Few yogis describe Kundalini as 7 layers of a human body – the combination of this 7 layers/chakras is known as Kundalini Shakti, these 7 layers are door/chakras are destiny to evolution and self-realization. Even gayatri mantra consists of this 7 layers hence we can see there are 7 pada: hence there are 7 Loka viz: Bhu, Bhuwah, Swaha, Jana , Mana, Tapa, Satyam .You may read article on Gayatri Mantra –https://www.occultspeak.com/gayatri-mantra/

There are said 7 layers/chakras in spiritual journey of human envolvement. Mooladhar ,Swadhisthan , Manipur , Anahat , Visuddha , Agyna and Sahastradhara Chakra.

Does Kundalini Chakras get activated in Animals/Birds too?

No, this maha shakti of Kundalini cannot be activated in animals and birds because the swaroopa of this chakras is not inside the astral body of any of those birds, animals and other living beings , hence this energy point which is known to us as Chakras are seen only in Humans hence Manav Jivan – Human Body is one of the finest creations of this Universe.

Facts You Never Knew about Kul Kundalini Shakti

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Mooladhar Chakra:

This is the 1st Chakra in human beings.It is the base chakra of every human being hence named as Muladhara ( Mooladhar – Mool mean base).The base elements of this chakra are Veerya/Beej – hence when the veerya beej /semen is acting in downward flow it gives birth to another human being, but when the flow of this Beej goes upwards ( through self-discipline and celibacy ) it helps in activation of Kul Kundalini Shakti.

Location of this Mooladhar: Between the Anus and the genital organs. Now question arises as why the location is in between the anus and genital organs because it depicts the combination of YIN and YANG energy which we called as Shiv – Shakti – Brahma & Maya, Purush & Prakruti Or Men and Women – The combination of this element leads to birth/creation hence it is called as Mooladhar.

How to Activate this Chakra:

Bhasrika Pranayama – By the proper ratio of this pranayama the kundalini shakti gets activated. In Bhasrika pranayama yogi/sadhak has to inhale and exhale the breath continuously without break. It is advisable that one should not try this pranayama at home without consulting any Yoga /Occult Expert.

Benefits of activation of Mooladhar Chakra :

Cleaning the thoughts and blood circulation of body and Kundalini Shakti get arise goes upwards.

Note: At the time of activation of Kundalini Shakti – sadhak /yogi get thoughts of sex, this is the hidden thoughts of past samkraasa. Hence one needs to careful and work under guide Guru for activation of this Maha-Shakti.

Facts You Never Knew about Kul Kundalini Shakti

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Swadhisthan Chakra:

This is 2nd Chakra in kundalini path.After the awakening the Kundalini Shakti from Mooladhar due to Bhasrika the shakti stop at this energy point but one needs to careful because, after awakening shakti, this kundalini may go down again if the proper yogic kriya is not performed on activation of Mooladhar.

Hence after bhasrika, sadhak need to perform proper Pranayam at this stage to behold the shakti at Swadhisthan.But how to perform the pranayama at this level it is a secret key which only as highly elevated guru is able to give this knowledge.

Location of Swadhistan:

Four fingers above the Mooladhar.

How to Activate this Chakra:

Proper ratio and a combination of Pranayam because Pranayam consists of three parts: Poorak ( inhale breath), Kumbhak ( hold the breath ) and Rechak ( exhale the breath ) hence an experienced sadhak knows how and in which proportion the pranayama is to be performed.

Benefits of activation of Swadhisthan Chakra :

On activation of this chakra, Sadhak gets blessed with powerful aura and inner strength hence if you see any sadhak’s face glowing, full of energy and hypnotic eyes this mean his/her Swadhistan Chakra is activated.

Facts You Never Knew about Kul Kundalini Shakti

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Manipur Chakra:

This chakra also known as Nabhi Chakra because it is located in the Umbilicus, hence also known as Umbilicus chakra. Hence these very sacred and important chakras as it is the creation chakra.

Location of Manipur Chakra:

Umbilicus/Nabhi Pradesh.

How to activate this Chakra:

By the combination of Bhasrika and Pranayam. The ratio and proportion of both bhasrika and pranayama are very important, hence this secret kriya is known to very less sadhak.

Benefits of activation of Manipur Chakra :

By awakening this chakra, sadhak consciousness goes inward hence s/she slowly and steadily get deep meditation. His/her little effort makes him/her goes into sub-consciousness mind, s/he get peace of mind.

By awakening this chakra, sadhak get full control on his/her senses, s/he does not get distracted even by opp gender hence s/he get established on celibacy.

S/he gets tremendous power on words hence s/he becomes good as an Orator.

S/he gets power on Vaat Shakti – mean the Yogi/Yogini get empowerment on nature hence such Sadhak can curse anyone, even s/he can give the boon to anyone hence such Yogi seems to get a divine power of Kundalini Maa.

Facts You Never Knew about Kul Kundalini Shakti

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Anahat Chakra:

This is 4th chakra in the Kundalini journey. Anahata means “Lack of movement” – lack of aahat. Hence this chakra is also known as Brahmand Chakra.

Location of Anahat Chakra :

Between in the two ribs in chest region: near to the heart region hence also known as Hraday chakra as Heart is known as Hraday in Sanskrit. As the heart is responsible for feelings and thoughts, therefore sadhak who has activated himself/herself Anahat Chakra gives more and more sensibility and get clarity of thoughts and becomes empathetic and sympathetic to others.

How to activate this Chakra:

By the meditation

Benefits of activation of Anahat Chakra :

Sadhak is able to peep into his past life but not only just 1 past life s/he is able to see his/her last 25-30 past life hence s/he is able to know real intention of his/her life as why s/he is taken birth in this universe because after peeping into these past lives, we can get to know as why there are suffering from certain situation(s).

But not only Past Life sadhak is able to see his Future Birth also –s/he can see where s/he will take birth after completion of this current birth. S/he will know who will be his/her next parent/house and complete life circle.

Yogi/Sadhak can not only see his/her past life but able to see the past life of any other human being.

It was because of this chakra Lord Shri Ram at the time of death predict that he will take next birth in form of Shri Krishna after exactly 2500 year in Dwapar Yuga.

It is only after the activation of this chakra – sadhak /yogi has a choice to choose the womb .S/he has the option as for whether sadhak want to take birth immediately after the present birth cycle or after 10 years or 500 years or 5000 years.It is in the hand of Yogi whether s/he want to take birth or not.

Sadhak /Yogi can keep roaming in the whole Universe in the form of a divine soul but only after the activation of this chakra.

S/he can peep and see the different loka in his own heart. Yogi can see the complete activities of different Loka within the self. One is able to see Surya, Chandra Loka and whichever Loka ( space ) are present apart from Earth can be the see-through divine power of Anahata Chakra.

Yogi can sit at his/her home but can experience the different places and sounds of space.S/he can see what happens in USA, UK or another region even yogi may be sitting at INDIA. This divine power in Hindu Script is known as Doordarshan/Door Darshan shakti.

Through this chakra, Shri Krishna has shown a complete image of the Universe – Brahman Darshan to Arjun in the war of Mahabharata.

Yogi can read the thoughts of any human being, S/he can understand the intensity and intention of any human and situation.


Facts You Never Knew about Kul Kundalini Shakti

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Visuddha Chakra:

This is the 5th Chakra in the Kundalini Path. This chakra also is known as Kantha Chakra as it is located in the neck which is known as Kantha – it means neck in Sanskrit.

How to activate this Chakra:

By the blessings of Sadguru through Shaktipath.


Benefits of activation of Visuddha Chakra :

It is said that by the activation of this chakra, Yogi is blessed with Mata Saraswati.Hence s/she gets knowledge of the complete universe, s/she does not need to read any books/ scripts, all the knowledge which is infinite wisdom get automatically stored in the Yogi.Therefore the person who has activated the Visuddha Chakra can give speeches/lectures on any subject .S/he can deliver excellent lectures on Science, the Universe, Veda, Vedanta .S/he can speak on any subject on this universe/human and that too without any pause/break.

S/he can understand the complete theory of atom –molecules. But this chakra can only get activated by Shaktipath from Sadguru- Highly elevated Mentor.

Yogi can also stretch his own body and increase its size to multifold, Yogi can even decrease the body size to the size of a  mosquito, and even as small as an atom. This divine power is known in Hindu Shastra as Anima and Mahima Siddhi. This Siddhi comes under Ashta-siddhi. It was because of this Siddhi, Hanuman was able to increase its body size and shape and went as far as  Lanka to meet Sita Mata.

Yogi through this Chakra can convert its body into many human bodies.For Example – the flesh made human body is present in Mumbai and also the same human body is also present in Dubai ,both human bodies have the same size and functionality. The person present in Mumbai has the same capacity and working skills as the person in Dubai. It was due to this Chakra – Shri Krishna in Vrindavan was able to spilt his personality a thousand times, every Gopis were thinking that Shri Krishna was playing Rasa Leela with her only but actually due to this Siddhi – Krishna spilt his body into thousand Krishnas.

Facts You Never Knew about Kul Kundalini Shakti

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Agya Chakra:

This is the 6th Chakra known as Shiva Netra or Trutiya Netra in Hindu Shastra.

Location of Agya Chakra:

It is located in between the 2 eyes.Here Sushumna Nadi gets connected, interlinking Surya and Chandra Nadi.In our human body there are 72,000 Nadis – or in another way – I will call them as energy centres with each of them having important functionality out of those 72,000, 3 nadis are of extreme importance – they are Surya,  Chandra and Sushumna Nadi.You may read my blog on Swar Vigyan. Read my article on Science of Breathing 


How to activate Agya Chakra:

This chakra get automatically activated after it’s reached to Visuddha Chakra.

Benefits of activation of Agya Chakra :

One can interfere with nature i.e If some accident were to take place, then if the yogi has activated his/her Agya Chakra then s/he can divert the route of a car , can change the mindset of people.He can stop the incident before it occurs.

At Anahata Chakra –  the Yogi is able to view the complete universe through his chakra but if the third eye is activated then s/he can interfere in every activity of this universe because he himself becomes Shiv Swaroopa hence he/she can curse or grant a  boon to anyone.

Such yogis can change the ill fortune of anyone, s/he can make the poor into a billionaire and vice versa. Such yogi can stop the Sun, the Moon and other planets also. This divinity of changing the destiny of any person is known as Palankarta in Hindu Script. Hence such a Yogi is known and becomes Brahma-may. It is the situation wherein Soul connects him/herself to the superconsciousness, which is also known as Turiya-avastha.

Facts You Never Knew about Kul Kundalini Shakti

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Shahastradhara Chakra:

This is the last chakra of this journey of Kul Kundalini Shakti.The picture.image of Lord Gautam Buddha shows his head with curly hair which is not his hair, it is actually this Shahastra Chakra which is depicting its spiritual growth. This is also known to practitioners as the Crown Chakra.

Location of Shahastradhara Chakra :

It is located in Sikhasthan, the place where Indian Brahmins and priests keep their choti- Shikha.Location is at the top of the head which is made up of 1000 petals hence named assign as Shashastra chakra.Shahastra mean 1000 in Sanskrit.

Benefits of this Shahastradhara Chakra :

After the activation of this chakra, the Yogi is able to drink nectar – Amar Rasa which is keep dropping from every petal of this chakras, hence when Kundalini Shakti passes through this chakra then it mouth is completely wide and drink those Amrut Rasa and get relaxed. It is due to this Rasa – Yogi attains Amarta –There are few souls on this earth who are still alive with their physical body for thousands of years. You may read my post of 7 Immortal Soul https://www.occultspeak.com/7-indian-mythological-characters-who-are-still-alive/

Yogi at this stage attains the  Samadhi Avastha.( Super consciousness ) Such a yogi is known as Tri Deva as he becomes equivalent or next to God because he has attained Samadhi Avastha. Such yogis can create anything – any planet/universe.Yogi can change the bhagya of any human beings, he can be blessed normal human with 100 or more than the 1000 year of age.

Such yogis can travel into space with his astral or physical body.Time and space is not a boundary to such  Yogi. S/he can travel to any Loka –planets and can stay young forever, s/he can look 20-year-old human although s/he actual age may be 100 years.

Hence after drinking about – Yogi becomes Amar Aatma – hence the sloka of Upanishad gets reflected in this stage as “Mrityu-Maam Amruta Gamay”- this stanza shows and depicts that human should complete his journey from Mooladhar to Shaastra and make his yatra from Mrityu to Amrita.

After attaining Samadhi – the Yogi’s body gets energize with Nad- Brahma.It means not only his body gets purified but also his whole body and minute energy centres ( hair follicles)which are known as Room Kup –There are 64 Lac roam kup –energy centres in the human body hence whenever the yogi utters any mantras, not only his mouth utter that mantra but all organs and complete 64 lacs –room kups –poles utter mantra because the yogi attains Samadhi,  gets Nad Brahma Sthithee. A situation where there is the complete loss of Ego and surrender to the almighty, hence the yogi receives the highest order of Yoga known as Paramhansa.

Such a  Paramhansa is able to see the only goodness in human and world. To him, every single person, things and particles in this universe are a part and structure of Brahma –Hence the term, which suits the Paramhansa- “Aham Brahmas Dwitiyo Nasthi”. I am complete as Brahma, I am Brahma, the complete universe is part of me and vice versa, This completeness is known as Brahma.

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