Swar Vigyan ( Science of Breathing Techniques ) help in cures of ailment like headache,fever,stomach ailment etc , by simplest method given in blog.

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A Healing Techniques through the Science of Breathing

A Healing Techniques through the Science of Breathing

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A Healing Techniques through the Science of Breathing

The Science of Breathing which is known as ‘Swar Vigyan’ in occult science has been one of the oldest and accurate science in Indian civilization still date. Our ancestors who lived in the jungles, mountains and forests had always tried and tested this science and were amazed by the result of this science.

Today I will be talking of breathing techniques and health issues. Almighty has created this beautiful universe and especially this human body,which is so complex: that even after 50,000 years we as human beings are unable to decode most mysteries connected to the human body.

Even if we even understand even a little bit of the complexities of the human body, our life will get more simplified and free of self created obstacles. This science of breathing is a complete science by itself, which is based on “How much of breath has to be inhaled and the quantity of air to be exhaled.This technique is known as ‘Pranayam.

“A human body has lacs of nerves and billions of cells. There are numerous nerve cells that wind throughout the body which is known as “Nadi” .This Nadis are 72,000 in number.Out of the 72,000,there are 20 nadis , 10 above umbilicus cord and 10 below the umbilicus cord which are situated in the form of Kundalini chakra inside the umbilical cord.

Wherever there is a formation of these Nadis they are coiled in the form of a ball termed as Chakra. Nowadays there are many workshops and courses guiding or teaching about these Sat-Chakras, but it is to be noted that our body does not have only 7 chakras but as many as 108 in number, also these chakras are not only present in the human physical body but are present in the astral body too, which is known as ‘Sushma Shareer’. Sushma mean extremely minute form.

Also based on these Chakras and Kul-Kundalini, Western Scientists have discovered a new form of therapy known as ‘Access Bar’ in the year 1990 in which specific points are given in the scalp of humans. There are 32 such points on the head which dissipate the electromagnetic charge that get locked in our brain by the thought , feelings and emotions which we have stored in our lifetime.

There are said 10 importance Nadis in Human body :

1) Gandhari

2) Hasth-Jivha

3) Pusha

4) Yashshavi

5) Almbusha

6) Kuhu

7) Shakhini

8) Ida

9) Pingala

10) Sushumna

In above mentioned 10 Nadis , 3 most importance Nadi for Yogis and Sadhaks are Ida ,Pingla and Sushumna.

Ida : When the breathing is from the left nostril then it is said to be as Ida Swar .This nadi is situated on the left side , also known as Chandrama Nadi OR Waam Nadi as Left Side of Human is known as Waam Bhag in Vedic Shastra , Chinese philosophy term this Nadi as Yin Energy . Ida is soft and is considered as the Moon influence, hence it is believed that all the auspicious work has to be performed when the Chandra Nadi/Ida Nadi is working. In Graphology it is known as ZERO.

Pingla : When the breathing is from the right nostril then it is said to be as Pingla Swar. This nadi is situated on the right side of the human body, also known as Surya Nadi Or Dakshin Nadi as  Right Side of Human is known as Dakshin Baag in Vedic Shastra, Again Chinese philosophy terms this nadi as Yang Energy ,Pingla Nadi is considered as Surya ( SUN ) Nadi , it is very hot , aggressive and destructive in nature ,hence all the work which requires aggressive streak for completion or in another term we should do those work which need high energy and action. In Graphology it is known as ONE.

Sushumna : When the breathing is coming from both the nostrils then it is consider as Sushumna Nadi. Yogis of The Highest order always prefer meditation whenever the Sushumna is active.This Nadi is in between the Chandra and Surya Nadi which is said to be Kaal Swaroop Nadi hence one should not do worldly matter work when this Nadi is working.

I won’t go into great detail over Swar Vigyan else it will consume more than 100 pages of this blog , I will definitely mention certain techniques by which ailments which can be cured by practicing Swar Vigyan ( Breathing techniques ).

Fever : Whenever one has fever , do notice which Nadi is active at that time , then close the nostril of that side and let the breathing flow through the other nostril. EG : If person is having Fever , if at that time if the left nostril is working then close the left nostril with your thumb and let the breathing go through the right nostril , this will vanish the Fever.

Indigestion : Do take care that whenever there is Pingla nadi working then eat solid food , this will help you in healing the issue of indigestion. Also one should lie down on left side after having food .

Headache : Early in the morning if you take water in a vessel and pull the water through the nostrils then it is said that it cures Headaches.

NOTE : One should perform the above mentioned Kriya ( known as Jal Neti ) under strict supervision of a Yoga Teacher.

Stomach Ailments : It is said that one does Dhyana ( meditation ) at the Nabhi Mandal – Umbilicus area for a week , will get rids of Stomach Ailments .Also it is recommend to do daily Udayaan Band. In Udayaan Band , one should take a deep breath and then stomach should be kept pressed, slowly and steadily take it inside and it is to be pressed in such a way that it should touch the spinal cord. This Udayaan Band is said to cure all diseases of the stomach.

Spleen or Liver Diseases : One should do this exercise on a daily basis . On the bed either while getting up OR at night one should constrict and relax their hand and leg muscles then first turn towards the left, and then towards the right side hence one should keep on stretching their body in zig-zag manner. This exercise is said to cure the ailments of the liver and spleen.

Tooth : Whenever you visit for toilet for defecation one should grind the teeth ( both upper and lower ) while you complete urinating or defecating, the said kriya is found to be useful in keeping teeth healthy and prevent any form of decay or ailment of the tooth.

Muscular Pain : When there is muscular pain in the body , do notice which nostril ( nadi ) is working then close that nostril and inhale and exhale by the other nostril, do this several times .This will decrease the muscular pain within 5 minutes flat.

Asthma : Do the same procedure as mentioned for Muscular Pain. Whenever there is an asthma attack , do notice which nostril ( nadi ) is working then close that nostril and inhale and exhale by the other nostril , do this several times . It is advisable to do this techniques daily for 15 minutes. In few months Asthma will be cured completely.

Body Pain : According to Ayurveda , muscular and body pain is due to VAAT – Excess of Wind in the Body. Hence those who have regular body or Backache should perform this simple exercise .After daily meals one should sit down in Veerasan ( this Asana is performed by Islamic Followers while doing Namaaz ) wherein one sits down on his own feet folded behind with the knee on the frontal side. After completing Veerasan for at least 15 minutes one should start combing from left to right vice versa and from up to down , do take care that one should not use Rubber or Hard metal comb for this exercise.

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Swar Vigyan ( Science of Breathing Techniques ) help in cures of ailment like headache,fever,stomach ailment etc , by simplest method given in blog.
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