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How to Choose Directions and Sub-direction in Vastu to Build a Home

In my last blog, on I have explained, How to choose the city as per the Vastu and Astrological Calculations, in today’s blog, I will give you Vastu tips for the selection of direction and sub direction.

After selection of City to reside/start a business, one should look upon the various other factors like Disha, ( Direction ) where we have to build up the house or building.

Vastu Tips for Home: How to Choose the Section/Plot for Building the Structure?

Ancient Vastu says: After choosing City, take the city as a midpoint for measuring the direction and sub directions, I mean to say, City – central region should be considered as Midpoint or Unicentre for the Vastu Premises.

Let say, for example, Mumbai City is chosen for starting the business. Then the Midpoint for City Mumbai is Dadar which is exactly centrally located and a connector to all the HUB and traveling areas, be it Central Mumbai, Western part, Thane, or Navi Mumbai.

People have to come to Dadar to change trains to catch other trains from moving from one part of Mumbai to another. Of course, after the arrival of the Mumbai Metro One Line, traveling becomes much easier for Mumbaikars.

Well, our direction locator is Dadar, one should the Direction looking at the below mentioned chart ( tallika ) to choose the direction.

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The Procedure to Choose the Direction for Home as per Vastu Shastra:

  1. Now, look upon the chart and see which Naam Rashi – Zodiac Sign of your Name falls into which category.
  2. Suppose, Mine is Scorpion and chart show, East Direction, meaning I have to avoid building my Vastu premises in East Direction of Mumbai City. 
  3. That means the Eastern Mumbai which consists of Chembur, Govandi, Mankhurd, etc fall in the east part as per the mapping of the Mumbai City as North Direction is located with areas Thane, Mulund.
  4. Hence, it is clear, I should not choose the East Part which is known as a partial part of Central Mumbai.

Vastu and Astrology Tips – Which Part is the best to choose Home Direction

  1. Those who have Mesh – Aries as a Zodiac Sign should choose that City/Village/District as it will not bear good fruit for them, the struggle would be their internal part of life then.
  2. Those who have Meen Rashi – Pisces as a Zodiac Sign should avoid Agni Disha which is known as South East.
  3. Those who have Taurus ( Vrushabh ), Gemini ( Mithun ), Leo ( Sigha ), and Capricorn ( Meen ) Rashi should not choose the Central Part of Mumbai.
  4. Ancient Vastu says one should avoid residing at the corner of any city or village.
  5. The person has to choose another part/direction of the city, except their connected zodiac sign and corner shown in the chart.

Directions and Sub-Directions for Home in Vastu Sastra

  1. In ancient vastu shastra, direction is 4 Major Direction and 4 Sub-Direction, there are East, West,North and South
  1.  4 sub-direction are Ishan ( North East), South East ( Agni ) ,South West ( Neruthi ) and North West also known as Vayavya Disha.
  1. To locate direction is quite simple, you just need to stand in direction of SUN as it rises from East, hence back of yours is West Direction and right side of yours is North and South on your left side.
  1. At one point, we consider the circle as 360 degree, hence every corner ( disha ) consists of 45 degree.

House Upa-Disha in Vastu Shastra

Apart from 4 Directions and 4 Sub-Directions, there 8 Upa-Disha which is located in every sub-directions such as North of Vayavya ( North West ) and West of Vayavya ( North West ), Similarly other Sub-direction has its own 2 Up-Disha such North of North East ( Ishan ), East of North East ( Ishan ), East of Agni i.e South East and South of Agni i.e South East and similarly, we have South of Neruthi i.e South West and West of Neruthi i.e South West.

Kindly,look at the chart for clarification of Disha, Up-Disha and Vee-Disha

Why there is a Need for Up-Disha and Vee-Disha for Prosperity of Home?

It is located to know about the House Plot Direction and Road Mapping as on which path/road the Vastu is located, i.e to know the facing of the plot/premises.

  1. Vastu says that North facing Vastu means Plot having the face to North Region of Road is known as North Facing Vastu, such premises is known as Uttara-Mukhi Rasta. It is said to be auspicious Vastu.
  1. Similarly, East Facing Road – Vastu is said to be lucky and gives positives vibes to the people residing in that space.
  1. It is suggested to purchase North or East Facing Road – Vastu Khand – mean Uttar Mukhi or Poorvi Mukhi Khand.
  1. Avoid purchase for West and South – Paschim and Dakshin-Mukhi Vastu Khand.
  1. Whenever, we found more than one road facing premises, says 2 road on Vastu, it is said to be Dwimukhi or 3 roads as Tri-Mukhi Vastu Khand.
  1. Vastu Premises surrounding by 4 roads is known as Best Space to reside or occupy.

Let me know, how did you find our advice on how to finding the best direction on Vastu Tips for Home?


Nirav Hiingu