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Vastu Tips : Is Your Name Favourable to Your City

Many of my friends ask me for Vastu Tips for Searching Favourable Name and Lucky City , therefore in my last blog , I have highlighted how to choose the best and the lucky name and city as per the law and science of Numerology

Today, I will discuss how to choose the best city for you to construct your house or commercial which will not only get lucky for you but also give you health,wealth, and get aligned with your business, to achieve the desirable result in your professional and personal life.

Ancient Vastu Shastra says, whenever you are looking for a plot or premises in any city or state, the vibes of that space should match your personality to give the best result or outcome in your life.

Vaastu Shastra is extremely closely connected to Astrology which helps the Jatak ( human ) to know about its own personality and its internal vibration which when connected or sync with same frequency of vastu -the person gets a faster boost in their concerned field.

Vastu Tips for Home

We Always feel as if I have consulted the Best Astrologer and Vastu Consultant but even after creating the house or premises as per the vastu laws, i do not get the growth and happiness in my life.

Later, such people feel , either the vastu consultant does not know the complete knowledge of Vastu Shastra, or that this science is itself Fake or Pseudo-Science which is based only on Religion or faith and getting the growth is merely a luck or fortune.

Let drive into the amazing science of architecture.

Vastu Tips to Choose the City as Per the Vaastu and Astrology Science?

It is said that the owner or proprietor should always choose /search the city or state wherein zodiac sign ( indian ) of the person should comes match city zodiac sign in ascending order:

  1. Zodiac Sign of Owner should be match to either next house ( naam rashi ) of City
  2. Zodiac sign of City should be either in 4th ,8th,9th ,10th or 12th House ( rashi )

Let take one example, suppose Hina Mistry is looking to purchase a plot or start a business in Mumbai.

Then, we will look upon the Hina Mistry indian zodiac sign – which is Kark ( कर्क ) Rashi which is also known as Cancer. 

राशि क्रम
 Rashi Name
चंद्र राशि
Indian Zodiac Sign
राशि का प्रथम अक्षर 
First Letters of Name
१ मेष Meshअ ल इ  A -La – E
वृषभ Vrushabhब व् उ Ba – Va -Uh
मिथुन Mithun क छ घ  Ka – Cha – Gha
कर्क Karkड ह  Da – Ha
सिंह  Singhaम ट Ma -Ta
कन्या  Kanya प ठ ण  Pa -Tha -Rl
तुला Tulaर त  Ra – Th
वृश्चिक  Vrishikन य Na – Ya
धनु Dhanuभ ध फ ड़  Bha – Dha – Fa – Da
१०मकर Makar ख च ज  Kha – Chaa – Ja
११कुम्भ Kumbhग स श  Ga – Sa -Sha
१२ मीन  Meenद च झ Da-Chha- Jha

Now, let look upon the Mumbai zodiac sign – Mumbai start from Ma – ( म ) Letter in Devnagari hence it is Sigha Rashi in Indian zodiac which is known as Leo.

Now, look at the Kark Rashi ( Cancer ) comes at 4th rashi whereas the Mumbai City is coming (5th ) next to Kark Rashi – which is Sigha Rashi , hence Mumbai City will be favourable to Hina.

Therefore, it is advisable to Hina to work in Mumbai to start her dream project.

Also, it is suggested to look on Disha Shool, auspicious directions of the city before finalizing the plot or purchasing the premises.

I will give the detail of finding the best direction and calculation of searching the favourable space of your city as per the Vastu and Astrology in upcoming week.

Let me know, how did you find this blog on Is Your Name Favourable to Your City?


Nirav Hiingu