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3 Vastu Tips for Southwest Door Vastu for HOME

Is Southwest Door Placement good according to vastu?
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What Is SOUTH WEST Door Vastu and How Does It Work?

Placement of the door is utmost as directions, sub-directions and muhurat for Griha Vastu Pravesh.

Today i will be discussing more on placement of door and specially in South West direction heading main door because South West Door Vastu is the most important direction in vastu which govern by Rahu  and Rahu  governs health ,stability , money , property and good fortune.

Also in my Vastu practice,I am getting more of South West Door Vastu and by looking at the result of this door entry, I got excited and amazed.

Hence I thought of writing a blog on South West Door Vastu.

Main Door is said to be the Main Power in Vastu Shastra because all positive and negative get entry and exit from Main Door only.

In Vastu, it is said to be Aavak Dwar means the Entry of Income Source hence one should be careful while designing the house especially with the placement of the main door.

In Vastu, it is said that there are 36 Main Door placements/Padh. Each and every door opening (placement/padh) has different results. Like if the door placement is in exact East Direction of Vastu, then the Owner or Head of Family will be concerned about his name, fame and status in society.

He or She won’t give importance to money and will instead look after the societal norms and customs.

Hence the old saying,I remember as “Pran Jaye par Vachanna Jaye”. This East Direction people will leave money for sake of Name and Fame and work under social pressure to maintain its prestige in so-called society.

South West Door Vastu & Rahu

Since South-West direction is ruled and governed by Hershal Planet which is known to us as Rahu in Indian Astrology. This Rahu is also governing Number 4 in Numerology.

Rahu’s main or core qualities in Astro and Numerology is known for money, name, fame, recognition and rewards. Rahu is also known for the creation of Illusion in Vastu, hence whenever we find the house with South West Door Placement, here we will find the same core qualities of Rahu of creating the illusion to the owner and members of the family residing in this Vastu.

As I told you,Rahu’s main quality is creating illusion in the surrounding. Hence whenever I see such door placement – the owner undergoes severe ups and downs in his/her career because Rahu gives lots of name and recognition plus a good flow of money – but at the same time, it also gives extreme and sudden decline in the above areas.

Hence owner and its members will find that after the entry in this house (although one may have done good Vastu Pooja and Navagraha Pooja) they will suffer from lots of pain and sorrow after residing in such Vastu.

South West Door Vastu and Ailments

It is also observed that after few years, one or all members in house get ill. As I said before Rahu is planet of greed and illusion. It will give good health and money in first half of the residing of Vastu, in later part, person will always fall sick and there will be lots of expenditure and health issues such as Surgery among family members.

South West Door Vastu and Start Ups

Now a question arises, does the same rule of Vastu Shastra apply to commercial spaces? YES it does, I will say, Space such as Commercial Gala, Office, Shops,etc with South West facing Door Placement also gives same reading as in residential complex.

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Such companies with South West Door Vastu door get faster growth in business. Their brands get fast visibility and sales revenue touch sky in few months/years.

At such point of time Chairperson or Founders Members feel that their strategy and business acumen is working, and later the brand start getting degrading, and slowly and steadily we can see the downfall of brand as well as startups.

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Such is the tremendous effect of Rahu Dwar– South West Door Vastu

What to do if my house or office has South West Door Vastu ?

Threshold (Umro in Gujrati):

The Threshold which is also known as Delhleej in Hindi and Umro in Gujrati has to be kept clean and neat.

The Owner or care taker should draw Om on left hand side of threshold and Shree in right hand side of threshold and in centre draw Swastik.

South West Door Vastu

After the placement of all above 3 sacred elements,one should put bindis (7 in numbers) on both the side – between Om & Swastik and between Swastik & Shree.

This element needs to be created with Kumkum mix with water and draw it with your ring finger in early morning.

While drawing this sacred elements, chant mantras either your Istha Mantra or Gayatri Mantra or any sacred mantra you have firm belief in.

Is Southwest Door Placement good according to vastu?

Placement of Lord Ganesha

Owner or care taker should place Picture or Photo frame or Pic placed in Tiles of Lord Ganesha above the Main Door (outside). One should take care that Ganesha should have left handed trunk position.

Few clients ask me as why there is only need to put Ganesha pic or Idol here and why not Hanuman or Laxmi or some auspicious Deity?

I recommend this Deity, because the South West direction is governed by the Rahu planet and the Deity which governs Rahu and its element (Earth Element ) is Lord Ganesha.

Hence one should place Ganesha above the main door exactly in middle of the door and daily pray to him by offering or showering him with Agarbatti and offer either Saffron or Sindoor Tilak on his Ganesha forehead.

Any questions about Vastu Shastra or South West Door Placement? Ask them in comments section below.


Nirav Hiingu



    A very well written, informative article . There is always a hidden fear in everyone’s mind regarding vastu dosh in their house or office. Gaining crisp knowledge through such blogs is always helpful.
    The supporting pictures of door, threshold and lord Ganesha with left-handed trunk are so very self-explanatory.
    Keep writing and sharing knowledge, Nirav.

  2. Deepika Rane

    We got a rented home for six months until we find good property for purchase. I read your article and want to ask is south west door is really that bad? I read your whole article but still feeling little scared about did we made mistake?

    • Hi Deepika ,

      No need to worry in such case you can apply the remedies as

      1) Place Lord Vishnu ideally Ram Hanuman Tiles above the Main Door
      2) Create Sindoor mix chameli Oil – create this paste and draw Swastik next to Hanuman Tiles.
      3) Perfom one in a month – Satya Narayan Katha.
      4) Chant daily Hanuman Chalisa once only.

      Hope, this remedy would help you to balance the energy level in your new house, by the way , congrats for your new house.

      Stay Bless,

      Nirav Hiingu

  3. Kishore Malagimani

    My new office entrance is east facing and its in south west corner, so is it beneficial for me ? and may i shift my office to this place ? please inform me as soon as possible.

    • Dear Kishore ji,

      Since just by looking at one parameter I can’t say or predict any remedy , better you consult to a good vastu consultant to look after the complete vastu of your office.In vastu , we need to visit to the site to look carefully each and every aspect minutely.

      Nirav Hiingu

  4. Vishwas B

    Hello Sir,

    My name is Vishwas, I am living in Dubai.

    I am finalizing a rented studio apartment which has the main door facing South west direction.

    Is it good or bad. My family is staying in India they usually come here for a month or two.

    Please advise , I am finalizing the contract soon.

    • Dear Vishwasji,

      Since the South West Door Placement is not good as per the vastu shastra , and exact door placement can be rectify by dividing the wall of the zone in 9 part – and then see where the South West door is located – read the article – https://www.occultspeak.com/32-door-placement/.

      Now since you are living in rented apartment which can’t be replaced faster , so in meanwhile you can opt for following remedies

      1) Stick a tiles pic of Hanuman ji ( if possible ) outside ( above ) the main door.
      2) Chant Hanuman Chalisa 1 daily and 11 times on every Tuesday night.
      3) Take a sindoor mix with chameli or mogra oil and make a paste , now with ringer finger make SWASTIK with this paste on above the Main Door.

      Nirav Hiingu

  5. Mohan Kumar BS

    I have bought a house with south west entrance door ( door on the west) ,I am fearing to go to the house after knowing it’s bad.
    I have left the house vacant from the time I have bought. So pls get me a solution

    • Hi,

      I have already mentioned remedies – in blog

      1) Ganesha Pic Plate on above the Main Door ( outside the door )
      2) Swastika- Om and Shree markation daily with Kum-Kum mix with either Gangajal or pure water and paste with auspicious mark.
      3) Perform Greha Vastu Poojan .
      4) Placed Vastu Yantra and once in a month or once in 3 month , keep RamCharit Manas Pooja (recitation ) or Satya-Narayan Pooja.

  6. niki

    As per your suggestion, if we put Ganesha pic, shree, omm, swastik and 7 bindis, Is SW directions door (rahu effects) will reduced?

  7. Sanjay

    As you mention Om on left side and Shree in right hand side.

    Pls. suggest while enter main gate , than left side Om and right side Shree or during exit.

  8. Rita Das

    Dear sir/ma’am our house is facing south/west direction so..which colour is used for our house

  9. Dear sir / madam

    We are going to finalise a rented house which is having main door at southwest corner facing to west . Is it is good to move into that apartment
    Pls answer me

    • Not a good space to live , but since it is south west corner and if you are planning for 12 months only then you may opts for this space. in remedy u can place Ganesh and Hanuman Pic on above Main Door and apply Swastik with Sindoor mix with Chameli Tel and draw this Swastik ( which should be around 6=7 inch ) on any Tuesday or Saturday..Best Wishes

  10. Nishant Lakhotia

    Hi sir..my entry is east of the south east side…is it very bad or can i live in this flat..

  11. In this way, i can’t give you exact remedy, vastu is more of physical visit of space, better see to vastu consultant.

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