The Ultimate Guide To 32 Door Placement

Door Placement: In Vastu Shastra Chakra in 4 directions, 32 Demigods are situated and are called 32 pad/mukhya dwar. Today we will study – The auspicious/ill-effect of making the main door – in those 32 Pada in the Vastu chakra?

10 Lessons About Door Placement To Learn Before You Built your Space


1)Shikhi: If the Main Door is situated in this location then it gives big losses, grief, and fear of fire.

2) Pajanya: This placement gives mourning, poverty, anxiety and the family has one daughter only.

3) Jayant: This placement gives wealth and prosperity.

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4) Indra: This placement gives respect from the royal family and government.

5) Surya: This placement gives enough money for survival. It is also said by eminent Vastu experts that this door placement also gives extreme anger as SUN is the fire element.

6) Satya: This placement gives an invitation to theft, the birth of baby girls only, a person becomes untrue to self and others.

7) Bhusha: This placement gives rise to cruelty, extreme anger and many times the couple suffers infertility due to which they remain childless forever.

8) Antarikh: This placement gives theft, fear of loss of near and dear.

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9) Anil: This placement gives a lack of children in couples, and sometimes invite death through an accident.

10) Pusha: This placement gives bondage and slavery.

11) Vitath: This door placement gives rise to fear of unknown origin and Loneliness.

12) Brihasath: This placement brings lots of wealth and good obedient son to the family.

13) Yama: This placement gives rise to high profit in job and business. A few Scholars say that this door gives rise to fear and anxiety.

14) Gandharva: This placement brings bravery, big name, and fame.

15) Bhringraj: This door placement gives theft, loss of finance, ailments.

16) Mrig: This placement decreases your son’s strength, immunity, makes you weak and the whole family suffers from some of the other ailments.

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17) Pita: This placement damage your reputation, loss to your son in job and business, and rises in enemies.

18) Dowarik: This placement gives sorrow to females energies – i.e daughter/mother/wife in your house, rise in enemies.

19) Sugriva: This placement gives wealth and prosperity. It gives faster growth in life.

20) Puspadanta: This placement gives an obedient son and high profits in business/promotion in the job.

21) Varun: This placement gives business growth and healthy life to couples ( saubhagya prapti ).

22) Asur: This placement gives rise to ill-fortune and fear from the state government.

23) Shosh: This placement invites bad luck, loss of wealth and complete bankruptcy.

24) PaapYakshma: This placement invites lifestyle diseases and grief.

25) Rog: As the name itself says, this placement gives severe ailments, mental stress, bondage, slavery life, rise in enemies.

26) Nag: This placement gives rises in enemies, weak in decision making, sorrow, negative feminine energies such as irritation to the spouse, mother, and gynaecological disorders.

27) Mukhya: This placement gives severe loss in professional life, all the work credit goes to other people. Few Scholars says that placement gives a high profit in professional life to which I don’t agree.

28) Bhalaad: This placement gives sudden growth, money, name, and property.

29) Som: This placement gives an obedient son, helps in wealth creation, happy family life.

30) Bhujang: This placement gives lots of enemies to your son and daughter. Few scholars say it is profitable for new businesses.

31) Aditi: This placement attracts negative feminine energies such as irritation to the spouse, mother and gynaecological disorders, hostile to enemies, fear of the unknown origin.

32) Diti: This placement gives severe loss in business, new projects, ailments, and lots of hurdles in career.

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Ustang Dwar: If the door placement – Main Door is only one in number for entrance and exist then it is said to be auspicious and gives saubhagya, wealth, good family life, richness, and contentment.

Savya Dwar: After Entering the house, if there is one more main door or equivalent to the main door on the right side, then it is not auspicious as it brings many obstacles, enemies, loss in finance, stubborn children.


The house should be divided into 8 parts in 4 directions.

3rd door placement is the best in East directed Wall.

5th door placement is the best in the West and North Wall.

6th door placement is good in the South wall.

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