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Ten Unbelievable Facts About Psychic Number 1

Ten Unbelievable Facts About Psychic Number 1

Master Secrets of Numerology 1 and Psychic Number-1

Today I will brief you about the Name Numerology 1 and Fate Number ONE also known to us as  Psychic Number-1 and their  behaviour pattern, just as  every human being has certain traits unique to them, similarly every planet exudes a fixed nature which has been used as a standard parameter of certain traits since ages, so without wasting your time I would like to move to the secret of soul urge number.

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The Sun is considered as the  KING of all planets.  He is said to be the most supreme among all the planets and administers all the solar planets. Hence due to his leading nature, he is considered as The Supremo in the planetary system. The  Psychic Number-1 assigned to SUN as KING.

People who born on the dates of any month namely 1, 10, 19 and 28 are born with an inbuilt behavior of The SUN, hence said to have Psychic Number-1.  These people are very firm in their decisions, have high self-esteem and confidence and are extremely ambitious in nature. Being highly ambitious these people are sometimes Psychic Number 1 very rigid in nature also because they do not want to hear and consider other people’s opinion and look at their point of view.

They have Rajasik Prakruti hence they won’t like to work under the team, even if they work under the team or superior person at Job they do the work in a style unique to them.  Such people are seen changing their Jobs frequently due to their high self-esteem and won’t like to crush their ego in front of other people, hence being people of principles, they always seek people who are having the same frequency, and have high IQ  level. Psychic Number-1 people like to take their decisions based on logic rather than on emotion(s).

Now let me gives you key pointers to this Psychic Number-1 :

  • These people want other people to obey their orders and complete the assigned work within the deadline.
  • They don’t like to see discrimination among others or in their own team hence they are good arbitrators.
  • Psychic No 1 is associated  The Head with The SUN hence, these people are logical and also many times suffer from high-stress levels, and they are seen doing multiple works at once; which leads to STRESS at work.

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  • They won’t follow others instruction/advise as it seems to be Slavery according to them. Those trying to give them advice tick them off.
  • The Best thing about these Psychic Number 1 is That, they won’t blindly say yes to anything, wherever they feel the person is speaking The TRUTH they will support him/her but won’t yes in all matters.
  • Psychic Number 1 hate people who are incapable of having a firm opinion and integrity ( Double Dholki ) in Hindi and will be affronted by such behavior.
  • People with The Sun – Psychic Number 1  get help from others real quick, they also get name and fame in their middle age.
  • These people are good friends, Once they make friends they will do anything for their close friends as Friendship for them is very special.
  • Having high self-esteem, they also spend money lavishly without thinking about their own savings, along with a high living standard they also possess a Big Heart.
  • People who are having Both – Date of Birth @ total Sum 1 and Mulank mean Psychic Number 1 ( date of birth  ) as 1 are more prone towards Spiritualism, they do like to go deep and into details, but having overall SUN quality many times they suffer a lot due to this their Ethics.

LUCKY NUMBER: 1 ,10,19 ,28

LUCKY DAY: Sunday, Monday, and Thursday

LUCKY MONTH:  April, May, November, and December

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LUCKY GEM: Manek/Ruby


Physical structure: Their looks are very good, fair complexion, with sparkling eyes.

Ailment: People with Psychic Number 1 generally suffer from ailments of the Brain, Spleen, and Heart.

Note: These people should worship Lord SUN by chanting it’s 1 or 5 mala daily to get blessings and to avoid unnecessary hassle and obstacles in life, One should give Surya Madhya and chant Surya mantra early morning – while looking at The Rising SUN.


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Nirav Hiingu


  1. Very well researched article. THANK YOU

  2. pritesh shah

    Is numerology seen in janma tithi the same way the birthdate.

    • Nirav Hingu

      Hi Pritesh ,

      I have always tried and tested this methodology in Date of Birth only not on Janma Tithi wise but it’s a nice idea as we should do research by doing and working on Tithi wise , if i get any updates or latest know how of this methodology then i will published it on my blog…Thanks again for idea.

  3. I was born in 25 but can’t see my number here!

    • Nirav Hingu

      Shakir ,

      Your No. 25 ( i.e 2 plus 5 is 7 ) hence look reading 7 Neptune.

  4. Sumit

    Very informative and helpful

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