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One Secrets About Numerology Only A Handful Of People Know

One Secret About Numerology Only A Handful Of People Know

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Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Numerology 

In my series of Numerology, I have given detailed information about Planets, its nature, numbers assigned to each planet, its inbuilt qualities etc. Today I will provide you with an excellent methodology of Indian Numerology which is mentioned in Indian manuscript named as Samar-Saar. Indian Numerology works on the same principle as Western Numerology but the only difference is that alphabets are different.Few Numerologists also created Numerology Calculator which gives instant result but would not give that accuracy.

In Indian Numerology, Devanagari alphabets are assigned to certain energy centers known as planets. Similarly, Hebrews and Egyptians consider English alphabets for their readings. There are other methods also to find the reading in Indian and Western Numerology wherein we find Numerology Compatibility through different methods . 911 and 922 is one such reading which help to move person to higher altitude. If time persist then i would like to write few topic like 911 ,922 ,Numerology Compatibility ,Angel Number etc.

I have taken this methodology based on Indian System – Samar-Saar. Although I believe both Eastern and Western Schools of thought are correct and have equal weight-age. Thus, I will teach you the method known as Jay-Parajay Prashyna. In this method, you have to convert every Indian alphabet into numbers and do the calculations.Like in a previous blog I have mentioned the Pythagoras Method – which is very simple to understand and easy to do the calculations.

One Secret About Numerology Only A Handful Of People Know

Now, suppose a situation arises wherein your client or you want to decide who will win or fail in a certain situation. Say for example There is legal court case pending in the Court of Law at Mumbai and a friend of Mine – Say Mr Ram comes and asks me – “Nirav, today is final hearing of my case, will I win or lose”?

Then I have to convert Ram’s name and his defence party’s name into the number then after adding all the sum of the name – divide by No.8, whatever is the bigger digit in the remainder left, will be the final answer.

Indian Numerology numbers assigned to Devnagari Letters as given below :

अ-5 आ-5  इ-3 ई-3  उ-3  ऊ-6  ए-6 ऐ-8 ओ-8 औ-8 अं-9 अ: -1

 क-5 ख-5 ग-3 घ-3 ङ-9 च-3 छ-6 ज-6 झ-8  ट-8 ठ-8 ड-9 ढ-5  त-5 थ-3 द-3 ध-3 न-6 प-6 फ-8 ब-8 भ-8 म-9 य-5 र-5 ल-3 व-3 श-6 ष-6 स-6 ह-8 ञ-8 क्ष-8  ज्ञ-9

Now in the above case, When Ram comes to me to consult as who will win the case, it is me or my defence party – Mr.Hari.

Now let’s convert name into Number

र-5 + आ-5  + म-9 = 19

ह-8 + र-5 + इ-3 = 16

Now divide Ram’s name total which 19 by 8 which gives remaining digits as 3

Whereas Hari’s Name total which is 16 by 8 which gives remaining digits as zero.

Hence in the above case, Ram remaining digit after dividing by 8 we get 3 whereas Hari’s remaining digit is Zero, So Mr Ram will definitely win this case in his final hearing. In case where both parties -whether Prosecution or Defence get same reminder no then consider to have settlement with mutual understanding.

Let me know how you find this blog on Numerology?


Nirav Hiingu



  1. Chirag

    Why is divided by 8 whats the reason behind that

  2. Aditi

    Wow i just love this

  3. Darshinee

    It’s the example given of a case who will win but normal business name if we keep in hindi what would be the calculation? In that also we have to divide or just counting the numbers and the total would be the number?

    • Darshinee,

      For business name numerology we have to consider English Alphabets no matter whether you keep firm named in Hindi Devnagari .

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