At Last, The Secret To Skin, Fat and Mazza Is Revealed

In my last 2 blogs on Angha Vidya, we have discussedUnmaan – Height, Maan – Weight and Sahanti– Body Movement and Rhythm aspect. In this blog, we will discuss the Saar aspect of Medh ( Fat ) and Mazza ( Bone Marrow ), which consists of:

Medh (Fat),
Mazza (Bone Marrow),
Charma (Skin)

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जानिए मानव शरीर के रहस्य चर्म, चरबी और मज़्ज़ा से ?

Medh (Fat):

According to Occult Science, a person who has a good amount of Fat in the body is considered to be an auspicious human being. He/She is said to be Wealthy, Healthy, Youthful, Good at balancing work and life, peaceful and always found to be helpful in nature.

Mazza (Bone Marrow):

Here when I talk about Mazza, it means bone marrow because in ShuddhaHindi and in Occult Science Mazza is considered as Bone Marrow. Hence Scholars in Occult Science, consider Bone Marrow as a major factor in analyzing human nature.
It is said that a proper proportion and sometimes extreme of Mazza is said to have more of Wealth and Children.

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Charma (Skin):

With regards to Charma (Skin) Western Scholars give the following views:

1- If one has sensitive skin just like that of a born child, then such person is extremely delicate in nature, emotional, good at communication, but sometimes he/she will behave weirdly in relationships.

Because of the sensitivity and their behaviour pattern is very childish and moreover, they have an immature mindset.

Due to the immature nature, sometimes they have to depend on other people for their daily needs.

They get disheartened when someone makes fun about them or gossip about them.

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2- If the skin texture is thick, flexible and shining, then such humans like art and craft, they are automatically inclined towards natural beauty. They believe in Business Etiquette and don’t like to misbehave in social forums.

They don’t like to sit ideal but they have a maturity and are good at decision making.

They like music and beauty and are surrounded by elite class.

3- If the skin texture is extremely dry and rough then such people have a lethargic attitude but are hard-working, they lack business etiquettes, lack dressing sense, are interested in sports and physical activity.

His/her voice is very heavy during conversations and they speak loudly. They laugh loudly which sometimes irritate others as well. They speak without any hesitation.

Due to their harsh nature, they like high sound music, rap songs, and pub music as well.

They believe in quantity rather than quality, even while going for shopping they always look for price tag rather on the quality of the product(s).

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4- Extremely tight skin people are good at physical hard work, they don’t like people who back-bite people. They have a ruffling voice. They have good WILL POWER, they don’t get influenced by other people’s opinions because they are firm on their own decision and once they have decided on their thoughts, they hardly change their decision.

They are good at execution of work but don’t like to follow other people, neither they like to work under other directions. In a way, they follow their own intuition and create their own path. Hence, I can say- they are TRUE LEADERS. Rarely they get laziness in their work zone.

5- Dry and light weak skin texture shows that human is extremely inactive by brain and heart. They need a hard push from other people.

Although they have a good balance of physical appearance and voice, they cross their own limits and go out of the way and create MESS in their relationship. They don’t know how and where they have to make a full stop in their conversation.

Hence, when they are in some conversation/discussion, one should be cautious because if their opinion is not considered then they argue a lot and become short tempered and restless at that time.

Hence, they are found more in defence mode rather than an assertive mode. Therefore we can say that such people are found to be stubborn.

6- Whitish and Sticky texture skin depict good maturity and decision making power. They think a lot before executing any work. They sometimes overthink and due to this attitude they sometimes miss the big opportunities.

They also have a high level of alertness and due to an ‘extremely cautious’ attitude, they feel under-confident and suspicious on every single movement.

Hence, in critical situations, they sometimes become timid in nature and often shout when things go out of their control. Whenever they see the success and wealth of others, they become Jealous.

7 – Brownish, Festoon colour and blackish complexion are pessimistic in nature and extremely impulsive in nature. But their observation power is very good. They are good at listening. They are restless by nature, but they hide their feelings. They are good at execution and do not like to make strategies and planning.

They are good at memorizing events and people. In critical times, they become unrealistic and superstitious.

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Nirav Hiingu