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Learn the Science behind Body Movement,Posture and Rhythms

Learn the Science behind Body Movement ,Posture and Rhythms

Learn the Science behind Body Movement, Posture and Rhythms

In the previous blog on Shareer Lakshan Vigyan, we have discussed on Unmaan ( Height ) and Maan ( Weight). Today we will discuss on Gati – The bodily movements and Sahanti – body posture and rhythms.  

Gati – mean Chal – the body movement of a human while walking.

10 Things To Know About Body Posture

The reading for different Gati’s are as follows:

  1. Those having Gati of Swan, Parrot and Vulture are said to live a life of King Size. They are surrounded by Elite class of people and the whole lifestyle goes in the royal family.
  2. Those having Gati of Elephant, Lion and Bull are said to have an auspicious life with all the desires getting fulfilled through their own Purushatha.( Actions )
  3. Those having Gati of Weasel are said to have a life full of prosperity. They do not get depleted by lack of money in their life. Their little efforts bring good fortune to their life.
  4. Those having Gati ( body movement ) of Jackal, Donkey, Bull, Rabbit and Deer are said to be very coward and live in searching of their basic needs, they lack goal and action on their life and are dependable on others for their living. These people do lots of hard work for their earning.
  5. Gati of Crow and Owl are said to have a life full of fear and anxiety.
  6. Gati of Dog, Camel, Pig and Frog said to be un-auspicious and their whole life is full of sorrow. They always make mistakes and do not learn from their own mistakes.
  7. Gati of Tiger and Peacock is said to be the Best one as they rule and attract the world. Hence those having Gati of Tiger and Peacock are said to live Life of a King. They attract wealth and prosperity and have high Vision in their life. They are good Mentors and can guide the Human Race with his/her high thoughts, imagination and actions.
  8. Gati ( Body Movement ) of Frog is said to be unlucky and they are deprived of all the pleasures and basic needs. These people get scared of small issues and obstacles. They need attention and coaching from others to complete their work.
  9. According to Angha Vidya – those who walk on earth but do not have any noise are said to be best human and are considered Uttam Purusha in Shastra.
  10. While those having noise while walking on earth are said to be un-auspicious and lack respect in society. Their life is full of misery and always work hard for money, but are unable to make enough money for their survival.

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Meaning of Sahanti – Body Posture in Angha Vidya

3 Unbelievable Facts About Body Posture

The body posture and rhythm while walking is said to be Sahanti in Hindu Angha Vidya.

It is said that those who have proper body posture while speaking, sitting and walking are said to be Uttam Shanti and being blessed with all happiness and completeness in life.

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Whereas those body posture and rhythm while walking are uneven and feel the imbalance, then those humans lack clarity in their life. Their decision making power is weak and are unable to complete the work without guidance and planning prepared from others.

They need directions and strong motivation as there is a lack of self-confidence in their life.

In Next blog, we will discuss on Saar.

Let me know how you find this blog on Body Movement and Body Posture ?


Nirav Hiingu


  1. Amazing Nirav Bhai, thanks for sharing knowledge on Gati and body posture. Really helpful 🙂

  2. Suman

    Great write up Nirav ji ! It is an eye- opener..We can easily judge people around us by a little bit of practice and in-depth knowledge .
    Can we consciously change the movement / walking/posture to bring the desired changes?

    • Hi Suman ji,

      We can change our body language and movement, consciously but this will create a disturbance to our own subconscious mind, hence better to clear in our own karmas which will create a positive effect on our mind body and soul.

      Secondly , Don’t judge people based on merely 1 or 3 traits , this science or any other occult based studies is not made just to judge or make strong positive or negative perception on people /personality because human is bundle of emotions and we all have plus and minus in our life, let keep growing our pluses and reject our minuses making beautiful world around us.


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