How to Identify Backstabber in Handwriting Analysis?

We often come across such people especially in Corporate World who are a backstabber. They do talk so sweet in front of their colleague but as the room gets vacant they start with talking bad about the people.

Myself being into Corporate life saw many professional going through such mindset.

I always wondering as of why such mindset create and what could be the reason behind this mindset.

After going through many handwriting sample and Signature of Top Managers and Executive I get one common trait to this behaviour pattern.

The mindset of Behind BackStabbing

This People childhood is seen with lots of UP and Down plus they have always seen their parent talking sweet manner to each other in open forum but as their leave each other, they start talking bad to a third person.

Let take an example :

Mr Vibhuti is working in big MNC and been into Managerial position people trust him due to his intelligent and efficiency.

SAY Vibhuti has 2 friends Rajesh and Manan who are close to Vibhuti as a colleague.

Whenever meeting happens between trios, they talk openly about the company, bosses, work culture etc.

But once Manan left the room, Vibhuti will talk a bad word about Manan to Rajesh. He will pinpoint all small errors in his professional and personal life.

Similarly, whenever Rajesh left the room, Vibhuti will do the same thing again, will talk about Rajesh to Manan as how he reacts about the situation and what kind of mess he created about him.

How to detect Backstabber in Handwriting Analysis ?

What Make Person BackStabber?

Such people have seen in childhood their parents and relative talking sweet to each other and once they are separate, start talking ill about themselves.

For Example: In the above-mentioned story – Mr.Vibhuti – who is a backstabber – in his childhood has seen many a times parents as the sweet talker.

Once when Vibhuti was a 5-year-old child – her mother scolds him for some mistake made by child vibhuti, been hurt by her mother, a child went to his father and told about the mother behaviour to his father.

Now instead of making the child remind of his mistake – father talk diplomatically to a child saying: Mother has behaved because she loves you lots and that is the reason she scolds you and started Pampering the child.

Now the same things happen after week with a child where father scolds him for his mistake. Again the same episode repeats when the child went to Mother and she reacts the way her husband ( vibhuti ‘s father ) did.

Further, when this child Vibhuti grow up and become adult he will talk to people very sweetly but once the person left the room, will talk at his back – Hence the mindset of Backstabbing is develop with dual personality at a subconscious level.

This is all because his mind is the programme to backstab other in their absence and hence he shows up a Dual Personality.

How to detect Backstabber in Handwriting Analysis ?


Make a Note that such people handwriting sample will contain Letter a with cutting in middle section of Letter A but it will be only considered when the word start with letter A with the first letter gets cut from the left-hand side.

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Nirav Hiingu