Angha Vidya – Shareer Lakshan Vigyan शरीर लक्षण विज्ञान

Shareer Lakshan Vigyan is an Indian tool to verify and know human behaviour based on body structure, voice and language. Hence we can say that body language is a small part of Lakshan Vigyan.

It has been used for ages, from the era of Ramayan and Mahabharata. People used to guess the human behaviour-based on body movements and gestures.( Body Language ).

Sharir Lakshan Vigyan is also known as Anga Vidya orLakshan Shastra (Body Language) in Indian Astrology –Samudrik Shastra.

In modern days, Western Astrologer and Philosopher also do research on Ang Vidya, but due to the Geographical and Climate changes, we can’t consider their research and reading with Asian Countries.

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Angha Vidya - Sharee Lakshan Vigyan शरीर लक्षण विज्ञान


The Brahat Sahita Script

Brahat Sahita says: “UnmaanMangatiSahatiSaarvarna, SnehamSwaram,PrakrutiSatvaManookmado, ShetraMunzam Cha VividhaKushaloVilokya Samudra Vid-dani, Yatamnagatam Va.”

Above script says: Anga Vidya consist or divided into 10 parts which include

  • Unmaan –height, Maan – Weight, Gati –Chaal, Sahati – Proper rhythm of body parts
  • Saar –Medh (fat), Mazza, Charma, Bone, Sperm, Blood and Fat deposition
  • Varna – Body Color
  • Sneha – Chiknai – Texture
  • Swar – Voice modulation
  • Prakruti – Attitude toward others
  • Satva – Chit Dharma
  • Anook – Past life face description
  • Shetra – Different body parts
  • Munja – Kranti – Glow of body

What Does Angha Vidya depict – 10 Parts & Their Meanings

In this blog series, we will give glimpses on above 10 pointers in brief.

Unmaan: Here Unmaan means the height of human being.

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Methodology: Make a person stand straight, take a thread and measure the height from head to toes. Now cut the thread and take the measurement of your middle finger phalanges – 2nd Phalanges /2 portion of a finger.

The unit in Anga Vidya is measured as “Angul”. Here angul refers from Anguli mean finger.

Now, if the Thread is measuring to 108 Anguls then it is said to be the best measurement in Anga Vidya. If it is measuring 100 Angul then it is called as Madhyam and if it is 90 Angul then it is Nikruth.

Few Scholars considered 100 Angul as Best (Uttamkoti Purusha) , 96 Angul as Madhayama and 84 Anguls as NikruthaKoti.

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Few Traditional Scholar prefers to have 2nd Phalange of Thumb instead of the middle finger.

According to Unmaan, 108 Angul is said to be the Best human who attains Name, Fame and High position in Society. He/she has a healthy and prosperous life.

Madhayam means those who live life as a Normal human with limited resources and get its survival within limited time and money. These people don’t think about long term goals. They want to live within their own shell and do not like to take risks in their life.

Nikruth mean those humans who are always looking for material gain and sex, their life motto is only food, shelter and sex. They are said to be under the category of Animal – PashuVruti.Just as an animal does not think and act, similarly these people do not think, neither they have wisdom and knowledge. Hence they have been classified as NikruthKoti Purusha.

Maan: (Weight): Here it means the height of the individual. In traditional Anga Vidya – genderwise, boys below 25 and girls below are not considered to take height for measurement in Unmaan.

Anga Vidya says those whose body weight is “DedhaBhar” are said to be best human and they will always be respected in society and nation as a whole. They get dignity and high position in politics.

Those whose body weight is“EkBhar” are said to have a good flow of money and they live a luxurious lifestyle.

A person having  ”ÁdhaBhar” as body weight is said to have the life with limited resources and live with all the needs he/she desires. But it is limited to the lifestyle and money matter. Here we can refer to Middle-Class People in modern times.

Person weight measuring less than “ÁdhaBhar” are said to live the life of sorrow, misery and depression.

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Now we will discuss above the measurement of BHAR according to Anga Vidya.

How much is ONE BHAR, Script says: we have to look upon the following unit to consider 1 Bhar.

5 Gunja (Guguchi) – 1 Masha

16 Masha – 1 Kasha

4 Kasha – 1 Pal

100 Pal – 1 Tula

20 Tula – 1 Bhar

Let me know how you find this blog on Shareer Lakshan Vigyan?


Nirav Hiingu