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How to Get Date of Marriage Prediction by Numerology ?

How to Get Date of Marriage Prediction by Numerology ?

Numerology: How to get Marriage Prediction with the date of birth.

Many times people (especially young girls /boys do come up ) with question-related to marriage prediction.

When will I get married and to whom?

When will I get married according to my date of birth?

Will I get Marry this year Or Next Year?

Will my daughter get proper soul mate she is looking for?

And many such questions arrive in people mind regard to Marriage and related issues.

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I have been always researching for getting answers to this queries in occult science practice, There are many methodologies in Astrology wherein one can find out the exact year the person get married.
Even in Palmistry, there is the method to find out as in which year – the person will get married, whether it is Love or Arranged Marriage.

People go to Astrologer and Numerologist to consultation in astrology for marriage by date of birth.

Even few people look in the search engine as Free Marriage Prediction but those software or app gives you exact match neither predict the marriage date.

We as a Life Coach/Occult Consultant try to find out some Astro birth chart is so good of a couple still then also after marriage, there we saw lots of difference of opinion and disputes among family members and newly married couple.

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Marriage is made in Heaven – This is old saying, but my practice I meet many couples who do not believe in Astrology and occult science and still their marriage are good and few those people who believe in Luck – and after going through complete verification of birth chart – they enter into marriage but later Marriage Life get destroyed.

During my practice, I get to know that even Vaastu Shastra and your Past Life Karmas played vital roles in marriage prediction. Very soon I will write one blog on Vaastu and Marriage, as of how your house vaastu affect your marriage life.

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Coming back to the topic today we will discuss as for how we as a Numerologist can find out the possibilities of marriage by simple formulae through Indian Numerology.

So when such a prospect comes to you to ask as when s/he will get marry Or Whether s/he will get married this year or not? What are possibilities of marriage prediction?

Ask the Prospect/Client to choose any Number in Between 1- 15 only.

Whichever number s/he chooses – the below said reading will be applicable.

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1- This would be Impossible
2- Delay
3–Yes, the desired work will get complete
4- There is the low rate of success in this work/Doubtfulness in work.
5- Success after lots of hurdles/obstacles
7- Success after a few obstacles
9– Delay is Obvious
10–Won’t possible at All
11- You need to give more efforts, you will get Definate Success
12- No Doubt for Success.
13- All your effort won’t give you the desired outcome.
14– Do not give up – Success is very close to you.
15–Sooner you will hear Good News.

Let me know how you find this blog on marriage prediction?

Nirav Hiingu


  1. Vivek Sharma

    Hi…A friend of mine is not getting married even at 36 yrs,and is getting depressed due to this.Is there any possibility of marriage according to her chart.Please guide…thanks…Deeksha 11/04/1983,09:45 am,Mumbai.

    • Hi Vivek,

      Will write one blog on this subject sooner, meanwhile you can tell deeskha to chant Mantra – Al Latifu 108 and Ganesh Mantra 108 times daily facing towards east in early morning for minimum 120 days.

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