Why Is Lifepath-8 So Hard & Philosophical number in Numerology?

Secrets of Success Number 8 ( Lifepath 8 & Psychic 8 ) in Numerology


Number assigned to Saturn planet is 8. The best part of people ( both Life path  8  and Psychic No.8 ) is that if they has done some good deeds in past life then they get a luxurious lifestyle and faster in current birth due to blessings of Lord Shanidev.

Saturn is planet of judgement hence those who re born on 8 ,17 and 26 under influence of Saturn i.e having Pyschic No.8 . Even few Numerologists says the Lifepath 8 has same highest power compare to Psychic Number 8.


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In Numerology Life path 8 or Lifepath Number 8 mean those complete date of birth ( sum to DOB ) comes to 8 .

For Example – If some one is born on 14th January 1982 Hence the calculation comes as

1+4 ( date of birth ) plus 1 ( Birth of month ) plus 1 +9+8+2 ( Date of Year ) = 26 ( 2 + 6 ) = 8

Hence the person born on 14th January 1982 considered as Lifepath Number 8 or Lifepath 8

This people are good at observing and judging the people , they are excellent at forecasting the future and upcoming phenomena hence it is seen those who are born at Saturn date and has  planning and strategy making position , they are good at creating new ideas and leading the team of people and has higher vision.


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Special Characteristics of this Number 8  are ,they do their work slowly and steadily.


Because Saturn is good at forecasting ,people ( NUMBER 8 ) in Executive position elevate the growth of the organization through administration skills and future vision and upcoming threats.


Key Pointer to this Number 8  :

  • Good at research work
  • This people are more of introvert and like to stay aloof .
  • They want to do their work without any interference and if someone create obstacles in their work ,they bounce back with lots of anger.
  • They like challenges but will only revert once they get opportunities to do so.
  • Like to work for the cause like social work but did not expect any thing in return.
  • Do lots of analysis in personal as well as professional zone,hence they get irritate early.
  • They win the trust of people very faster and like to be with people only but on other side whenever they felt low either in energy level or sad they like to stay aloof.
  • They re good at spiritualism and if planet guru is stronger then they likely to enter and show intrest in occult science or studies.
  • Don’t like to do physical struggle hence always look for mental work and that too in smart way.
  • This people earn good amount of money at job as well as at business.
  • Good at solving the critical issues hence they can be good Guide/Coach.
  • Like to roam and explore the place which has natural heritance.


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Physical Structure

Whether Lifepath 8 or Psychic Number 8 they both have good physique with oval round face.

LUCKY NUMBER : 8 , 26, 17

LUCKY DAY :  Wednesday and Saturday

LUCKY MONTH : April ,May ,Sept and October


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LUCKY GEM : Blue Sapphire /Turquoise Sapphire

LUCKY FLOWER : Aaakda plant flower which Hindus offer its leave to Lord Hanuman

Ailments : Brain ,Stomach ,Spine ( especially backpain ) , Spleen & Liver .

Note : Number 8  should worship Lord Shanidev and Or Lord Hanuman god by chanting its 1 or 5 mala daily to get blessing and to avoid unnecessary hassle and obstacles in life OR can keep Fasting on Tuesday and Saturday

SHANI MANTRA :  “Om aem rim shreem shanis-charay namah”


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