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Expressing oneself through handwriting is a unique way to communicate ideas, emotions, and personality traits.

One aspect of handwriting that is often analyzed is the slant. People who write with a left slant are known to be introverted, sensitive, and creative. They may also be more likely to be perfectionists and have a strong sense of intuition.

There are both positive and negative aspects to left-slant handwriting. On a positive note, the left-slant writers often exhibit thoughtfulness and introspection. 

They may also be more creative and imaginative. 

However, the left-slant writers may also be more introverted and shy. They may also be more sensitive to criticism and have a tough time taking risks.

Parenting Role in Child with Left Slant Handwriting

If your child has left-slant handwriting, there are ways to help. First, encourage them to express themselves through their writing. Guide them to find ways to use their creativity and imagination.

Second, be supportive of their efforts. Let them know that you value their unique perspective and that you are proud of their accomplishments. 

Finally, guide them to develop a thick skin. Teach them to accept constructive criticism and not let it discourage them from pursuing their dreams.

There is no one right way to write and left-slant handwriting is just one aspect of personality.

Everyone has their unique style. If you are concerned about your child’s handwriting, talk to their doctor or a handwriting specialist. They can help you determine if there is anything to be concerned about and offer guidance on how to help your child improve their handwriting.

What Handwriting Experts Say about Left-Slanted Handwriting?

My Mentor and leading Graphologist of India, Mr. Milind Rajore says that people who write left-slant handwriting are over-controlled and are sometimes repressive. 

They may become very volatile because they do not express their inner feelings. Their emotional trauma keeps on increasing due to which the negative emotions get piled up in the backend and sometimes become extremely sarcastic and violent.

Psychology & Successful Career in Left Slant Handwriting

I have personally seen that many left-slant handwriting people have successful careers in their lives, no matter at what age group they achieve their success.

What is the psychology of people signing or writing in left-slanted handwriting patterns? When I talked and did ONE to ONE with thousands of handwriting samples in my tenure, as a graphologist, I found them to be both composed and perceptive, with swift comprehension.

When the situation is unfavorable, they keep quiet and wait for the best time zone to act upon and show their inner capabilities, skills and talent.

These left-slant handwriting writers do not express, but the challenge of proving themselves worthy is always present in their subconscious mind.

Example: Manoj Yadav, working in Pharma Company in Sales Profile, has left slant handwriting. Being a left-slant writer, he still speaks in a sales profile as a part of his job description but is unable to showcase his sales figures in sales meetings.

When Manoj asked his immediate manager for a promotion to the next level, the manager told him he lacked certain skills required for the sales manager position and advised him to wait a few years.

Now this talk has incubated in Manoj’s mind and he started upgrading his skills, and talent and also seeking new job opportunities for the Sales manager profile.

Once he finds opportunities in another company and becomes a Sales manager, he will call and revert to his Reporting Manager of the previous company and validate his move, proving his decision to leave his current company as the best decision of his life.

So next time you see a Left Slant handwriting writer, never hurt their ego as they won’t do the task but will respond in another way to prove their skills and abilities.

Hope, this article on the left slant handwriting pattern has given you enough insight into human behavior and psychology.

Your’s Digital Handwriting Expert,

Nirav Hiingu