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What is illegible Handwriting?

It is often said to be unreadable handwriting as in an illegible handwriting, the words or script are not clear and  readable to the normal human or laymen which show the hidden agenda of the writer to hide it’s real motto.

How do you read illegible handwriting?

It is very very simple to decipher or read the illegible hw or illegible handwriting by taking the print or the sample script and see it through magnify glass, another method is freely available to scan the copy in smartphone and zoom in/out to capture the real structure in the illegible handwriting.

Sometimes by tracing through the tracing paper or pencil can also help to work on the real time written script but nowadays due to technology and development in forensic science, there are many gadgets which help the Analyst or Researcher to get to know about the structure in the illegible hw.

What is the full meaning of illegible?

Meaning of Illegible is simple- which cannot be traced or read freely are said to be Illegible.

Why is a doctor’s handwriting illegible?

Since illegible hw or illegible handwriting is said to be writer’s insecurity towards hiding from the society we often feel then why doctor’s handwriting is so cursive and full of messy structures. Do all the doctors have a hidden agenda?

We have to understand that this principle applies and sometimes doesn’t apply to doctors as there are a few doctors who are clear in their mind and structure but due to busy OPD and lack of time makes them write faster and cursive.

On the other hand, I have seen medical practitioners having fewer patients but they still write slowly and extremely cursive making their handwriting illegible.

I have also seen a few Surgeons having beautiful pearl handwriting in their prescription wherein you can read each and every letter clearly.

Hence, there is no thumb rule that claims the medical fraternity to blame for their illegible handwriting pattern. Of course, the reading as per  graphology science shows that such writers are highly sensitive to the environment and due to their few or many insecurities, they create such formations on papers.

Bad handwriting reddit or Bad Handwriting Reading in Graphology

Experts in handwriting science say that bad handwriting also leads to mental and emotional disorders which is to some extent extremely true because as per my clinical experience in signature and handwriting science, such personalities suffer from mental disorders such as anxiety, stress and fear of unknown origin.

Due to over-thinking patterns, their thoughts keep fluctuating and hence the cursive patterns form and sometimes, the letter moves in multi directions in extreme high stress.

Illegible Handwriting
Illegible HW and bad handwriting adhd

There are a few analysts who say that bad handwriting always leads to mental disorder in children which is majorly seen as ADHD.

What is ADHD and does it have a connection to Bad Handwriting ADHD?

ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often found in children under teeenagers. 

ADHD is one of the most common Neurodevelopmental Disorders of Children which is initially diagnosed during childhood and often lasts (sometimes) in adulthood also.

Illegible Handwriting in Medical Records

As per the Journal of Royal Society of Medicine, many items in clinical records are difficult to read because they are often handwritten. 

A representative sample of Spanish hospital case notes was used to examine clinical histories. In the event of disagreement, a third adjudicated. In 18 (15%) out of the 117 reports, legibility defects says that the whole medical report was found unclear. These were especially common in records from surgical units.

Poor handwriting can make it difficult for auditors, researchers, and other clinicians to access much of the information contained in medical records. 

The solution is to make the clinicians more educated to use computer-based systems.

Also, read what Allahabad High Court, India says on Illegible Handwriting in Medical Records.

Can We Improve Our Illegible Handwriting to Avoid Negative Reading?

Yes, as per the Science of handwriting, we can improve to erase those side effects of bad handwriting or illegible hw by altering the structure or writing in proper manner, but it takes a lot of time and effort to change an old programming.

Many people claim that they have changed their illegible handwriting to legible handwriting in a few weeks or months which shows they are hiding their inner fear by merely changing in a short time by writing so slowly to hide their insecurities.

It is better to practice daily for 15 minutes to half an hour on illegible handwriting or even on claw formation to avoid the recuperation of a bad handwriting.

I have published on Claw Formation as how it is formed and how it impacts the relationship and career and even finance, one can read the whole article published on occultspeak only.

Like Claw Formation, the illegible handwriting writer has a hidden agenda and they have a self-deceit mindset hence they seem to be good at data munching with excellent written and verbal communication but they become extremely restless when things do not go as per their own will.

Illegible Handwriting and Emotionality 

Writer with illegible handwriting keep their anger inside their subconscious and they hesitate in expressing their real emotions but whenever there is an emotional outburst where they are unable to handle their emotion they blast in form of anger, sarcastic words and sometime they have suicidal thoughts but they are just for name sake.

The real reason for their hiding emotions is wrong parenting and programming done due to which they did not get exposure to the real world and lack of proper communication channels. They get misguided by the outer environment or may get influenced by bad practice.

Illegible Handwriting writers often claim for fake publicity and sometimes they make a show off for the things or circumstances to hide their real emotions, I have seen extreme cursive handwriting writers making false claims for crores of property to hide the poverty level.

 Cherry on the top, today where social media is filled up with lots of negative and false statements and posts, these illegible writers get easily influenced in the crowd of false publicity.

Hence, such writers should practice writing illegible structures so that the internal cleansing of mind takes place by slow  and steady efforts, and they are able to get peace of mind.

For systematic re-structuring of thoughts, one should always hire or consult a Clinical Practicing Graphologist who knows the fundamentals of Handwriting and can provide the insight and give proper therapy to alter the thought process of the subconscious mind.

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I hope my small effort on illegible handwriting gives deeper insight in your life towards people’s behavior.

Love and Light,

Nirav Hiingu

Clinical Graphologist