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Letter P In Handwriting : Have you ever noticed why a few people are extremely lethargic whereas a few are very active on a mental and physical level.

There is always a confusion as to why a few people need a hardcore push and others are always self starters.

Let’s find the answer to this question through letter P via Handwriting analysis.

Why Letter P in Handwriting Science?

Letter P stands for Physical activity, endurance, activeness on mental and physical level. Letter P also stands for how a person will take the work seriously.  

The Graphology (also known commonly as Handwriting Science) says, this letter reveals the presentation and grooming part of individuals. 

Therefore when the letter p is written smoothly, such people are highly active on emotional and material zones and they also seem to be groomed well on a personal and professional level.

But here, we are discussing the active and lethargic attitude of humans based on handwriting science/signature analysis.

As letter P reveals physical aspects, the letter either gets squeezed or inflated which further leads to highly lethargic or fast actions.

Letter P Squeeze Formation

As stated, the squeezed stem of letter P indicates that people are always high on energy and they are self-starters and take lots of initiative to start any project or undertake any work.

They love to connect with people, hence they love to meet people in person and avoid socializing in the virtual world. I have seen such humans connect faster on a personal level and they like to socialize and help people to solve other people’s issues.

In short, these formations are said to be highly active, enthusiastic and helpful by nature.

These humans are vulnerable by nature and  great attention-seekers  from people/colleagues.

Hence, with a good intention they always extend their helping hand to the needy. It is also seen that these humans make faster decisions.

Long Stem P and Bodily Movement

In my clinical practise, I have seen people with this formation are good at coordination with people. It is also found in the bodily functions between hand and eye.

Such people try to perform multi tasks which consumes their lots of time resulting in inner frustration. These people have an inner urge to showcase their skills in the public domain hence at the time of appraisal at job, these candidates work hard enough to prove their worth.

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Nirav Hiingu