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What does flattery mean?

In simple terms, flattery means a person wants to persuade and influence the person for his selfish motive. Hence, we can see many people around us speak extremely sweetly and diplomatically while having a conversation with their boss, co-worker or even family members.


But Why does a person does flattery?

Flattery is a form of manipulation of words when a person feels insecure about his/her feelings. Hence, s/he tries to hide his/her emotions by using glossy words. Such manipulation starts in the subconscious mind. The person starts thinking as to how to hide the real stats and figures.

Under-confident people feel more powerful while flattery. Over-confident and aggressive people use it for their motive to complete their task by hook and crook.

Flattery is often used to hide the true intent of an idea or proposal.

Flatter meaning in Hindi is Chaplusi  – चापलूसी means buttering someone and being submissive by nature.

What is the difference between flattery and a compliment?

There is a lot of difference between flattery and compliment, in flattery, one does more praising or uses exaggeration to impress the people wherein when you compliment the human from heart, it emits positive energy and creates a long-lasting effect on the human mind.

Is flattery detected in Handwriting or Signature Analysis?

Yes, as Graphology is the complete science of analysing the human mind through the formation of a few alphabets. Hence an experienced handwriting analyst can peep into the subconscious mind through the specific traits.

2 Signs of a flattered Person seen in Handwriting Science

Graphology which is better known as Handwriting Analysis helps you to detect the flattery. I have seen two signs during my clinical practice of handwriting.

For detecting these traits, we have to look upon letter i (small letters in the sample) because small i-dotting depicts the physical aspect of the person and the I dot on upper zone shows the thought pattern and memories of the past and present.

A person who is a flatterer tends to make a lot of variations in the letter i. 

The i-dot is made with a structure in the stem as well as the i-DOT.

Sign #1 of Flattery in Handwriting Science

In the first pattern, we can see the I dot above the stem. The stem curve is also known as starting strokes are visible to make a person sweet talk and feel comfortable in conversation.

In Graphology it is termed as Inflated I stem – wherein such personalities do a lot of flattery and false promises, further leading to lack of commitment. (Refer the image) Therefore, the chances of success and healthy relationships should not be expected from such persons.

Sign #2 of Flattery in Handwriting Science

There is an absence of I dot on the stem (refer the image) which itself says that the person does not know- how and what to do next? S/he is unable to analyse the whole situation. A few graphologists say, such a person is absent-minded and takes a hell of a time to conclude.

It is true when I ask such writers, how do they feel while dealing with difficult situations and making decisions, the answer is – they felt lost somewhere? 

But along with the letter0 ‘I’, we have to look after other traits in decision making such as M, N extensors and flexors and slant.

Such ‘I’ stems also depict that s/he tends to forget the memories and is unable to enjoy the current lifestyle and wealth hence the expectation from people around is always high.

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Digital Graphologist,

Nirav Hiingu