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Free Indian Horse Racing Tips with Science of Numbers : We all humans want to earn fast money with little or no effort, but it is not possible to earn quick money with hardship and sincere efforts because it is only those hard earned money that will give you stability in life – both professional and personal life.

But in occult science, there are many methods wherein i can get the faster results to know about the money making , although i knew many methods but i haven’t tried any of those, as i believe in Karma and Karmic reaction hence i always keep the shortcut path aside.

But today, I thought to write to those Free Indian Horse Racing Tips which i have read in Numerology Books but haven’t tried due to fear of karma, who want to make a trial and testing with Numerology may go further and try their hand on gambling with numerology but only on experimental basis not to make it addiction or their bread and butter.

Free Indian Horse Racing Tips and Numerology

Among all the methods in gambling this is a method which is although said to be legal but in the karmic field it is completely illegible and said to be hazardous to human life.

People keep trying different way to know about the winning horse and while betting they consider many factors while name of horse, number plate of the horse, colour of horse etc but as per the number of science not only the horse name and number but also other parameters need to consider like Jockey Number (here the jockey mean person who ride the horse in horse-racing ) Number , color etc.


Let drive into a few important combinations and fermentation of Numerology.

6 Free Indian Horse Racing Tips to achieve the Success

  • The Person should always try his lucky number while betting on Horse Racing or any types of Gambling through your Psychic Number.
  • If you are born may be 2, 11 or 20 of any month then his/her lucky number is 2 which is governed by MOON Planet.
  • Number 7 is counterpart of number 2 hence it should also be considered while betting.
  • The jockey wears a colour cap hence one should also look upon the colour combination while dealing with numbers.
  • Suppose, you are betting on 2 number horses then one should look that Jockey should wear White colour cap as white is the colour of Moon Planet.
  • We have to combine colours with numbers to get better results.

What If the Jockey does not Wear Related Color in Horse Race?

In those cases, one can look related to the color or number of jockey or horse. Suppose, you are looking for 1 Number (as it may be your governing or lucky number) then look whether the jockey has worn orange, saffron color or red color?

If not , then one should look at Number 4 which is counterpart of Number 1 , similarly one may look upon 7 number which is also counterpart of Number 2 in Numerology.

One is Considered Strong Sun and 4 is considered as Weak Sun , whereas the 2 is considered as weak moon and 7 is considered as Strong Moon in Numerology.

In other ways, 1 and 4 , 2 and 7 are to be considered friendly numbers although 4 and 7 are to be considered as Rahu and Ketu in Indian Numerology.

Colour Cap and Horse Number in Horse Racing:

If the Jockey is not wearing your lucky colour then look you have your favourite horse, horse number is favourable to you and also the accessories are in sync with the horse body. If the horse body colour, horse number are the same then one can opt for the same.

We should also work out the vowels of the name of the horse with the name of the jockey. If the name vibration or vowels of the horse and jockey are matching or getting sync with your name, then also one can try to work their luck.

India’s Famous Numerologist Dr.M Katakkar says, If name numerology or name vibration of horse are favourable with lucky number of your for marriage date.

Suppose, if both horse name and jockey name does not match you , in that case, one can look, if either any one ( horse name or jockey name ) should match your name vibrations.

Hence, from the above mentioned point we can come to the conclusion that one should look upon Horse Racing Tips such as:

  • Your Lucky Number and Horse Number.
  • Lucky Colour
  • Name of the Horse
  • Name of the Jockey
  • Colour cap of the Jockey
  • Our Lucky Number for Marriage
  • Horse is your favourite or not.

After taking all the above factors one can try their luck and faith in gambling and horse racing and see the outcome of these calculations.

Let me know, how did your find this blog on “Free Tips on Indian Horse Racing with Numerology”


Nirav Hiingu