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What is the Science behind Numerology?

What is the Science behind Numerology ?

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About What Is The Science Behind Numerology?

The title of this blog is “Numerology  -Science or Not”? It is an Esoteric Science which filled up with many mysteries hence also known as Science of Mystery.

Is there something as Mystery or Miracle in this Universe? Do human get influenced by a planetary system ? Such questions keep on arising in our brain.

Many rationalists and scientists keep arguing that there no such phenomenon which governs or control human thoughts or life. Before starting my own point of views I will say a Big Yes that our own life and surrounding is being controlled and influenced by nature and universe through a different medium such as Planetary System.

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There are many instances I can give of my own life wherein I get the actual result from this science and after passing and learning this wonderful science almost a decade I came on a conclusion that Numerology and such other sciences work on Human mind and its fate.

In past, we have many examples of famous and infamous personality who has predicted the future of this universe. Cheiro who is a Famous Palmist and Numerology. His prediction and accuracy is still considered as Benchmark in Occult History.

He has predicted that India will get freedom in 1947 and later also predicted that there would be the partition of the nation ( prediction around 1925 ).

Nostradamus the famous Astro Fortune Teller those predictions of 300 -500 years ago is still true in the 21st Century.

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In the occult journey, I have met many Monks ( Naga Sadhus, Tibetian Monks and Nirman Sadhus ) those predictions about my life come true as per the date they have mentioned. When I get connect with them, I get to know that along with their Tapasya ( penance ) they used their own intuition and astrology as their supporting.

7 years back I remember on my way to Mumbai from Baidnath, I met one Naga Sanyasi Shri Ajay Muni ( named changed ) who predicted that Mr Modi will be elected in 2014 elections and become the Prime Minister of India. In those times I was not aware of Narendra Modi, I started Googling about Modi and get to know that he is Chief Minister of Gujrat of those times. Even the chance of Modi of getting elected for Lok Sabha Elections was unsure.

How does Numerology work?

There is a theory such as of Energy System which is scientifically proven that we all are bounded by Universal Energies which we called as Immune System in Medical Science, Pran Shakti in Yoga Shastra, Reiki in healing modalities and Chi in Chinese System of Medicine.

This Energy is also known in Vedas as Pran or Chaitanya in Vedic Era. Many Yogis called it Suddha Chaitanya or Brahma. This Chaitanya is also known as Universal Energy or Super Consciousness.

As per the Vedas and Raj Yoga, this whole universe is made of infinite energy known to us as Chaitanya or Super Consciousness. This Chaitanya has a tremendous amount of energy and can create and recreate end numbers of galaxies.

This energy system is made and operated by sound energy which is known as Spandan ( Vibrations). Not only human but all inanimate objects also surround by this energies. This energy system is further split up by scholars as Positive and Negative Energy.

Although we can’t see this energy with our naked eye we can feel those energies deep inside our human mind and soul.

Our ancient rishi munis were so much elevated on the higher plane of superconsciousness that they get infused those energies in their own astral body through centre point ( energy point – also known as chakras ) and can easily peep into Past and Future.

How Ancient Saint was able to Predict Future?

Those ancient and occult experts were able to understand the theory of this energy and were so much stable and engrossed with this subject that they absorb those energies by tuning up with Cosmic Energy or Chaitanya.

Hence by any chance, if we get connected with this Suddha Chaitanya – then definitely we can get few units of those cosmic energies and we can also develop those miracles like healing without medicines, telepathy, clairvoyance etc.

The Occult Masters and Healers have known this principle of Chaintanya hence they were able to tune their mind with Cosmic Power and by developing this concept they were able to make things with their own wish which we called as MIRACLES.

Miracles are nothing but the attunement of Energies. Just as in Radio we need to keep the needle of FM Radio on particular Radio Station then we will able to hear those programme on particular timing.

Similarly, if we can tune up our subconscious mind with that Super Consciousness then nothing is impossible for us.

In 1997-2000 I have developed such power wherein I was able to heal any types of ailment even without touching or seeing any person(s). My Master who teach me this technique has learnt this healing touch from the Philippines. In those days I don’t know that by meditation and breathing exercise I am tuning up my mind power with Sudha Chaitanya hence I get limited access to Super Consciousness.

Now after studying for the decade, I get to know the real principles working behind those healing techniques.

In addition to the above subject about Super Consciousness, Each and every object and human in this universe contain their own radiations which are known as Vibrations.

This vibration force which is emitted by every object has its tremendous effects on radiations of another energy.

As already stated that we can’t see those energies with the naked eye ( but yes we can see only through the spiritual eye – also known to us Agna Chakra in Kul Kundalini ).

For Example: To Start with T.V we need remote control through which it is operated. Remote Control contains those waves frequencies which match with a frequency of  T.V hence it get connected and we can see the programmes of other nation sitting at our home.

Again in modern times, we have Smartphones, so when we want to connect our wireless headphone to a smartphone, we need to connect Bluetooth of the handset with Bluetooth of wireless headphone.

But to operate this remote control/Bluetooth, we have to push/unlocked the button hence we can pick up the waves frequencies similarly we human and animate object has specific energies which vibrate and attract other people and create attractions and rebellion.

Thus we get attract and repel towards few peoples only not with all. What is the main reason for liking and disliking certain people and situation? The reason is very crystal clear that we get the effect by the aura of that human which are positive/negative and matches to our own thought patterns.

Similarly when we human emits rays and waves, then we can know this radiation through the Science of Numerology. His/her date of birth is the clue to the sound or waves energy of the person emitted by him/her.

9 Planets and Human Fate

It is clearly stated above how the human and its surrounding is affected both positively and negatively by sound vibration. A few years ago, I have heard that in 1990 Mumbai Bomb Blast, at Worli many infants died due to the extreme sound of the blast. This show how sound vibration travel and work on humans.

Similarly, this 9 planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn ) gives positive and negative affect to human as per their own karmas. Rahu ( Hershal ) and Ketu ( Neptune ) are considered as Chaya Graha ( shadow planet ) in Indian astrology and occult science.

These 9 planets have a greater impact on human life and each of these planets has been allotted specific numbers with specific personality traits and behaviours patterns.

So when a person is born on a specific date, he/she is bounded by mother nature and planetary system with both his Principle Planets and Secondary Planet with accords to its own Karmas.

Hence s/he start reacting and radiating with those vibrations of that specific planets and numbers which is governing factors to that person.

His Psychology, thinking pattern, lifestyle, eating habits, sleeping habits etc everything is governed by these planets.

Hence we all are dominated by our own vibrations or governing planets because we are matching and has a harmonious relationship with those sound energies.

Similarly, we are attached and detach with certain situations and peoples. This is because the opposite person has either a harmonious relationship with our own personality. Hence we make our own friends and enemies. We choose our own life and business partner. We can’t blame the Universe or Almighty for our deeds.

I came across many couples who say that after marriage his life partner has changed a lot. His/her life become miserable because of fate or Astro birth chart. Here I want to say:  We can’t blame others for our own actions, it was your own free will and action along with your own waves and rays which attract certain situations and people around you.

The reason for this results is not unscientific study or approach but our own ignorance of the action in our life. Laws of Karmas always work as per the principle of sound and thought frequencies. The year of changes in human life can be predicted in advance even before the event is happening but it needs to have strong intuition and clear positive mindset that get connected with Super Consciousness.

Hence the claim of Numerology and other occult studies are just fake studies just because few Numerologists and Occult Practitioners lack this clear knowledge of Energy.

The Study of Numerology is just like a study of any languages. If your grammar ( based ) is understood then after practising you become master of that field.

Let me know how you find this blog on Numerology?


Nirav Hiingu



  1. Namrata

    Well written Article Nirav… Would be happy to know more about numbers.

    • Namrata ,

      I will keep posting more such article on Numerology , stay tune till then , you may check my other blogs on Numerology Category in Home page of Occult Science.

  2. Renukka

    Keep it up!!!

  3. Pawan Rohira

    Thats an excellent article, I have seen few Numerologists even predict accurate date of Marriage and other events, even they predict the name initials of family members. How is that possible?

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