10 Unexpected Ways Numerology 7 Life Path Number Can Make Your Life Better.

In today’s blog, we will be discussing on numerology 7 life path number. If you are born on 07th, 16th or 25th of any month you re having Number 7 characteristics. It is also known as Psychic Number 7 and even few Numerologist called it Fate Number 7 or Soul Number 7.

Number assigned to Neptune is 7 so those people who are born on 7, 16 and 25 are said to have characteristics of Neptune. These people are calm and shy in nature, they like to stay aloof and many a time they feel sad/depressed especially they are idle and without work. They are helpful in nature and have an inner urge to do something for the society but the society hardly appreciates their help.

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Hence in numerology 7 life path number, these people are extremely sensitive to criticism. It is seen that these Life Path Number 7  help their friends and relatives financially, whenever they are in need, but when they ( Neptune people ) want their money back from the people, whom they had helped in their bad times, they rarely get the money back , hence this leads them to have trust issues in interactions and relationships.

Key Pointers to Numerology 7 Life Path Number :

  • Number 7 is inclined towards spiritualism, hence they like to be in the company of monks, saints, and religious minded people. They are secretive by nature, hence we are unable to know their real attitude because Neptune planet has water element influenced by the MOON hence just like High and Low tide which effects the moon and Neptune which is unstable and creates waves in the sea, similarly people who are under the influence or born on Number 7 has an effect of water element hence their thoughts are unstable and sometimes they become harsh and sometimes soft while speaking.
  • They don’t have a firm decision-making power, but sometimes due to strong SUN and MOON planetary position in Astro birth chart they are likely to have a good amount of WILLpower and decision making power.

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  • They don’t like to take anyone’s advice.
  • They are good at administration hence they do not like work under any leader/people and even if they work hard at their jobs, they hardly get promotion due to their open-minded and nice admin skills which sometimes goes beyond the normal routine and protocol to further the interests of the company.
  • When they love someone, they devote their mind and soul in the relationship, hence they prove to be good lovers.
  • Good amount of tolerance power.
  • They have a tremendous amount of hold on Languages, hence they can become Writers, Novelists, and Speakers.
  • A good chance of going abroad and settling there if these people have managed to plan and execute the things in a systematic way.
  • One big fallout is they are suspicious in nature, hence are unable to differentiate between good and bad people.
  • Also, they compare themselves with others at work and personal zone thus they become victims of Criticism which is also the main reason for their sorrow.
  • Number 7  people need a good Life Coach/Guide for their success in life.
  • These people like only those friends who curry favor with them, hence they bend backward and help such people.

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Physical Structure :

Their structure somewhat lacks general symmetry, meaning a few organs like the teeth, eyes etc are not similarly shaped.

LUCKY NUMBER: 7, 25, 16

LUCKY DAY: Monday and Saturday

LUCKY MONTH: January, December, May, and June

LUCKY GEM: Cat eye stone which is known as Lahasuniya in Hindi- Eastern Astrology


Ailments: Skin, Eyes, and Brain.

Note: These people ( IN numerology 7 life path number it is advisable ) , Psychic Number 7  should worship Neptune Or Lord Narsingh by chanting it’s 1 or 5 mala daily to invoke its blessings and to avoid unnecessary hassles and obstacles in life OR can keep Fasts on Mondays and Saturday’s.

NEPTUNE MANTRA : “Om Num Num Num Narshinhaay Namah” OR “Om Ketave Namah”.

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