This Is Why Pyschic Number 6 Is So Famous!

This Is Why Psychic Number 6 Is So Famous!

Psychic Number 6

Psychic Number 6  people are those who are born on 6, 15 and 24 are said to have characteristics of Venus.

Psychic Number 6 who are under on those dates have very shinning and hypnotizing looks, their body build up is very attractive and generally are of extreme fair color complexion. Their communication skill is also very good hence they make friendships faster as compared to others. Many Numerologists called Psychic Number as Fate Number.

Psychic Number 6 like and are attracted towards beautiful and natural things, music, art, handicraft, glamour world, food and beverages, garments are the fields they more attached to. Also, they like to have Perfume and Attar on a daily basis, they have a higher thinking of living a lavish lifestyle with full of glamour and luxury, hence they are surrounded by the Elite class of people.

Psychic Number 6 even they don’t have enough money they will take money from relatives and friends ( sometimes even debt is occurred to fund this show off attitude) to show themselves as higher class personalities.


This Is Why Psychic Number 6 Is So Famous!
Psychic Number 6 -Venus


Key Pointer to this Psychic Number 6

  • Excellent at communication both in verbal and written.
  • Has lots of networking and like to socialize hence they won’t like to stay aloof.
  • Being under the influence of planet Venus; these people are more inclined to sex and intimacy, hence they should take care to keep their mind under their control else they can fall in the trap of extramarital affairs.
  • It is seen that these people get married at an earlier age and they have this inner desire to get married and sexual desire is higher in Venus people. Also needless to say that they have extreme secretive love affairs, sometimes before and after marriage also.
  • Psychic Number 6  is very helpful in nature and has deep faith in the almighty.
  • One fallout of this personality is once they make a firm and deep-rooted opinion of others, that can’t be changed even after decades.
  • Extremely logical in nature hence good at business but many a time they take a fast decision, therefore few work/task are left in between.
  • They are good at delegating the work and also very good at managing the people through their communication.
  • They tell people in their inner circle, they like people appreciating them, but deep inside they have an inner desire that people should always appreciate them in public and personal zone.

Physical Structure :

They have extremely beautiful, luring and attractive persona especially their eyes have a tremendous spark which catches the attention of the opposite gender.

LUCKY NUMBER: 6, 15 and 25

LUCKY DAY: Wednesday, Friday, and Monday

LUCKY MONTH: January, February, June, and July

LUCKY GEM: Diamond


Ailment: UTI ( Urinary tract infection ), Diabetes Mellitus, Sex and Venereal Diseases.

Note: Psychic Number 6  people should always worship Lord Venus or Lord Laxmi by chanting it’s 1 or 5 mala daily to get a blessing and to avoid unnecessary hassle and obstacles in life OR can keep Fasting on Friday.

It is suggested that these people should pronounce Omkaar 21 times on daily basis.

SHUKRA MANTRA : “Om Shukray Namah”OR “Om Jham Jham Jham Haam Haam Haam Hem Hem Hem Sawaha”

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