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How to detect Early Stage Cancer by Handwriting?

How to detect Early Stage Cancer by Handwriting?

Cancer and Handwriting Science

Cancer: It is often said that Graphology is Handwriting or brainwriting science since it is connected with our subconscious mind and the behaviour of a human being. Hence Graphology not only helps in understanding behaviour pattern but also assists in sorting out the ailments since it deals and connects with the science of thoughts.

We all know about this deadly disease as to how hazardous this ailment is. But more than the physical ailment, I would say it is a mental and emotional ailment which affects the astral body of the human which later affects the subconscious mind and hence it gets manifested into the physical ailment in the form of ailment.

Let’s know about this ailment and the psychology behind this disease.

Cancer: It is an ailment in which human normal cells get divided and multiple uncontrollable and destroys not only the tissues and human organs but it also damages the complete immunity thereby giving rise to different physical ailments like Kidney, Diabetes Mellitus, Cardiovascular diseases etc.

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There are different types of Cancer such as Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Brain Tumor, Skin Cancer (non-melanoma) Lung Cancer, Colon Cancer etc.

What are the Symptoms of Cancer?

Symptoms are low Immunity, bleeding, improper blood circulation which leads to Varicose Veins, Prolonged Cough and Cold, Lump, Weight Loss and uneven weight loss.

It is said that: Approximately 5–10% of cancers are due to inherited genetic defects from a person’s parents.

It is widely accepted by the medical fraternity and psychologists worldwide that cancer is due to the disturbances on a mental and emotional level as mentioned above. The patient is unable to let go of negative thoughts.

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Why does Cancer develop?

It is a well-known fact about the development of cancer that certain neuromuscular disturbances of coordination take place. As Handwriting analysis deals with the tracing of Brain and mind functioning, it assists in finding the area of disturbances in neuromuscular disturbances.

Therefore the microscopic examination of every line, strokes become important in handwriting. Mr.Alfred Kanfer from Austria, an ardent scholar and strong advocate of Graphology has done lots of graphological neurological tests along with his wife for determining the groups of cancer patients and found 84-88 % accuracy in his experiments.

Kanfer tests alone do not recognise or claim to diagnose the detection of cancerous cells in the human body but rather his neuromuscular tests help in detecting the factors associated with Cancer.

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Many leading hospitals, Insurance, and Research Institutions submitted their patients’ handwriting to Alfred for analysis.

A few of the findings of Mr.Alfred Kanfer are as follows-

Psychological Preview 

Psychologist and Alternative Medicine healers have found out the root cause for the emotions working in those patients suffering from Cancer.

  1. Deep Hurt: It is seen such people having deeply hurt from parents and relatives.
  2. Resentment: There is long-standing resentment in those patients who do not let go of the past issues and keep holding the waves of anger.
  3. Hatred: It is most commonly seen in the Cancer patient that their history consists of extreme hatred for people who are near and dear to him/her.

The Heart Tick

Mr.Alfred has found out in his research that certain break in writing, a slight deviation in upward strokes and downward strokes, especially with those letters having loop can point towards the cardiac and blood pressure issue.

He calls these traits as Heart Tick and it is seen in Letter “h”.

How to detect Early Stage Cancer by Handwriting?

If we look into the handwriting sample of a person suffering from cardiac or heart ailment would be having shortness of breath. This would be reflecting in the letter ‘i’ having abnormal ‘I’ dotting which keeps deviating at different degrees, shapes and slant.

Look upon the letter i in the image shown. The different shapes of I dots as heart, dark dot and B-C Slant.

Now let’s move on to the detection of carcinoma in early stage

Finding Cancer in Early Stage through Handwriting

Graphology is the Best Science which not only helps in diagnosis but also assists in early diagnosis of cancerous cell. Following are the traits which can be found in handwriting which are common among the patients.

I am listing the traits for the Practitioner Graphologist as well as for Beginners.

  1. Marked the difference between the downstroke and upwards stroke.
  2. The difference in pressure in each letter.
  3. Downstrokes would be broader and show great ink density in the sample.
  4. Downstrokes would have the same size -i.e width in letter throughout the sample
  5. Elasticity in Strokes: The width of the strokes keep increasing as it goes down i.e toward the baseline.
  6. The upstrokes would be very very thin compare to downstrokes (Flexors)
  7. Uniformity and disturbance of the flow of energy in upstrokes (Extensor) and a downstroke (Flexors).
  8. Unwavering delineation of strokes with dark and light shade in letter (can be seen only through a microscope or magnifying glass).
  9. An uninterrupted flow of movement in letter joint, i.e the joint of the letter are unequal which show that there is the maximum requirement of neuromuscular co-ordination hence the immune system is compromised which leads to the invasion of foreign particles (Loss of WBC’s) in the bloodstream.

Case Studies on Carcinoma Patient

Mr.Alfred has taken many samples for handwriting analysis to find out the early stage to advanced stage of cancer. Listed below are the 3 Handwriting Samples of one of his patients Mr X.

How to detect Early Stage Cancer by Handwriting?

Handwriting Sample 1 ( Healthy State of Mind )

In this sample, we can see the proper flow of energy in the extensors and flexors. There is a continuous flow of movement in the letters with no deformity or interruption. There is a uniform flow of ink also in up and down strokes.

The strokes have an oval-shaped/pea-shaped structure with thick but smooth curves from descending to ascending strokes.

The pattern of the strokes is although dark with high pressure but is uniform and clear.

How to detect Early Stage Cancer by Handwriting?

Handwriting Sample 2 ( Initial Stage of Cancer )

In the second handwriting sample, we can see the difference between the sharpness and curves in the patterns. Although we can still see the darkness in the letter plus ink flow is thick but the size of the cup is wide which create big space in the cell which means the energy flow is disturbed.

The Ink flow is still disrupted and ascending to descending strokes are showing lots of variation.

However, the writing is spread out widely but the strokes in the letter are seen extremely weak and unstable.

The Upstrokes (Extensors are light in pressure) and Down strokes (flexors) are darker plus pressure is high hence, the blood flow and energy is not equal which leads to extreme slow down in Blood Circulation and Nervous system. There is a clear interruption seen in extensors and flexors.

This may also lead to the weakening of the immune system and person does not function with normal working hours of 8 -10 hours. Thus the patient’s appetite and the digestive system suffers which later leads to Gastro-intestinal tract ailment.

How to detect Early Stage Cancer by Handwriting?

Handwriting Sample 3 (Advanced Stage of Cancer)

The 3rd handwriting sample is of the same patient (Mr X) showing lots of variations in pressure, slants and ink flow.

We can see the pressure is also sometimes too heavy and sometimes extremely light. Although the ink flow is still thick the ink flow gets lighter in the latter part of the sample.

There is also lots of segmentation in 1st and 2nd Curves in oval-shaped strokes which show the stiffness in the inflow of energy hence the Neuro-muscular system is highly disturbed which further weakens the whole immunity.

Although Mr.Afred’s test was done scientifically and had given 98% of accuracy, a few faults were found later which were due to the arrangement of writing and the writing material where the patient was given a fine ballpoint pen and a table with a hard glass top, to write. Due to this combination, many times the results may vary from person to person. The microscopic examination sometimes fails due to the arrangement of writing material.

Therefore the Clinical Graphologist must examine the minute structure and the material while taking the specimen of handwriting sample for patients for Pre and Post Examination.

Let me know, how you find this blog on Cancer and Handwriting Science?


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