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The study of numerology is basically a study of psychoanalysis, you can extend this theory further and apply in a different format that is applying the fundamentals to study the frequency and vibration of the different nations, and different leaders of the world. 

The Name Analysis and Psychoanalysis can help the nation as well as the leaders to understand each other thereby achieving the harmony between the two political parties or leaders of the nation. This will minimize the disputes and develop high chances of world peace. 

But to analyze the ideology and know the name frequency of the national leader, it is extremely important that one should analyze their name numerology, their date of birth, and  also the name analysis of the nation or political party they belong to.

In the previous blog, we have studied about the vibrations of various letters and names which help them to know the exact behavior pattern of the city , their people and hence we know that every individual’s name and letters carry sound vibrations.

Therefore we always meet certain types of people through their specific sound vibrations which match our sound vibration as numerology is completely based on sound vibrations also.

Now that you know, you can analyze this sound vibration and get to know about the characteristic of that individual, organization or even the city, this is equally applicable to the name of the country as well as the state.

Hence this Sound Vibration which is seen in their Name , creates a specific type of frequency and the people living in that area or city or state or country can have a particular type of frequency which gives rise to a particular type of psychological patterns.

For example the people living in the city Mumbai will have a particular type of behavior, their likes and dislikes will be different from the other cities like Ahmedabad, Surat or Jaipur or New Delhi.

Similarly the people residing in Delhi(Now New Delhi), Mumbai or any other city of India or World can also have their distinct behavior pattern. This district behavior pattern can be studied to know about the uniqueness of the city or state.

Once you know the mental and emotional behavior patterns of the people living in that particular city or state or country you will know very well how to mold your personality and how to adjust in that situation. 

In this way, you can create a good synchronization and friendship with the people residing in New Delhi or Mumbai or any other countries or cities that can come together and live in harmony thereby creating a good world peace

Now let’s study a few cities of the country as well as a few cities of the world and try to analyze the sound frequency of the city which can help us to know about the behavior pattern of that city or state.

World Peace and Name Vibration of Mumbai

Now if we analyze the name vibrations of the Mumbai city which is called the financial capital of India, the psychological vibrations of the city of Mumbai comes to 18 which when we reduce this number 18 it come up to 9 

9 is the number of courage, bravery and leadership which is governed by the planet Mars.

That’s for the people living in Mumbai have the old originality, leadership quality, hardwork, talking to the point, aggression, focus on the work, extremely good at time management and domination in their own field.

But this city can also help if their own drawbacks such as stubbornness, domination and extreme aggression but because number nine is also the number of unity as number nine is the unique number of leadership the people living in the Mumbai city will come together in the time of crisis which we have seen into the 911 event of the rainfall with water one of the big tragical moment for Mumbai city.

Now let’s analyze the capital of India which is New Delhi. Previously it was known as Delhi City. ( Name Vibration comes to 18 )

But now after the name change from Delhi to New Delhi the frequency of the city has been changed from  18 to 34. Now let’s analyze the psychological vibration of the city of New Delhi.

World Peace and Name Vibration of New Delhi

The name vibration of the city of New Delhi comes up to 34 so when you reduce number 34 it comes to 7 which is the number of Neptune.

Now let’s analyze the psychological vibration of the city of New Delhi. The name vibration of the city of New Delhi comes up to 34 so when you reduce number 34.

The number 34 has the sound vibration of success after lots of trials and testing.

This number is connected with the advancement of lots of research work, religion, magical talks and philosophy.

The City, New Delhi will gain lots of power, money and authority and it is considered to be a fortunate number when connected with diplomacy, but the number 34 also says that it has the sound vibration of success, only after lots of trials and testing. 

World Peace and Name Vibration of USSR

Now, let’s analyze countries’ Name Vibration with context to World Peace with Numerology

U S S R comes to 14 hence 14 is the number of materialism and also the number of Mercury hence people residing in this country would have high intelligence, scientific mindset and practicality, so we have said they can be good at business.

World Peace and Name Vibration of INDIA

Now look at INDIA, the number comes to 15=6 (when reducing 15 further comes to 6). 

This is Venus which is feminine in nature hence due to the emotional nature INDIA does not invade any other country plus the vastu structure of India is also such that there are high chances of attack in future due to the border shape sharing with our neighboring countries.

Since, Number 5 and 6 are good friends hence USSR would help India but since USSR is now known as Russia so will take 16 in name numerology in world peace for Russia.

World Peace and Name Vibration of Russia

Now 16 name energy says it is a sign of fraternity, dangers of accident and defeat of one’s own plan. Plans should be made in advance in the endeavor to avert its fatalistic tendency.

Again considering the reduction of number 16 to 7 comes to ketu which is the number of logic, practicality and law of culture.

This is a number of inventors, musicians and composers. Number is dealing with Home and Responsibilities of house ( hence Russia will always safeguard its own country before helping others ).

This is also a number showing study, research, loneliness and mysticism.

Thus relationship between INDIA and Russia will be Neutral neither very strong ( although looking strong now in world peace , specially after arrival of Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi )

World Peace and Name Vibration of USA/America

United States of America, also known as the US or United States and sometimes as only America.

This nation has a huge impact on world peace due to its acceptance of the global currency of the US Dollar.

When we analyze the USA which comes to 10 the Leader number of the planet – Surya hence its number shows this nation is giving its impact on global peace.

If we take the US then it comes to 9 again. The leadership number of Mars (Mangal) is very aggressive and dominating and when we consider the United States of America the reading comes to 52.

The Reading comes to Death point signifies upheaval, failures, destruction with military activities and danger of war which USA is doing secretly with INDIA and other Asian Countries and trying to pose as a Leader in World Peace.

More over when we compare United State of America as it is known more of USA which is 10 (aggressive number as element consist of Fire ) and India which is 6 (emotional number as it is Water element) this seems to have contradiction between two nations hence can’t says, if USA will be always friendly with INDIA as the number has lots of opposing force which is more of enemy in numbers as well as in elements (5 elements)

To Conclude, we can say that through Numerology we can sort out world peace and work on diplomacy with nations having non-supportive elements like the US.

Hope, this article on World Peace with Numerology throw some light on amazing science of Numerology.

Light and Love,

Nirav Hiingu

Digital Numerologist