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What is Numerology Predictions 2023 ?

Many times, many people watch TV channels and astrology news to know the important year of their life.

Today’s blog will be important for you and also for the student of Numerology wherein I will teach you how to calculate the Numerology Predictions with the help of date of birth and specially from your year of birth.

According to the theories of Numerology Predictions the year of birth is crucial in some ways. There is always a rise and fall in our lives and this change occurs at a specific time in our life.

In order to figure out the year of change, you must add the sum of all the numbers which are seen during the time of the birth.

How to Calculate Life Path Numerology Predictions 2023 ?

For instance, if you were born in 1980 , and then you add up all numbers for this year. The sum of which is 18.

Then, you must add 18 numbers/digits to the year of birth , which is 1980.

The sum total of digits goes from 1998. The year 1998 is a significant year for the individual, and is the year that demonstrates the most significant changes in their lives.

Or a major shift in their lives or the possibility of a fall or rise in professional or personal life.

As a Numerologist, you can determine the time of changes in the following sequences:

The Year of Birth           1980

Add the total of digits        18


The 1st Important Change Year is 1980+18 = comes to 1998

Now further add 19 in 1998 to get the second major drastic change event in the person life who is born on 1980


The First Period of Change           1998

Add the total of the Year 1998           27


The 2nd Important Change Year is 1998+27 = comes to 2025

In this way you have to keep adding the total of the year thus arriving every time and find out the year of change in their life cycle.

Hope this article gives you an insight to your life.

Let me know how you find this article on Numerology Predictions 2023 based on Date of Birth Cycle.


Nirav Hiingu

Digital Numerologist