5 Facts Only Numerologist Know About Yearly Predictions

Numerology is a wonderful science which can predict the events of the future. Although astrology is also one of the best sciences that helps us to peep into the future but in this blog, we will discuss solely on Prediction of Year by Numerology.

Numerology cannot give the exact prediction of day to day activity such as minutes and seconds but they can definitely give you an overall projection of the year, month, and days, based on the date of birth and name. Numerology can find out the happenings of the future.

To calculate early future predictions, one needs to have the details like, date of birth, the month of birth, last two digits of the year of birth and the number of the day of the week on which the birthdate falls in that year.

For example, we want to make an advanced calculation of an individual for the year 2019 who is born on  07th of June 1993.

The month of birth: 06

Date of birth: 07

The year for which chart is to be made: 19

In 2019, 7 June fall on Sunday, which is 1.

07+06+19+1 = 33 = 3 + 3 = 6

(The number which comes after the addition of the date of birth, date of the month, current year and
year for which the chart is to be made comes to 33 again after reducing 33 it comes to number 6.)

The significant reading of the year 2019 for number 6 is as follows:

Number 6 which is ruled by Venus.
1. Good for family relationship.
2. Free from the problem of household affairs.
3. Good for Romance and conceiving a child.
4. Good for interior decorators, musicians, poets, painters, filmmakers, theatre Artists, and all
those who are involved in the show-business.
5. Good for photographers, jewellers and people who are involved in the perfume business.
6. Good for spending on decoration and entertainment.
7. An ideal time for getting employment for job seekers.
8. Best time to spend on beauty, Bollywood, pleasure, gifting etc.
9. This year will also bring great opportunities for getting unexpected wealth, if in the business and
a salary-hike, if in a job.

The Number assigned to days of the week, are the numbers of the ruling planets of that day are as follow :

Sunday = 1 ( Sun ) ,Monday = 2 ( Moon), Tuesday= 9 ( Mars) , Wednesday = 5 ( Mercury), Thursday = 3 (Jupiter) ,Friday = 6 (Venus) , Saturday = 8 ( Saturn ) .

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With every single digit, you obtained from the above-mentioned formula here is the yearly prediction based on numbers 1 to 9.

Number 1

Ruled by Planet Sun/Surya in astrology.

This number year is very important. During this year following things may happen:

1. You may feel healthy, physically mentally emotionally and spiritually.
2. You will achieve a higher position and a rise in the salary if in a job.
3. You will achieve goals if you are in a partnership, entrepreneurship or start-up business with the help
of resources and planned strategies.
4. You will have sudden changes in your life, positive or negative but for your own betterment.
5. Your networking will be improved.
6. New connections will be made. You will get help and services from the new connections and friends.
8. Control your fear and anxiety. You have to move smartly but with sincerity.
9. Chances of attaining name and fame in your industry.
10. If you are a student, then it is a good year for you as you can achieve success in the competitive
11. You can also invest in the new company, market, machinery.
12. If you are a creative person such as writer-painter, marketer, content writer, musician, novelist then
this year will prove to be very lucky for you.
13. You will feel very lucky with different people with higher powers, For example, government officers.
14. A lot of difficulties and obstacles, existing from many years, will be reduced now.

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Number 2

It is ruled by Planet moon which is known as Chandra in astrology. Moon is responsible for
imagination and planning.

The following things will happen during this year:

1. There will be an improvement in personality.
2. New friends and strong networking foreseen.
3. There will be less worry and anxiety.
4. You will take each and every decision after a lot of consideration.
5. Properties will be fruitful to you.
6. There are chances for the renovation of the house or purchasing of a new house.
7. Your creativity will be increased.
8. You may try your luck into content writing and speculations.
9. There will be an improvement in communication skill and languages.
10. Listening skills will be better.
11. Improvisation in relationship with the spouse and mother.
12. Will do proper planning and timely execution to achieve this year goal.

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Number 3

This number is governed by Planet Jupiter, the Planet of knowledge and wisdom, marriage and child.

Following things may happen during this year.

1. This is a year of financial gain, name and support from the mother.
2. This year is special for people who are into dance-music, creative writing, content writing, sales and marketing. But they should also be careful while writing and speaking as they will tend to move into more emotional turmoil. They need to keep a check on their emotions.
3. The influence of planet Jupiter on these people will help them into friendly nature, increase in
knowledge which may sometimes lead them into trouble like high ego and negative attitude.
4. This year is not good for those businessmen who are into the Big Showbiz. A word of advice to
be very careful while dealing with the contacts at business agreements, contracts-papers
because this may lead to big trouble like legal clause and litigation.
5. This is a good year for the startup company.
6. Good product launching, planning and completion of the new projects.
7. You have the highest chance of promotion if you are in a job.
8. Be very careful while making new friends.
9. You will upgrade your knowledge and wisdom. You will become practical oriented and walk through this year in an organised manner.

Number 4

Governed by Planet Rahu and this is also known as Neptune in Astrology.

This year will bring success but with lots of difficulties. You need to be alert, hardworking and stay calm and cool.

Things expected to happen to you this year:

1. There will be financial gains, stability in the job or Big Biz.
2. Passive income.
3. New business ventures/ investments may happen.

4. You may purchase a new apartment or home.
5. If you are looking forward to getting married this year, this is the auspicious year for you.
6. Married couples with no children can have a child this year.
7. This year would be very good for a healthy relationship with friends and relatives.
8. Sadly, it is not an auspicious year for a love affair.
9. Travelling and exploring new places will happen.
10. Rituals, spirituality and religious activities will take an important place in life.

Number 5

The number 5 is governed by Planet Mercury, a strong planet for analytical skill, logic and relationship.

Things expected to happen to you this year:

1. This year will bring new friend circles in your life and will be a result-oriented year.
2. High chances of Business and getting new opportunities.
3. Travel abroad for business and entertainment.
4. Enter into the business partnership if you are looking for a good business partner, but chosen very carefully.
5. Communication skill will be improved.
6. You will become more sensitive to the environment and people.
7. Be careful while signing any agreement paper, as there are high chances of deceit.
8. People from the production and media house such as actor entertainment, radio, journalism,
photography will get a new opportunity to explore their career and earn good money.
9. You can take a step to change the job or business.
10. This year will be successful for the students who are appearing for the Civil Service.
11. Imagination and memory power will be improved.

Number 6

The number is governed by the Planet Venus, a planet which is the Planet of glamour Beauty and  Wealth Management.

Things expected to happen this year:
1. This year your relationship with your spouse will improve.
2. Good for couples for romance and also for married couples for conceiving a child.
3. This year is auspicious for creative people such as interior designers, actors, musicians, novelists,
fictional writers, painters and those people who are involved in the show business.
4.  It is also a good year for businessmen into jewellery and perfume.
5. Students and job seekers will be highly benefited this year.
6. Best time to invest in beauty, pleasure, entertainment, enjoyment, glamour world and expensive items.
7. Time for unexpected surprises.

Number 7

It is governed by planet K2 which is also known as Neptune in astrology, responsible for mystery and creation.

Things expected to happen to you this year:

1. Lots of dispute, misunderstanding and difference of opinion among the family members.
2. Hard time in the business and job.
3. Extreme hard work and commitment are required.
4. You will gain success in the court of law.
5. Avoid taking high risks.
6. Do not indulge yourself in an unnecessary debate, and discussion.
7. Do not take hasty and quick decisions.
8. You should try to devote your time in gaining more knowledge of occult science, numerology,
healing technique Reiki, Pranic healing and hypnosis.
9. Regular Meditation will be helpful.
10. Your intuition power will be highly affected.

11. You need to become practical and acquire a good level of patience if you are looking for a job or
job promotion.
12. The external environment will disturb you so you need to concentrate on the inner world.
13. A fruitful year for occult practitioners such as Astrologer, Numerologist, Graphologist, Vastu Practitioner, Reiki healers.

Number 8
This is governed by Planet Saturn and also the number of Occult and Mystery. Saturn is known as a Judge in astrology.

Things expected to happen to you this year:

1. Observation power will be increased and improved.
2. Your judgment of people and situations will be highly suspicious but accurate.
3. Good for politicians, the social workers who are involved in the steel and iron industries. A new
opportunity and good luck to them.
4. You may be affected by severe injury and accident.
5. Extreme stress, debate and anxiety may enter in your professional life.
6. Should consume lots of water, juices, coconut and green leafy vegetables.
7. You will be successful in one year, become energetic, optimistic and more creative.
8. Do not expect help from others, especially from the family and friends.
9. A good year for the people who are into the research development.
10. Auspicious year for gaining victory over the enemies and in the court of law.
11. You need to become independent and to rely on your own resources and judgement.
12. You will get a chance to do social work.

Number 9

The number is governed by Planet Mars which is known as Mangal in Indian Astrology. Mars is responsible for the leadership quality and guiding the human masses.

Things expected to happen to you this year:

1. This year will be full of competition, success and speculations.
2. A good time for fulfilment and completing your new projects.
3. A good time for organising yourself.
4. You will gain favour from the government and higher authority.
5. There will be a lot of disagreement, disappointment and difference of opinion amongst friends and colleagues.
6. Success and competition will prevail throughout the whole year.
7. You will get name, fame and honour by society.
8. Need to control your ego.
9. High chances of unexpected financial games from lottery, inheritance and other passive income.

A  couple of advice:
1. Do not try to become perfectionists in every area. Better be activating new projects.
2. Do not indulge in overthinking and being suspicious of people and situations.
3. Do not trust the people and situation, instead, listen to your heart and intuition.

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