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Graphology is the Science which helps in analysing the human characteristics and thoughts through the written script in the form of Signature and Handwriting. 

This Science is better known as ‘Handwriting Science’.

Does Graphology really work?

Yes, Graphology is the complete science which assists the practitioners in knowing the human behaviour based on certain parameters like strokes, commas, curvature, lines and dots provided in the written handwriting sample.

Although many people consider this science as a Pseudo-science but it is not so because, an analyst considers multiple factors and logical reasoning before arriving at a conclusion.

Many Handwriting experts in the 20th and 21st centuries have proven that it is one of the best sciences which helps the human being in knowing not only human nature but also the complete reflection of the human subconscious mind.

(Refer to the complete article on handwriting analysis and about the history of handwriting and its utility written by me on 1st October 2018)

Therefore, unlike other modalities Graphology cannot come under the preview of Pseudoscience. 

What are the different branches of Graphology?

Based on the current work in handwriting science, we have divided Graphology in 6 branches.

  1. General Graphology
  2. Medical Graphology
  3. Career Graphology
  4. Child Graphology
  5. Relationship Graphology
  6. Criminal Graphology

Specialised works show the importance of graphology as it takes care of 4 major aspects of life viz Health, Wealth, Relationship and Career.

Healthcare and Handwriting

Among the  above mentioned 6 branches of Graphology, medical graphology is of utmost importance because on an average an individual spends $10,000 annually on medical expenses.

Wikipedia stated Health insurance coverage is provided by several public and private sources in the United States.

During 2016, the U.S. population overall was approximately 325 million, with 53 million persons 65 years of age and above are covered by the federal Medicare program.

According to WHO, the total expenditure on healthcare for INDIA as per the GDP in 2015 was 3.89 % on which India spends only 1 % .

 India is one of the most populous and developing countries. India has the most private healthcare centres in the world. Out-of-pocket private payments make up 75% of the total expenditure on healthcare.

Hence, Medical Expenditure is one of the biggest issues not only in India or European countries but also across the globe.

What is Medical Graphology?

Since,  not much research has been done by any Government on Handwriting Science specially on Healthcare and allied subjects. We, the Graphologists, have done enough work on healthcare based on their individual findings.

Medical Graphology is a branch of Graphology which deals with human ailments in conjunction with mind, body and spirit. 

Hence, the thought process plays a vital role in analysing the human ailment because in Handwriting Science, we give more importance to the thought patterns rather than on symptoms hence whenever a person suffers from any specific ailment, his/her thoughts pattern gets registered in the conscious mind through specific lines and structure.

Is there any validation for this science or any of the branches?

As mentioned, this amazing science has not been given enough importance by any Government but slowly and steadily, the awareness of this science is taking shape and we hope in future, a proper research and development cell will be created to help the human race in knowing the exact cause of ailment only through the handwriting.

If Handwriting Science works on thought-patterns then why do ailments manifest in the physical body?

As the finest particle is thought to be a part of energy so whenever and whatever we think or process in our mind, it gets reflexed in the astral body which is one of the parts of the human body. This astral body cannot be seen with naked eyes.

But its reflection is seen in the subconscious mind as illness and health problems resulting from the disturbance of the flow of energies which is known as PRANA in Sanskrit. Prana means energies.

This energy passes through the pathway of chakras (which is minutes form of energy centres) and this energies centres which when balances get proper flow of energies in the human body gives rise to Health.

Whenever there are obstacles in the energy flow – aura which is also affected on initial level manifests its reaction in form of good or bad thoughts process which are reflected on paper in form of dot, lines and stroke to which a Handwriting Analyst interprets or reads the pattern of subconscious mind.

One example of traits in Medical Graphology

Say for example, in cough and cold and sinusitis, the thought-pattern is seen in the letter d and b. As we can see the shape of the nose (d b) with the formation of these 2 letters. 

Whenever the deformation occurs in these 2 letters, sinusitis and such respiratory ailment can be seen manifest in the human body.

What is Grapho-Therapy?

Graphotherapy is a therapeutic process to heal the thought-process of an individual through drawing patterns with strokes and lines.

Does Grapho-Therapy work In all Ailments?

In many ailments, our fellow graphologists have invented such a pattern which helps in soothing effect and healing process in a few ailments. A single pattern cannot be used for every ailment. For specific ailments, grapho-therapy has worked.

Graphologists are working on other areas to sort out the exact therapy for each ailment.

Is there any such course in Graphology World?

We, at NiravHiingu.com have created a comprehensive Medical Graphology Course in which we have covered as many majors and minor aspects of graphology on thoughts, mind and body level. 

This course will be launched on 17th October 2020 on Online Platform- ZOOM App.

Let me know how you find this article on “Medical Graphology”.

Wishing my dear readers, a healthy mind and  body.


Digital Graphologist,

Nirav Hiingu